Book Vs Film: The Clockwork Orange

Glenn DW will tell us something about the e book then we will give you a short conclusion of the e book, then I will provide you with some information about the writer. From then on glenn VH show us some dissimilarities between the reserve and the movie. And then for ending we will show you a fragment.

We will discuss the booklet and the movie "A Clockwork Orange".

The very first thing you want to say, is that the book is very hard to read. There are a lot of hard words in it and Alex and his three friends speak a dialect, called "nadsat". It is the teenage vocabulary into the future. Glenn Vanhaeren also read the publication in Dutch and it was also very hard to read regarding to him, even in Dutch. because they use a lot of words that no one understands. In the Dutch version of the booklet is a list with all the current explanations of these words, in the British version there isn't. A few good examples:

  1. To viddy is to see
  2. A droog is a friend

Short summary

A clockwork orange is a story about a young teenager known as Alex moving into near-future Britain. Alex leads a little gang of teenage bad guys, Dim, Pete, and Georgie are the other members. They certainly things such as robbing and conquering men and raping women. Alex and his friends spend a whole lot of their time at the Korova Milkbar, that's an establishment that provides dairy laced with drugs, such dairy is named Milk-plus. Alex commences his narrative from the Dairy bar, where the boys be seated around drinking. When Alex and his gang leave the club, they go on the crime. Their previous criminal offense was when they broke into a vintage woman's house. She phone calls the authorities, and before Alex can get away, Dim visits him in the attention with a string and runs away with the others. The police found Alex on the ground and take him to their office, where he later been told that the girl he conquer and raped during the early on robbery has died. Now he's turn into a murderer.

Alex is sentenced to fourteen years in prison. He befriends the jail chaplain, who notices Alex's fascination with the Bible. The chaplain allows Alex read in the chapel while listening to traditional music, because Alex likes classical music. On one day Alex is picked as the first applicant for an experimental treatment called Ludovico's Approach, a form of brainwashing that includes associative learning. After being injected with a product that makes him dreadfully tired, the doctors force Alex to watch exceedingly violent videos. In this way, Alex comes to associate violence with the nausea and head pain he activities from the shot. The process takes two weeks to complete. Following this process Alex can't enjoy traditional music, which he has always associated with assault.

After two years in jail, Alex is released, a safe human being incapable of vicious works. Soon, however, Alex discovers he's not only safe but also defenceless, as his preceding victims begin to use revenge on him. His old friend Dim and an old enemy known as Billyboy are both cops now, and they take the opportunity to settle old scores. They drive him to a field in the country, defeat him, and leave him in the rain. When they leave him Alex would go to a local cottage and knocks on the door, begging for help. The man living there let us him in and gives him food and an area for the night time. Alex identifies him from two years ago as the person whose partner he raped, however the man will not discover Alex. This man, F. Alexander, is a politics dissident. When he hears Alex's storyline, he thinks he may use Alex to incite public outrage against the Status. He and three of his co-workers develop a plan for Alex to make several general public appearances. When they are speaking to the other person He berates the men in nadsat, which arouses the suspicion of F. Alexander, who still remembers the bizarre language spoken by the young adults who raped his partner. Predicated on F. Alexander's suspicion, the men change their programs. They lock Alex within an apartment and blast traditional music through the wall, hoping to drive Alex to suicide to allow them to blame the federal government. Alex will, in truth, hurl himself out associated with an attic window, but the fall doesn't destroy him. While he is based on a healthcare facility, unconscious, a political struggle ensues, but the current supervision survives. Talk about doctors undo Ludovico's Technique and rebuild Alex's old vicious self in exchange for Alex's endorsement.

The author


Anthony Burgess was an British creator; he was borne in Manchester in 1917 and perished in London in 1993. His sister Muriel passed on in 1918 Four days later his mother Elizabeth perished at age 30 on November 1918, Burgess was twelve months old. After the loss of life of his mother, Burgess was raised by his aunt, because his father was unable to raise him.

You could say that Burgess hasn't got a normal youth. Burgess did armed service service during WW II. He left the military in 1946, and became professor.

In 1954, Burgess joined the Uk Colonial Service as a tutor. But almost all of his time, he had written and worked well at his books.

At his loss of life he was a multi-millionaire, giving a Europe-wide property collection of homes and flats.


His real name is John Burgess Wilson, but he shared under the pen name Anthony Burgess. Altogether, Burgess published more than ten books. He wasn't only a novel writer, he also published screenplays (eg. The Spy Who Loved Me, a James Relationship movie). Except from being mixed up in world of literacy, Burgess was also musician and composed regularly. Many of his parts were broadcast during his lifetime on BBC Radio. He published The Clockwork orange in 1962. That is Burgess most well-known novel. The film version of any Clockwork orange was released in 1971.

2) The novel

Main Theme

Burgess assumed that "the freedom to choose is the best human attribute, " This notion supplies the central argument of any Clockwork Orange, where Alex must follow the Ludovico treatment. If the State gets rid of Alex's power to choose his own moral course of action, Alex becomes nothing more than something.

The chaplain, the novel's clearest advocate for Christian morals, addresses the problems of Alex's "Reclamation Treatment" when he tells Alex that "goodness is something chosen.


The main persona of The Clockwork Orange is Alex. He's the anti-hero of the book. Alex likes to name himself "Alexander the top"; this is later the basis for Alex's stated surname De Large in the 1971 film. Alex is the leader of an gang, the tree other person in his gang are George, Pete and Dim.

The competitor of Alex (and his gang) is Billyboy. Billyboy also haves a gang, these two gangs often struggle with one another.

Dr. Brodsky is a doctor who's the founder of the Ludovico approach. Addititionally there is another doctor, Dr. Branom. That is Brodsky's colleague and co-founder of the Ludovico approach. He appears friendly towards Alex at first, before forcing him in to the theater to be psychologically tortured.

Another important character in the novel is the prison chaplain. This is actually the only character who's truly worried about Alex's welfare

There are many other, rather small character types. E. g. The people who are terrorized by Alex and his gang.

3) Book vs Film



There are plenty variations between the booklet and the film. Among the big differences is age the characters. In the reserve the heroes are more radiant as the people in the film. I'll give you two specific types of these dissimilarities.

- The girl that is about to be raped by Billy Boy's gang is ten years old in the publication while looking at the film it is a young woman which is going to be raped by Billy Boy's.

- After achieving two ten-year-old young girls called Marty and Sonietta in an archive shop, Alex takes home these ladies and rapes them. This happens in the Book however in the film, girls are about 14 years old.

Although these differences don't change the storyline or this is of the story, they are doing change the way you look at the story. If you would visit a ten-year-old woman which is being raped with a 15 yr old son, who appears like a guy of at least 18 years of age for me, it isn't realistic enough. Unlike a film, a reserve it isn't being visualised for you and so you don't see it. Then it's shocking to read that this young lady is so young.


The concluding of the storyplot is also different between the e book and the film because the last section, which is section 21, of the reserve had not been filmed. With this chapter, Alex meets Pete. That was the 3rd member of the initial gang. Alex realises that he wants to do the same, but his assault was an inescapable product of his youth. The film is closing with a picture where you visit a naked female that has been raped and Alex saying "I used to be cured, all right".

Overall there are some differences however they have minimal influence on the story. Most of the differences are just some small details. The variations in age are just improving the storyplot and the distinctions in the music can't even have any effect because you can't hear music when you are reading a reserve. Although both endings are different the almost say the same which is that Alex would like to improve but because of his violent youth he'll never be completely treated.

Crucial Scene

The scene occurs just before Alex is released. The Ludovico threatment has ended and it has worked. In a brief demonstration the doctors want to show what they archieved.

(show part of movie from minute 81 -> 86)

(read booklet pg. 93 - 95; most of us)


The book is hard to read, as mentioned before. The movie of the booklet is excellent, each section in the book is a field in the movie. Although, there is a lot of explicit content in the movie, the story is good and there's a concept in it.

Thank you for your attention

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