Abigail Williams Character Essay

Being hung because of somebody else's lays, selfishness, and lustful temptations, seems good right? That is exactly what occurred because of Abigail Williams. 19 people were hanged through the Salem Witch Tests, which was consequent of Abigail Williams sits, and selfishness. Abigail was the young women that John Proctor experienced an affair on his partner with. Following the affair, she became obsessed with John, despite his frequent reassurance that what he does was wrong, and that he was through with her. She became obsessed to that point that she drank blood, and performed a dance with the devil to be able to see Mrs. Proctor wiped out. Following this didn't work, she started out telling lies about discovering others (including Mrs. Proctor) with the devil, so that she would be hanged and she may live a life with John. Research and research of Abigail Williams inside the Crucible shows that she is a villain with manipulative skills, and is also a compulsive liar, who's motivated by erotic enticement and John Proctor.

Abigail Williams is a excellent exemplory case of a villain because of her actions in The Crucible. One of the things that she does to portray her as villain is she is about Tituba forcing her to drink blood, when really she did it under her own will. While Abigail had been pressured into saying who was involved with the Witchcraft she said, "She (Tituba) makes me drink blood!" (47). This led to Tituba being brutally beat and eventually sent back to her old country. Abigail also victimizes herself, to make it seem like she actually is innocent. For instance she says, "She delivers her spirit on me in chapel; she makes me have a good laugh at prayer!" (48) during a court period. Abigail is also really good at pulling attention away from herself because another time during a court hearing, when she was going to get proven a liar, she suddenly acted as if there is a demon in the area. She screamed with terror, "She's going to drop! She's walking the beam!" (120). All of these instances execute a great job of demonstrating that she is aware of how to play the role of a villain, by making herself seem to be innocent.

Abigail has some major talents that help her in being a villain, and those talents are compulsive laying, and intensely good manipulative skills. Everyone understands that Mrs. Proctor is a goody girl in Salem; however, because she has something that Abigail desires she chooses to rest about the type of person she actually is in order to control the way people view her by expressing, "From the bitter woman, a lying, cool, sniveling female, and I will not work for such a woman!" (12). She also was asked if she was the one conjuring spirits and she responded to by adding the blame and Tituba and Ruth. Abigail replied, "Not I, sir - Tituba and Ruth. " (16). Betty (who have fallen suffering and unconscious due to the "conjuring of spirits") also even admits what she found Abigail do, to kill Proctor's partner. Betty exclaimed, "You do, you do! You drank a attraction to kill John Proctor's better half! You drank a appeal to eliminate Goody Proctor!" (20). Abigail consistently lays about the doing of other folks and tries to control other people's imagination by scaring them.

The reason behind all Abigail's wrong doings come from her unjust motivations, which includes to do with her lust for John Proctor. Even though John is committed to Elizabeth, she still would like John and it is eager to do anything for it. She even says to him, "John- I am waitin' for you every evening. " (22). She also is constantly on the fantasize about her romance (mainly fueled by lust) with John Proctor. In front of Betty while she was unconscious she thought to John, "I know how you will clutched my back behind your house and sweated just like a stallion whenever I come near! Or performed I desire that? It's she put me out, manage to survive pretend it were you. I found your face when she put me out, and also you adored me then so you do now. " (23) Abigail even projects as far as to beg John to talk about his affection for her. She begs, " Give me a word, John. A smooth expression. " (23). Most of her lies, sins, and vengeful feelings for Mrs. Proctor are consequential of her love and lust for John Proctor.

Abigail Williams is a villain who's fueled by the motivations of lust for John Proctor, which brings out her manipulative strength and lying talents. Everything that Abigail Williams performed through the crucible, caused damage, uproar, and eventually death for a number of people. If that's not a villain, what's?

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