Analyze The Poem Dover Beach British Literature Essay

The Victorian Period represents the situations in the reign of Queen Victoria from 1837 to 1901. Victorian Period connects the Romantic time and the modernist period, and was an essential period in the annals of poetry. In the Victorian Period, some poets attempted a number of reforms including the use of the Sonnet, yet others like Matthew Arnold were working on creativity of poetry as well. "Dover Beach" is a brief poem by the English poet Matthew Arnold, that was posted in 1867 and it is one of the best works of the period. He was created at Laleham on the Thames on Dec. 24, 1822 and was well educated. When he was 22, Arnold required a second-class honors degree at Oxford, and the then he was elected to a fellowship at Oriel College. However, from 1849 to 1852, Arnold, under the pseudonym "A, " shared two choices of short lyric poems, but the sales was poor and the catalogs were withdrawn. In 1853 his third collection "Poems" was released and made a great coup. Four years later, Arnold was elected Oxford's professor of poetry, and he focused on this help the next ten years. Arnold had written both epic and dramatic poetry, but his best poems are probably his lyrics, such poem as "Dover Beach. " This poem is one of the masterpieces in the Victorian era, and pursuing is my evaluation of "Dover Beach" in the aspects of the image of the sea, the harmonic shade, and the messages of this.

In the poem "Dover Beach, " Arnold uses a variety of words to spell it out the image of the sea. The opening stanza reads "The sea is peaceful to-night/ The tide is full, the moon sits reasonable/ / Come to the screen, nice is the night-air!" Some critics said: "With this passage he is describing in great detail the appearance and feel of the beach that night using imagery. " Through the use of such words as "calm, " "fair, " and "sweet, " it illustrates an intoxicating moonlit night time seaside landscape, which is peaceful and calmly. However, this tranquil seascape did not previous long, and then your waves come: "Listen! you hear the grating roar/ /With tremulous cadence gradual, and bring/ The eternal take note of of sadness in. " The words "grating roar" and "tremulous cadence" are neither beautiful music nor melodious sound, which makes people uncomfortable. As critic Julia Touche said: "It is beautiful to check out in the moonlight, then it commences to make hostile looks that evoke an over-all feeling of sadness. " This part also may signifies the partnership between joy and pain, which things sometimes lead to unhappiness, but can also lead to 100 % pure bliss. In the 3rd stanza, the sea is turned into the "Sea of Faith": "Its melancholy, long, withdrawing roar/ Retreating, to the breath/ From the night-wind, down the huge sides drear/ And naked shingles of the world. " With these somber words, the image of the sea, or the faith here is dark and insufficient desire. With this image, in Julia's term, this stanza can be interpreted as "When religious beliefs was still intact, the planet was dressed. Given that this faith is gone, the world lays there stripped naked and bleak. " To conclude, with using of your lot of adjectives, Arnold associates the ocean with difficult life to enrich the vocabulary of poetry which helps to increase the melancholic sense in the poem.

Neither standing on a lofty system as an owner to look down on mother nature, nor put dynamics on his other part, the "Dover Beach" by Arnold is within a build of harmony between man and characteristics. Initially, the poem reads: "The sea is quiet to-night/ The tide is full, the moon lies reasonable/ Upon the straits; on the French seacoast the light/ Gleams and is gone; the cliffs of Great britain stand. " Great eco-poet William Wordsworth considers "man and character as essentially designed to one another, and your brain of man as obviously the mirror of the fairest & most interesting attributes of characteristics. " It can be seen that the poet's virtuous spirit is similar to the fair moon, and the cliffs reveal the loneliness with the poet. The poet's emotions are shown in everywhere you go - the ocean, the moonlight and the pebbles. In the end of the first stanza, it reads "Begin, and stop, and on the other hand begin/ With tremulous cadence poor, and bring/ The eternal note of sadness in. " Here, Arnold breaks through the small self-imposed limitations, putting "ego" in the complete nature. He thinks about of human being greed, the drop of humanities in nature and traditional civilization. Therefore he considers of Sophocles and expressed his stress and anxiety of the radical communal changes by merging himself and character. In the end, it reads "THE OCEAN of Faith/ Was once, too, at the full, and spherical earth's shore/ / To lay before us just like a land of dreams/ So various, so beautiful, so new/ Hath really neither happiness, nor love, nor light/ Nor certitude, nor tranquility, nor help for pain. " Here the poet seems that people's spiritual world is still wasted with the swift development of science and technology. People are selfish and greedy, and there is no harmony with the nature. He was as over a darkling plain, similar to the field in Eliot's "The Misuse Land. " To be a final result, this poem shows Arnold's his attitude on ecological tranquility and his problems about ecological unbalance.

As is stated, Arnold's focus on anxieties of the modern culture and some messages can be discovered in Dover Beach. Arnold referred to the ocean in this manner: "Get started, and stop, and on the other hand start out/ With tremulous cadence gradual, and bring/ The eternal notice of sadness in. " Critic Damrosch David said: "Arnold places the ocean to stand in for the lifestyle many personnel in those times experienced. " The movements of water's back again to rest on shore is seen as mirroring the lives of personnel resting and working over and over. This reflects the life of misery in that time, which is described as well when he retrospect Sophocles. Another note is shown in the third stanza that he considers the spiritual condition was "the ocean of Beliefs" which implying how did the spiritual fervor be prevalent long time previously. Damrosch David said: "As the Victorian and Industrial age itself expands, the religious tranquility and control decrease its hold on folks and give them up to the misery of improvement. " It is easy to realize that with the development of technology and technology, the Darwin's theory of advancement proved the Bible wrong, and people started out losing faith. As one part of books, poetry is also a way to record historical facts, and both of these information in Dover Beach are excellent examples.

To sum up, Dover Beach by Arnold is absolutely a masterpiece in aspects of image, tone and emails. Furthermore, this is a masterpiece which can are a symbol of the poetry in Victorian. The image and emails are all in typical Victorian style, and the harmonic tone is so advanced and far-sighted through the Industrial Trend.

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