Africa by Maya Angelou - Analysis

Thus she acquired lain

sugar cane sweet

deserts her hair

golden her feet

mountains her chest 5

two Niles her tears.

Thus she's lain

Black over time.

Over the white seas

Rime white and frosty 10

Brigands ungentled

icicle bold

took her daughters

Sold her strong sons

churched her with Jesus 15

bled her with guns

Thus she's lain.

Now she is rising

remember her pain

remember he losses 20

her screams loud and vain

remember her riches

her background slain

now she is striding

although she acquired lain 25


Maya Angelou, an DARK-COLORED poet, published the poem "Africa" about the tragic situations kept by the Western european men who invaded Africa. Angelou uses rhyming techniques as well as imagery and metaphors to spell it out the actions manufactured in African record. With those techniques she helps us with a graphic of what it was prefer to are in Africa during this time period.

The poem is separated into three stanzas and twenty-five lines. Each stanza has vivid words to provide a certain image in your head. Angelou uses metaphors to compare the continent, Africa, to a wholesome woman. This evaluation between continents and women are being used a lot to describe the state of hawaii or wellbeing of it. Each stanza shows minor variations showing the transitions of shade. Within those twenty-five lines, Angelou uses the rhyme structure ABCB. The rhyming of the poem helps with how it is organised.

In the first stanza, the girl is being helped bring into character. She is being referred to as different landmarks in Africa by using metaphors. Angelou uses landmarks such as mountains (5), deserts (3), and the Nile River (6) to give the woman vivid description of her physical appearance. "Two Niles her tears (6)" in this series she is checking the way her tears move to the way the Nile River moves. The use of imagery is employed throughout this stanza.

The first four lines in the second stanza, Angelou uses "rime" (10) and "cold" (10) to provide us a short explanation of the setting when the "brigands" (11) arrived to Africa prepared to eliminate from the land. Another four lines will be the about the actions the "brigands" (11) done to the women in Africa. Lines 14 and 15 status, "took her young daughters / sold her strong sons" to provide us off the thought of slavery. This move of tone gives the annoying and unwanted aspect of this part in the poem. At the end of this stanza, line 17 just like the first stanza, range 7 "Thus she has lain" which ultimately shows the uncomfortable impact from what the white men did to her.

In the last stanza, she talks about her conquering the obstacles. Despite the fact that all the harshness she has been through, "now she is striding". This stanza is in present tense unlike the other stanzas. This shows her progress from the pain she's endured. The build in this stanza is more of accepting the actual fact and embracing the particular white men performed. In lines 19 and 20, she uses the word remember double so that people remember what occurred to her. The closing of this stanza says the same collection, "although she has lain" in mention of her overcoming all the bad that she encountered. This brand also helps us note that she is moving forward from exactly what has happened.

In conclusion, BLACK poet, Maya Angelou, uses descriptive details and convincing proof to convey her thoughts about the united states of Africa. In this poem retains three stanzas that have the reason of the many use of color imagery, metaphors, and other kinds of literary elements. Even as begin to trip into the poem with the first stanza, this is where Mrs. Angelou compares the likeness of a woman to the geological set ups of the country itself. Such as the next stanza the writer provides items of imagery while describing how the land was bought out as well as the actions taken after women during this time. Finally, she involves conclusion within the last stanza to show all the country has fought for and being able to overcome the obstructions set on the paths.

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