A review on Genji and Rokujo lady

This essay will give a detailed explanation of people in chapter four of this story. It will show each individual with the different attributes contrasting and evaluating them. As it is known in every contemporary society or a group of people, each is known to vary and can be identified in their earlier conducts or ways. So is it in this tale of Genji, not absolutely all character types can be of the same qualities.


To begin with Genji is a man who has the capacity to rule over his people. He has visual appearance and uses this to woo all women. He can therefore be termed as an opportunist. For the reason that he uses what he must take benefit of a certain situation. In cases like this the problem is having many good looking gals. Another well identified persona of Genji is the fact he is a schemer. He devises many strategies to obtain different women. For example he will take young Murasaki and educates her to down the road have her as his partner. The plot to use a blossom on his voyage to see the ailing nurse is also one of Genji s many schemes. Genji also hides during the night to go and also have intimate relationships with the ladies. He's very promiscuous.

Genji is also somebody who cares about people; he would go to see the nurse. That is clearly a clear indication that he cares. Through the entire section also, Genji manages all his wives. He does not disband them. Although some even end up with little thoughts toward him they are still under his proper care. That clearly demonstrates Genji is a person of care and concern. This brief information shows the character qualities of Genji.

Rokujo lady

In brief this is a past fan to Genji. Although she was more than him and a previous better half to a ruler they have a romance together with Genji. Initially, they have a good and normal romance. Things worsen later which is where in fact the true character of this lady is evidently shown. Genji as he is recognized to move in one woman to another falls in love with Yugao later. The heart of Rokujo is not happy with this at all. She kills Yugao in a fairly painful loss of life which greatly influences Genji. The type here that comes out obviously is that one of jealousy. Another figure trait that may be linked to this death is the fact to be a sadist. It really is evident that Genji is satisfied by Yugao. To change the spirits and the delight, Rokujo ensures that Yugao is lifeless.


Unlike Rokujo, Yugao is different. She is also a lover to Genji. She actually is referred to to be very beautiful and noble. She seems to have a greater impact towards Genji. This lady is young and nice. From the storyline she can be told be as getting a calm personality. She will not do much to interfere with other people s affairs. She actually is a adoring person because she offers all her love to Genji who even though has other extra affairs with other females. Her fatality was brought on by wicked Rokujo. This obviously shows she possessed a very pleasing personality in order to instill jealousy to others. Although she actually is a very good female the circumstances that led to her affair with Genji show that she is easily attracted to him. They secretly meet during the night and make love. She offers all her love without much wooing or teasing to the young man.


Her role in this account is a very significant one. She is a consistent girl would you not offer her love easily. Genji who's recognized to have many captivating characteristics does not get his way through. One day Genji approaches her in order to possess her. She resists and operates away. Another figure that plainly comes out of this is one of being adventurous. She actually is found playing a game with another sweetheart. This shows that she doesn't have a boring personality. She actually is also brilliant in the sense that after resisting Genji s innovations she ran away. In some instances. The ladies who withstand but remain around conclude succumbing to Genji. She ran therefore not allowing any chance of any forceful sex or advances. Earlier Utsusemi is known to be the partner of a certain lord. By not allowing some of Genji s techniques, shows that she actually is faithful to her man.

Lady Fujitsubo

This is also a lover to Genji. Initially she functions as Genji s step mom. She has an in depth resemblance to Genji s past concubine. This is in simple fact one of the many reasons that make Genji choose her. According to the customary law, any person should not come with an affair with the step parents. Both Genji and Fujitsubo not in favor of this and have an affair. This evidently implies that they don t have much attention or even value the law. It also demonstrates they are simply arrogant. Their affair is prohibited. Their affair changing also signifies the light weight or seriousness directed at their unity. They let personal feelings overcome the rule of the land. Fujitsubo s action also demonstrates she is not steady to her role as a step mother. She actually is undecided in that she changes from a mother to a fan.


The characters described above show that largely in every culture people will belong to mainly two categories. The good and the bad. At the same time people will have split personalities. Good heroes are shown by people like Yugao. She actually is noble and peaceful. Similar to the current society many people will be peaceful and covered, even though others will attempt and spoil their good heading like what the soul of Rokujo lady did. In the bad area; Genji uses women for his own or alternatively personal satisfaction. He has many escapades where he falls in love with them at the same time he also offers extra affairs. This is a bad character which is a symbolism of self applied centered ness. Bad is also well described in the characters by Rokujo killing Yugao. Genji also makes women to sleep with him. That is an evil trait.

The most apparent figure that is conspicuous in this section is that of women easily dropping for the enchanting and rich. Most of them are in a romantic relationship with Genji because of his wealth and influence. Apart from Utsusemi who sticks to her concepts, others easily fall season. All this demonstrates it is a kind of a battle between the good and the bad individuals in a person.

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