After Apple Picking Analysis English Literature Essay

"After Apple Picking" has a whole lot of different rhyme plan which causes the build of the loudspeaker. This tone models you in the creators viewpoint and makes an obvious picture of what he has written. Frost uses a whole lot of figurative language and diction to make his poem more interesting and it catches the reader. The goal of the poem is to talk about life and fatality. He uses certain poetic devices to get you in to the living spirit so when it goes by it gets slower and sadder. Resulting in a dramatic change in the build of the audience. This fits correctly in to the poem because the goal of the poem is to speak about life and death. So the tone of the poem is ideal combined with the poetic devices that Frost uses to make his poem more interesting. Frost makes the goal of his poem clear challenging devices he uses.

In this poem Frost runs on the lot of figurative words, this can help him make his poem a lot more interesting. He uses it frequently in his poem and it gives it that extra spark to make it better for the reader. In-line 40 he uses a personification, "The woodchuck could say whether its like his long sleep. . . . . " He provides woodchuck a words when they can't really speak. Frost also runs on the great deal of imagery which brings about the five senses of the reader themselves. He identifies the audio of the apples in the bins being tossed in. He explains the sensation of the ladder swaying as the boughs bend. He describes the apples, "Magnified apples seem and go away, Stem end and blossom end. " Frost uses a lot of big words. Frost uses the term drowsing to describe how he's about to fall asleep. He uses the term hoary to describe the frost on the lawn and the stunning surroundings that his eyes are experiencing. This paints a picture for the audience.

The theme of the poem is to check out life in a great way rather than be so negative about any of it. Frost is revealing us to be happy and make an effort to take it easy and live life to the fullest. We have to enjoy life. Life is short and can be studied away from us in just a matter of time. We never know when our lives will end. We won't need to be so negative about things. Frost is enjoying the tiny things in life such as picking apples during his day. Life can be fun and exciting if we look at the little things in life and revel in those things. Go through the small rather than worry about the top things that can damage our lives.

These poetic devices make Frost's meaning of his poem more noticeble. The diction makes the description more remarkable and interesting. If he didn't use the unit the poem would have no real so this means to the viewers or even the author. Frost's imagery brings about the picture to the readers and makes it fun and exciting to learn. The meter and the shade is set and makes the shade that the audience wants a reality. The poem is slow and rhymes every other lines which cause that slow and sad build that he designed for. The usage of these devices meets the mood correctly and paints a picture for the reader to sit back and revel in the poem.

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