Analyzing A Feline OVER A Hot Tin Roof

The objective of this extended essay is to analyze the character Brick of the booklet Cat over a Hot Tin Roof top, compiled by Tennessee Williams in order to find the factors that take the protagonist to a possible personality crisis even as we recognize that they impact him.

In this reserve the writer uses the people in order to display the prejudices in the e book, like when he uses Brick with the objective to develop the condition of the publication through him and what prejudices can cause in a person.

Analyzing the publication through the type Brick how he lay inside your home which creates an atmosphere of lays mistrust between them and with the modern culture also, one of the major occurrences and issues happening at the job.

It has been chosen to work the reserve the Cat on the Hot Tin Roof top, written by Tennessee Williams in 1955 where we will examine the topic of the extended essay.

This reserve was written in 1955 for this purpose it has been taken for this work is the time around this calendar year and that means you can also see the repercussion of the historic context in the people.

In the following work I will analyze Brick and as he will try to take a rebellious attitude, cold and calculating with the motive of fabricating a male vision, when in reality the inside is quite contrary, which means it is a genuine love.

The extended essay will be divided in two parts. Inside the first part I will supply the factors that take him to a possible personality crisis. And in the next part I am going to show the repercussion of this factors to Brick.

We could generally get to recognize that Brick has an identity problems because he never fell the true love of a person, he considers that all folks fells for him a material love, only his friend Skipper is the only real one that offers him a true love.

Chapter 1

1. 1 Literary framework: Realism

1. 1. 1 Realism in theater

The first ideas of bring art and life to the theatre by Marcel Duchamp were innovating, so then the Black Mountain School, with director Josef Albers choose that idea, but the college or university was close because in that period the Nazism was installed plus they didn't want with an artist point out his own ideas.

Then there look two more designer that made a revolution in theatre, John Cage that was a musician and Merce Cunningham that was a dancer, this two designers made a meeting that mixed skill sound and silence randomly, it plays with the audience because creates a sense of suspense in them.

The other groundbreaking thing that occurred is the creation of the "happening event" which is an improvised or spontaneous screen or performance consisting of bizarre and haphazard incidents, it creates a cancellation of the department that is always in the surroundings that is between your stage and audience, there now the audience can participate actively in the play, they wanted to view the psychological and intellectual audience effect.

The first was when Allan Kaprow made eighteen happenings in a single performance and all together and without connection or with a topic generally. So with that demonstration the phenomenon went out and hybridized in each performance around the world that result in a change of ideas and point of view of the movie theater in general, the general public no longer noticed the theater as a location where you merely start to see the play, now you can even be part from it from your seating.

1. 1. 2 Realism in U. S. A: cultural and cultural historical framework (1955)

Julian Beck was an musician who collaborated with the designers that we see in the first issue that was Cage and Cunningham ; Beck became a member of with his Judith Malina and create a new type of theatre with her, that was called the Living Movie theater, that comprise in the collective creation, improvisation and physical contribution of the viewers, they were financially dependent on the solidarity of friends who where famous to execute his play along Europe. First they have to call the attention of the culture, appealing through dialogue and good improvisation that they create. An example is the play " THE BOND" that is supposedly about real junkies looking forward to their dealer however in this moment in time a jazz strap start playing music with create an unstable improvisation. After this amount of the Living Theater, they forgotten this position of improvisation and begin acting of matters of deception and aggression as a complete way of exorcising real violence which cause an impact in the audience to see the contemporary society with which is involve and reconsider the violence that surrounds them, this foundation wanted to make them think about the society problems. A good example of this new time of the Living Theater is the play "The Brig", that revealed each day in a armed forces jail it was predicated on learning manual of the Marines, to be able to create in the solid aberrant human relationships between guards and prisoners, here we can easily see how the writer wished to show the audience the maltreatment that is exerted in the barracks.

In 50s there is the consecration of Arthur Miller and Tennessee Williams on Broadway, spearheads authentic realism, that comprise in show a genuine and exact duplication of reality discussing problems of human existence, examining and critiquing the ills with their contemporary society using the explanation as a reference to show appropriate information of the styles, people, situations and even locations.

1. 2 Tennessee Williams and Literature

The playwright Tennessee Williams along his profession try to reveals the visitors the dark world showing topics like the exploitation, violation of moral code of conduct, problem and dehumanized making us realize the globe that we are in, displaying the homosexuality, major depression, unhappy madness, mendacity and another subject areas that we see in all his career. He shows this matters for his failure of adjustment to the earth, because in his life he reveals to much problems like his homosexuality that didn't allow him to become listed on the military services service in USA. He also uses his literature to express the tenderness and fortitude of the characters stuck in their own predicament.

Tennessee Williams acquired a problem, when he was a kid could not get mounted on his dad, and he found his mom as a convincing interest. He starts to present his homosexual tendencies when he was in New Orleans creating a Bohemian lifestyle. But for this trend that he had, the world start repressing him and for this begins explore the world of gaiety and frivolity, expressing many literature with these issues as contrasted, this repression by the planet generally speaking unconsciously affected him and he found manifestation in his writings, who are his escape from real life, in their books he create personas along with his own characteristics and problems to be able to criticize the culture he live in.

This form of writing by Tennessee Williams your extrasensory belief and heightened emotionalism writings have influenced numerous interpretations over the years, his works exude extreme impulsive thoughts concern and criticism there are volume of topics that people have to explore more than standard because it has an increased degree of understanding what he's trying to express and solve that unanswered questions. The form of his plays is deviated from conventional standards creators as well as relatively secret yearnings pity the society, yet his takes on are still kept to become more successful due to their inner probing of your lost person in the corrupt and materialistic world of the twentieth century.

Tennessee Williams in his takes on present character types with the gift of any aura of illusions to be able to either your investment unpleasant reality of human living or to avoid certain experience in the past, like in the Feline on the Hot Tin Rooftop, Brick uses the liquor as a shelter of the world and the issues that are onto it, it is like illusions serve as an escape for the kids and also permit them to stay disguised in a great world. Sometimes also, they are sick and tired of this material life and the worldly-wise individuals who inhabit it, an example of that is Mae that wishes the loss of life of Big Daddy in order to keep the lot of money.

Chapter 2

2. 1 Factors that cause the possible personal information crisis

2. 1. 1 Prejudices

As to have observed in Section 1 the author in the e book criticize the modern culture that we live, showing the type of Brick and presenting him many characteristics that create a possible turmoil of individuality. He over the play show the way the prejudices can kill the integrity of any person hiding the reality and showing an appearance that he does not have, but is the only path to success on the planet.

When he was young, the culture around him cherished him only by his appearance which was also an athlete, but when the time pass and he can not play football any more for an insurance that he previously, these prejudices are used and transported the emotional turmoil.

Looks like the last mentioned is affected by the prejudices of culture, so that all the time try to conceal the truth, so that can't be judged and adjust to society.

If the act as it truly is, would not remain in a social circle base, quite simply the program would break the layout of the American man who performs football, which has the most amazing woman, which is frosty. All that is a simple mask to have a means of version and continue the workout of life that is tired.

The above can be from the life of Tennessee Williams, since being homosexual United States didn't allow his come back, simply because of their sexual decision.

So as we can see the prejudices lead a person to the individual to have emotional problems and a possible id crisis that subsequently affirmed if it's true.

2. 1. 2 Mendacity

Mendacity is another factor influencing Brick throughout his life, since it is surrounded of computer. At home his family are shown as mendacious people, no one cares to tell the truth, they would prefer to tell lies so they can benefit like Mae and Gooper, or otherwise just as the Brick case to cover up their intimate decision and his possible homosexuality. He must bring with a fact that can change a lot of things in his personal life, he doesn't agree to his homosexuality, he is the contemporary society but also himself because across the play he says that's not homosexual and this his marriage with is Skipper is only a true a friendly relationship.

This mendacity environment produces in Brick some emotional issues because when someone doesn't know very well what he is and have clearly his erotic decision won't have a standard live.

So mendacity is another factor because made Brick conceal his truth to the entire world and also will not permit the acceptance of it, that cause the possible problems of identity that people will analyze in the next.

2. 2 How these factors are mirrored in Brick

2. 2. 1 Brick's homosexuality

Brick in the play presents a crisis of identification; the protagonist will not know how to face the earth due to a lack of communication by the daddy or a lack of love from population at large, the thing that really arrived to love his good friend Skipper, and after his good friend death. Brick crumbles totally with aging rather than having a feeling his life so he resorts to drinking

As many of William's books, Pet cat on a Hot Tin Roof top concerns itself with the elaboration of a certain illusion of busted manliness, in this case a manliness kept crippled by the homosexual desire it must keep in abeyance.

Brick is the favourite boy of Big Daddy always, he gets the love of all the family, also is with one of the most beautiful and attractive young lady, in the reserve also the author is trying expressing Brick as the type that gets the attraction and the that is actually cold to present an indifference to the planet, with all this details we can easily see that Brick has the archetypal of masculinity. Brick is an alcoholic who cannot avow the desire in his romantic relationship with his Skipper, for the he has depressively distanced himself from the earth with a shelter in alcohol that'll be express with an increase of details next.

He cannot avow that desire of his good friend Skipper as Maggie notes, their love is a love that can not be talk about in the contemporary society also that could not be discussed or satisfied by the prejudices that surround this figure. In one picture Big Daddy try to confront this love that can't be mention, assuming such as a judge position and when he approaches what has been repressed this is the love between this two good friend, Brick starts off to speak about his feelings, this is the only converse that both people communicate their most sincerely thoughts without prejudices, mendacity o materialize.

The book reveals a Brick who for quite some time been concealing a secret which could convict forever, his homosexuality, and top secret friendship with Skipper with false attitudes this means that he wants a graphic that's not so in this chapter thoroughly review this frame of mind that requires the protagonist in the play.

Brick's personal information, that of an 'accused' homosexual and a that of a football player, will be examined and discussed as a thought that Williams used to create a compare within Brick's personality.

In Cat on the Hot Tin Rooftop Brick is insecure about his manhood and especially about how exactly others perceive his manhood. At one point in the play Brick's dad, insinuates that there was something, from his point of view, unnatural between Brick and his past due best friend Skipper, that can be an interpretation that is normal but it starts off the problem when we start inspecting Brick's reaction because it provides perception into his insecurities. Brick think that Big Daddy is phoning him homosexual and he starts to refuse it in bad way. Another important point is that then Brick also call homosexuals in a poor way that are womanly, because of this we can recognize that he is seeking to safeguard his manhood.

A ritual of North american masculinity would be that the men that contain the best manhood play soccer at collage and Brick used that can be played it attempt to display by their practice that he is a man.

For that we realize that the concept of football in Pet cat on the Hot Tin Roof should be looked at as a contrast to the concept of homosexuality. For that when Brick that was one of the basketball team is accused to be homosexual, his effect becomes understandable for the fact that with the practice of this sport he was trying to persuade everyone that he gets the enough manhood and can't be homosexual, also in his mind he'll have proven himself a guy already.

Brick besides, who seems the need to adapt to the entire world around him using the mendacity with the aim of concealing the truth, that truth that has come dragging for a long time is his top secret romance with his friend Skipper and homosexuality could not be shown in a world filled with prejudices and therefore has to resort to drinking to avoid all the issues surrounding it. Brick mourns his love for Skipper, an imagined love almost mythical dimension. For Brick, is the one true and good in life. His grief is made more difficult by the desire that cannot know that homosexuality chased it to over time. Theirs is a love that dare not speak its name, a love that can't be met or discussed. So, Grandpa, who took office as a judge, power Brick to deal with this love. Brick Tries to avoid such feedback are crucial to the way that manhood is seen in the task. When Grandpa involves what has been repressed dimly, Brick vacant words of all meaning.

Ultimately, the revelation of desire in his companionship with Skipper fresh splits Brick, his distaste for the bad terms from him, only issues to a fear which may be true.

2. 2. 2 Brick false appearance

Brick gets the charm of those who have given up and assumed a position of indifference to the globe. Brick embodies an archetype of masculinity almost has itself, untouchable, and the physique intact man. Like in the next text, Margaret express what she think of Brick 's attitude of being very cold.

Margaret: "Did anyone tell you that you're an ass-aching Puritan, Brick?"

In the note that we see is clear how Margaret exhibit how is Brick tendencies in one phrase ass-aching or maybe what he is trying to show other people. In the play Brick don't show their true thoughts for worries of what can happen next.

Faced with this indifference, the heroes are in the throes of desire for Maggie and her mom or the express of aggression by the Grandfather, but everything is what appears to be, a being cold, determining and rebellious, but in truth is an authentic person that we only care about good thoughts, materialism does not mind individuals, is why is the difference in an materialistic family, on only cares about being at peace. Like within the next take note where Brick again is wanting showing how chilly is he.

Brick:" I don't have to do anything I don't want to do. You keep forgetting the conditions which I agreed to stay on coping with you"

The remember that we can see show their thoughts about not limited to Margaret also for life because here he communicate that he do everything that he want and little or nothing else, he is like a rebel with out a cause, seeking to call attention because he never dropped real love, only along with his true good friend Skipper.

2. 2. 3 Brick shelter in the alcohol

Alcohol is also the way that Brick escape from reality, is the one time when you are feeling only, do not bear in mind their problems, especially the affair with Skipper and his lack of communication along with his daddy, who Brick designed to believe his father never really wanted which the only thing that mattered to Big Daddy was the financial however, not the love he provided with their children.


In realization what the writer, Tennessee Williams, needs showing is that people are residing in a materialistic contemporary society that only cares about looks such as Brick doesn't have the courage to say that what he is really, only by the prejudices and mendacity that he can begin to post. Brick across the play is offered as a person who struggles to identify sexually because of the psychological problems endured when he was more youthful. That a friendly relationship with Skipper school has a great impact on Brick because it will there be when the starts to mistrust his sexuality because of those brushes he had with his friend which means you should avoid this issue with alcohol this is the only method that continues him from Brick mendacity. Also Brick to keep some masculinity is exhibited along the task as being wintry when a person is actually authentic.

This can see along the work as the prejudices take Brick to this suppose homosexuality that he doesn't want to say by the world pressure, he is aware of that if he says his homosexuality all the earth will give the back to him.

Also these prejudices give Brick a false appearance, he wants showing a cold person who doesn't care about love, buy all of that is incorrect because even as see for Brick the most crucial thing is a true friendship and real love.

The prejudices and mendacity take Brick a shelter in alcoholic beverages because he desires to evade the truth that he is holding for years ago, therefore the only way to get away troubles is the death or the liquor, and he needed his choice by consuming.

After performing the work and discuss other literature in class, we have noticed the impact of Tennessee Williams in today's, as observed in many Latin American catalogs where they also make a critique of contemporary society in his literature, like him.

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