A Tree, A Rock, A Cloud by Carson McCuller

Philosophy of the modernism and postmodernism period requires twists and becomes at every chance it can. As the earth begins to change at a quickness recently unseen, people around the globe are lost and scared of what might come next. Though today freelance writers took to the internet showing the earth their ideas, freelance writers during these durations expressed the thoughts human beings thought through a variety of genres of literature. First a man must help those around him but then the school of thought shifts to a guy must help himself to get so this means in this life. As each man struggles to find a place for himself on earth, each man is also subject to the activities of others. So each man is a grasp of his own destiny but yet he is also a slave to the whims of others. This knowledge scares men, women and children all around the globe. Yet humans continue to find themselves among the fear. We all find so this means for ourselves yet sometimes questions arise after we find this is which identifies our life. Some questions being: Is this this is I squandered my time on? Is this worthwhile on a regular basis I spent together? In "A Tree, A Rock, A Cloud" by Carson McCullers these questions pop out to me after reading the tramp's so called "science of love".

The tramp in the storyline had his heart broken by a female so significantly he thought he could never love again. As the school of thought of love today would suggest usually, the tramp wandered the country in isolation, looking for his lost love and searching for love itself. He believes he has learned the research of love, his own personal school of thought he uses to determine his life in the world. He never locates the girl he kept to be so dear nor does he find an other woman he loves around her even after he develops his "science of love". The disillusionment the tramp faces after shedding his first love tears down the natural beauty of what love is really. Natural not methodical I should say. Knowledge can tell a lot of things and find out many truths but a very important factor science does not have any vitality over is the ability we must love widely. This I really believe the tramp fails to understand.

The tramp tried out to fragment love. That's like seeking to tear Support Everest aside with a plastic mallet. It can't be done. Nor is it possible to apply logic to love. You are unable to apply logic to something that contradicts itself around love does. Yet the tramp did not realize this as he tried to break down love. The tramp tells the son he speaks to "I meditated on love and reasoned it out". All he reasoned out was how to believe he adored something or someone. He presumed love was only one love. According to his "science" you could love a rock and roll as easily and as deeply as you loved a woman or your son or daughter. This isn't the case because so many would concur. I myself haven't loved my ipod device or my car in so far as i have liked my girlfriends or my children. The tramp didn't realize a lot of things but chief included in this was that love comes not from what others can provide you to cause you to happy but instead love exists when your desire to make another happy match's your own desire to make yourself happy. An inanimate subject could never go back the love that men chase, so this research of love is basic on false values.

Another question that involves brain after reading the storyline is how can you love an inanimate subject as deeply as you may a person and then reduction said object? Would you react the same manner you'll if your parents passed away? If my ipod touch breaks (again) you won't see me crying and mourning something that cannot be replaced with a couple of hundred dollars. While I won't exactly be delighted to hand out that money, it's easier than shedding a loved one. Once more the knowledge of love is inappropriate.

The tramp was isolated from the human world as he journeyed the country developing his research. He tried to replace the love he organised for this girl with a love for other things. As Thoreau once said "There is no treatment for love but to love more". Perhaps this is what the tramp thought as he traveled the united states. He could not love the woman who left him any more so he began to love everything he could in hopes of finding a love equally strong as his first love. Although I could not find his previous name a man named Jeffery once said "Love never dies, in case you have found a new love, the special memory of the past will continue steadily to hunt you for the rest of your life. " So regardless of what the tramp performed the recollection of his past love would stay with him forever. He could think about her less and less but she'll never truly be ended up from his heart. That is true to me because even though I rarely think of her, I can still remember the feeling I got when I organised the first girl I ever liked in my biceps and triceps. Such depth of love does not disappear we just become accustomed to the lost. Once again the science of love cannot explain the true depth of love.

The tramp must have labeled this theory on love as the beliefs of love because that's all it truly is. To use the globe technology is to imply that there are hard facts behind the idea.

This work of literature aimed to make a fragmentation and disillusionment of love. The disillusionment originated from the shattering of the naivety of what love is. The fragmentation came from the try to apply reasoning to something as complex as love. While in the present day most would agree that this "science" is untrue and full of bogus perceptions, how it was received in the post modernism period shows the way the world society felt about love. With the rising of all the new sciences and the discord of World Warfare II, many people round the world were lost and looking for answers. At the rapid rate the earth seemed to become engulfed in the war, people everywhere must have questioned when they were going to be swallowed by the battle. So at a time of war love was an extremely important thing. Yet what was love? For people all over time experienced questions about love, which story tries to describe what McCullers acquired to think of love.

In bottom line, while this history has a spotty school of thought on love at best, it does open the mind to think somewhat about love. Love itself can be an experience to have in any life we might picture for ourselves. We all must understand however that love will affect us however and whenever it so decides. Love can be an emotion and all emotions rise whenever we least expect them. Logic cannot be applied to feelings. McCullers tried to use logic to love through this tale but like William Shakespeare once said "To say the reality, reason and love keep little company mutually now-a-days. "

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