A Wedding Of Symbolism English Literature Essay

The play which will be investigated in this International Baccalaureate Works In Translation project will be Bloodstream Wedding, by the playwright Federico Garcia Lorca. Lorca can be an individualist, his individualism influenced many or most of his plays, but definitely this play, Blood vessels Wedding. The topic that has been looked into in this project is the symbolism in the play. They can be many symbols in the play itself and the lullaby in the play, such as the colors of the Bridegroom's, Leonardo's, and the Bride's house, the bull, blood, the moon, the horses, the river, and the knife. So in the play Blood Wedding, Lorca uses symbolism in the play itself and the lullaby to help develop the story of the play.

The colors of the Bridegroom's, Leonardo's, and the Bride's house are icons that help develop the plot of the play. In take action 1, arena 1 of the play, the colour of the Bridegroom's and his mother's kitchen is decorated yellowish. Yellow is the color of silver and wheat, which really is a symbol of wealth, and in the Bridegroom's household they are a very wealthy. Yellow is also the colour of vigor and life, which is ironic because the Bridegroom's father, that was a household member, has previously died because he was murdered. Additionally it is ironic because the Bridegroom will also expire down the road in the play. In take action 1, scene 2 of the play, the colour of an area in Leonardo's house is pink. Pink is the colour of love, which is a icon of Leonardo's love; ironically not love for his own wife, but also for the Bride. Green is also the color of a quiet environment, but again it is ironic since it is nowhere close to calm where ever Leonardo exists within the play. In function 1, scene 3 of the play, the color of the Bride's cave-house has a difficult white material use for walls. White is the color of purity, which is a icon that the Bride is natural, a virgin. White is also the colour for something that is basic, which the Bride is very, because she lacks feelings towards Bridegroom. Because the Bride-to-be shows little to no sentiment into the Bridegroom, the Bridegroom's clinginess is emphasis. In action 3, scene 2 of the play, the color of both ladies clothing is dark blue. Dark blue is the colour of the men's dominance over the women in society. The two girls that are putting on dark blue clothing is the image of the deaths of the men. Because the men are dead the woman now have to dominate their jobs in society. The colour dark blue also evokes the feeling, sadness. Each family lost children member, this is their time and energy to be mournful and also to be sad because of their losses. Not merely does these exact things that are mentioned previously help develop the story, but also it helps one to understand the play much more clearly.

The bull in the play is symbolic that helps develop the plot of the play. The bull can be considered a mark of either Leonardo or the Bridegroom. A bull is masculine, strong, fertile, but also mortal. Leonardo is seen as a bull because he's an instant tempered person, which he even calling himself, and also because of his aggressiveness personality, masculinity, and strength. The Bridegroom can be also be seen as a bull, but it is ironic because one thing a bull can symbolizes is fertility yet the Bridegroom cannot further his family tree since he is wiped out. His family tree ends at him. The mother asks the Bridegroom "how do it be that something as small as a pistol or a knife can a destroy a guy who is like a bull?" (Lorca, 7) The bull foreshadows the loss of life of Leonardo and the Bridegroom, screening their mortality. When Leonardo and the Bridegroom fought the other person in a duel, they were using a knife as their weapon, this is the symbolism of any matador by using a spade to destroy the bull. "The wedding looms such as a bull in the band!" (Lorca, 52) The wedding itself is symbolic of a bull in a band, a bullfight, where in fact the bulls, Leonardo and the Bridegroom, are chasing after the capote, the Bride. To conclude, the mark, the bull, helps develop the play's plot and helps one to know very well what the icon in the play means.

The moon in the play is a symbol that helps develop the plot of the play. A moon usually symbolizes love or a peaceful setting up, but ironically the moon in the play will not, it symbolizes the fate of Leonardo's, and the Bridegroom's fatality, stopping in bloodshed. "Therefore tonight my cheeks Will load with crimson bloodstream, Allow no shade, no shadow - They'll not escape!" (Lorca, 82) The term "will" in the quotation it demonstrates something is obviously and bound happen to them. This means Leonardo, and the Bridegroom fate is sealed; they will die. "Two men at your toes of the horses / Dead in the splendor of the night time. "(Lorca, 98) What this quotes says is that two men has died in the "splendor of the night time, " the moonlight. The moon also produces moonlight, which really is a shadow from the sun. This helps add more symbolism of fate from the image, the moon.

The lullaby in the play has symbols that helps develop the story of the play. Icons such as bloodstream, the river/drinking water, the horse, and the knife. . Blood is a symbol for both life and loss of life, love, love, and history. Leonardo is a hot-blooded person, that will not think before acting, and he is quickly tempered, but he is a passionate fan, that is full of life and vigor. "The bloodstream was flowing better than water" (Lorca, 26) This is showing that blood vessels is more powerful than normal water. Leonardo's love and passion, bloodstream, for the Bride-to-be is stronger than his wife's and children's, normal water. The Bridegroom's Mother needs the Bridegroom to be fertile so that he could expand their bloodline. They are how blood symbolizes life in the play.

The horse, the most crucial symbol in the play is the mark for Leonardo. A horses usually symbolizes power, independence, and love, and Leonardo are these exact things. In the lullaby the horse "wouldn't drink the water, " (Lorca, 17) this means Leonardo's love for his better half and children is non-existing.

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