Bridget Jones Journal Analysis

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Bridget Jones is a single woman who attempts to find herself a good man, because she doesn't want to remain single for the rest of her life.

Write a summary within your own words of about 400-600 words.

The story is about Bridget Jones. The booklet describes yearly of the live of Bridget Jones. Bridget is a woman around her thirties without a husband. Many times she has attempted to loose weight also to stop smoking, but she never succeeds. She is still sole but she attempts to improve that. Bridget is a quite common girl, only perhaps a tiny bit clumsier.

When Bridget and her parents go to a new years buffet from friends of her parents she matches Tag Darcey. Their parents introduced them nevertheless they don't like each other. 1 day her boss sends her a flirting email plus they and up in bed with each other. Bridget is convinced that he's the one she is going to spend the others of her life with. Meanwhile Bridget's mom has still left her father and has a new boyfriend. And she's less contact with her manager. At another party she meets Make again but they still don't like each other.


Bridget is a woman around her thirties and she does not have a man. Bridget works at a publishing house. She is frightened that she'll stay one the rest of her life. She is a bit chubby and obsessed about her weight, and she smokes a great deal. Sometimes she does strange and awkward things.

Describe two modest characters.

Daniel Cleaver is Bridget's boss. Bridget has just a little crush on him. He's a very enchanting man.

Mark Darcey is a lawyer, his parents are abundant people. Their moms introduced them to one another, they need them to be always a couple. At first she considers he's only a dreary bloke. But after some time she starts off to like him.

Describe the area(s) where the story is defined at length.

When will the story happen? (How will you know? What is the length of time of the storyplot? Is the story told chronologically? Does indeed the author use flashbacks? Explain in detail!)

The length of time of the storyplot is one year. There aren't any flashbacks in the in the reserve, so the story is advised in chronological order

The one who tells the story is Bridget because it's her diary you are reading. The publication is told from the idea of view of Bridget. It's written in the I-perspective.

The title of the reserve is: Bridget Jones diary. That's because you're reading her journal. You read everything she wrights down.

Is the publication just recommended as a story or is the writer looking to bring across a message? If so: why? If not: you will want to?

Leesbeleving en evaluatie

What is your view about the publication?

I really liked the reserve because it is really realistic. Bridget is really funny because she gets herself in really idiotic situations. The complete book is absolutely funny to read, sometimes it even made me laugh out load.

Would you recommend the booklet to your classmates?

I would recommend the reserve, but it's more a reserve for the girls. Because the can picture themselves as her. And it's really a funny book to read. I don't think boys would like this e book.

Which part do you prefer best or was most significant in the introduction of the story? Price (citeer) a passage or phrase from the booklet which you found most impressive or coming in contact with.

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