An Outpost of Progress Analysis

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Joseph Conrad whose original name was Józef Teodor Konrad Korzeniowski, blessed in Berdichev, Poland (presently Ukraine) on the 3 December, 1857 to a copy writer and a translator, Apollo Korzeniowski, who urged him to read greatly in Polish and People from france. His mom Ewelina Korzeniowska, passed away of tuberculosis and soon after his dad, Apollo departing him orphaned at the age of eleven. At the age of sixteen he forgotten Poland as well as for another four years he enlisted as a sailor in product owner boats, he also joined the British Product owner Navy and received English citizenship in 1886 changing his name to Joseph Conrad. He passed away in Great britain on 3 August, 1924 of a heart attack.

Joseph Conrad is considered one of the biggest novelists in the British literaty record. His life, filled up with adventures was the biggest enthusiasm for the developing of his novels and reports, his politics conspiracy works as an enthusiasm in his novel The Arrow of Yellow metal and his travel to the coast of Venezuela gave him enough materials to write Nostromo, considered by most of his critics as a masterpiece. Conrad got the capability to change the conception and the thoughts of the reader, reading his works is simple to feel loneliness, dread, mystery and many other things that he cared to preserve in every his works. He can create a universe in which the key character must combat to survive resistant to the dark makes of character or the evil part of human being behavior. These characteristics can illustrate the literary work of Conrad particularly when he refers to the occidental civilization where he tries showing the obscurity of the colonized countries that been around in the middle nineteenth century, like in his novel The Heart and soul of Darkness.

Conrad travelled to the Congo Free Talk about as an ambition of his years as a child in 1889, filled with illusions and desires, but rather than that he came back to Europe with an emotional trauma of the atrocities that he observed there. These encounters served as creativity to write Heart and soul of Darkness and An Outpost of Improvement.

This essay is intended to show the criticism to the idea of progress in the brief history An Outpost of Improvement where we can spot the depression, the disappointment and pessimism that Conrad experienced towards the modern culture in the nineteenth century. The story is about two white men, lazy and incompetents, Kayerts y Carlier who required over a trading train station in Central Africa, their job is easy; supervise the assortment of ivory in the train station. The director of the company, whom was alert to the uselessness of these:

Look at those two imbeciles. They must be mad at home to send me such specimens. I told those fellows to place a veggie garden, build new storehouses and fences, and construct a landing-stage. I gamble nothing will be achieved! They won't know how to begin. I always thought the station on this river useless, plus they just fit the train station!"

Instead of this the director respected in the will of Makola, a nigger from Sierra Leona who called himself Henry Price who eventually ends up doing all the work. Both white men cannot do any job, even the simplest task like make an effort to learn the indigenous language and talk to the others in order to have more people to rely upon case of a crisis or explore the surrounding areas. Rather than that they simply stay at the place, doing nothing, just reading the old literature that the prior man in charge of the station had, and they influence these to bring to those lands the civilization and progress!

To grapple effectually with even simply materials problems requires more serenity of mind and more lofty courage than people generally envision. No two beings could have been more unfitted for such a struggle. Contemporary society, not from any tenderness, but due to its strange needs, acquired taken care of those two men, forbidding all of them unbiased thought, all effort, all departure from routine; and forbidding it under pain of fatality. They could only go on condition to be machines.

Without imagination, without initiative, without cleverness and with a false set of principles there cannot be progress, both of these were just the contrary of this, these were a waste of the world that needed to get rid of them in order to progress. This type of folks who aren't capable to take care themselves without help from others.

The days transferred by until one day Makola made a trade, he deals the life of the Indians for a huge piece of ivory. The lack of moral prices and the consequences of any African form of capitalism led the white men to a mental process that ends up tragically. Gabola, the only real "friend" of the white inepts, knowing the problem decided to never to take violent options, he made a decision to cut the supply of food, they only source that that they had. They, sick, puzzled and demoralized, consuming a cup o coffee started to argue and started out a riot because Kayerts refused to provide to Carlier just a little glucose to sweeten the coffee. That fight finished with the tragical loss of life of Carlier. After the deal with Kayerts in his loneliness begin to consider what he had done and decided to kill himself, soon after the managing director happens and the first thing he considers is the crucified body of Kayerts.

They are faulty machines of your culture that accustomed their users to not to consider, never to fend for themselves, they were taught by a superior to obey purchases that they forget the most elementary thing to be a individuals. They insufficient individual instinct until one of these in a fit of madness and illness decides to eliminate the other in "self defense" and then find out that the other was unarmed. The brand new power of Kayerts started to grow, the new wave of thoughts hurrying through his mind may woke up a glimmer of brains in a single way but more incompetent and coward that he already was at the other. But it was too late for him, he started to feel fear, thinking about heaven, the rules and the improvement of real population was getting in touch with to him:

Progress was getting in touch with to Kayerts from the river. Improvement and civilization and all the virtues. Population was phoning to its attained child to come, to be taken health care of, to be instructed, to be judged, to be condemned; it called him to come back to that rubbish heap from which he previously wandered away, so that justice could be done.

In An Outpost of Progress, Conrad relates with a little of mockery and irony to the idea of "progression" "civilization" and the progression through Christianity that is celebrated by the Queen Victoria and through European countries. For example; Conrad uses one of the icons of Christianity, the combination and highlights at the beginning of the story:

There was also another dwelling-place some distance away from the complexes. In it, under a tall cross much from the perpendicular, slept the person who had seen the start of all this; who decided and had observed the construction of this outpost of progress.

And when Kayerts commit suicide and the end of the storyplot:

He possessed evidently climbed the grave, that was high and narrow, and after tying the finish of the strap to the arm, had swung himself off. His toes were a couple of ins above the bottom; his hands hung stiffly down; he appeared to be standing rigidly at attention, but with one crimson cheek playfully posed on the shoulder. And, irreverently, he was putting out a swollen tongue at his Managing Director.

Conrad's irony is clear, the crooked route of the mix means that Christianity is pointless and irrelevant in a location with different cultures and values, in the hostile African jungle. Also the combination as a symbol of redemption as symbolic of calmness, the possibility to reborn and eternal life makes Kayerts in his impotence of any though of his own to commit suicide. For Conrad Christianity makes no sense of progress for other civilizations, it is because it is filled with assault, moral failures and economic opportunism as we know the colonization movement in history of mankind, these were filled with bloodshed and pointless slaughter of innocent people. Also the politics wave of this time with blended points of view between the socialism and the capitalism as It sees when Makola bought and sold the Indians for a piece of ivory, the materials goods as a exchange of individuals lives. Maybe this is what Conrad found when he found its way to Congo all his desires in humankind were lost and that fake audio of progress suddenly made an appearance when he delivered to Europe, finding the truth of both encounters of the gold coin, one region in wealth and the other paying the purchase price.

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