Analysis Of Elizabeth Bishops The Fish English Literature Essay

"The Seafood" was compiled by Elizabeth Bishop who lived from 1911- 1979. The name "The Fish" provides reader an idea of what the poem will be about. You can't tell the happenings in the poem from the subject, nevertheless, you can tell that it'll include a fish in one way or another. The subject is also very easy, so when the poem the framework used and the story itself is also simple. To maintain with the free flowing feel of the poem there are no rigid rhyme techniques. The poem uses perspective to help explain the theme of the storyplot: it is possible for a person to share someone, or something's, life incidentally they take themselves and the scars they have.

After obtaining a glimpse into the fish's life, the poem ends when the fisherman allows the fish go. The reason why the fisherman allow seafood go can be for many reasons. Most likely the fisherman sensed that it was an honor to get the fish and it might be dishonorable to keep a seafood that the fisherman views as a fellow warrior in the harsh waters. The fisherman's thoughts are the most noticeable when he feels, "I stared and stared / and victory filled up / the little rented sail boat" (Bishop 66-68). The main persona in this report is the seafood, however the narrator is the fisherman. The whole poem is the fisherman's activities and thoughts, therefore; there is no dialogue in the poem. The fisher's activities show the fact that the fisher has been touched by the perception of the seafood.

The poem comprises of seventy- six lines. The lines are not separated into stanzas but established in a continuous free form. There is no discerning rhyme program to try and find out, and there is absolutely no rigid structure. The poem does not have words or does sound words that continue to repeat themselves. The only thing that is regularly described is the fish. The free form of the poem can be seen as a foreshadowing that the fisherman places the fish free by the end of the storyplot. You can find symbolism, metaphors, and personification in the poem though.

Symbolism are available many times in the poem. For example the rainbow that looks in this particular right before the fisher lets the fish go. The rainbow can be seen as symbolic that symbolizes the compassionate feelings that prompts the fisher release a the seafood. Another time is when the fisher says that the hooks captured in the fish's jaw are, "Like medals with their ribbons /

frayed and wavering" (Bishop 61-62). We're able to determine that the fisher has started to respect the fish and his earlier endeavors. A great metaphor in the story is "his darkish skin area hung in strips / like historic wallpaper" The metaphor in this lines refers to the skin of the fish and exactly how it appeared liked old wallpaper.

The fish is being personified throughout the whole poem. When the fish is first trapped it is merely a seafood. By the finish of the poem the fish is changed from a normal fish to a commendable veteran of the waters. The fisher ended seeing the fish as just an creature, but the fish becomes almost real human like. The fish's personification starts when the fisherman looks into the fish's eye, at this moment the fisher begins to sympathize with the seafood. The personification proceeds as the fisherman talks about the fish more. The end result is the fisher having the feeling that the fish has experienced a lot and really should be treated with dignity and respect.

The poem explains how a fisherman's admiration for a seafood can affect him. The fisherman is the catalyst for the reader to "see" the fish. We as readers never hear the particular fisherman does or what sounds the seafood made. We only get to see the fish through the fisherman's eye. If we were to see this same fish we might not see the fish the same way, but that is why is this poem so good. It takes an everyday accordance and allows the audience a glimpse into the life of any fisherman. At the same time the fisher man reaches see a view of the fish's life.

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