Characterization In Female USING THE Dog

Anton Chekov is a famous Russian writer whose best skill on paper is shown in displaying the psychology people's relationship and the mindset of individual itself. The interesting simple truth is that Chekov's main field of activity was medication, and he wrote for his own pleasure. Anton Chekov is read and loved all over the world, writers of several generations find Chekov as among the best dramatist on earth. Though Chekov should be better read in Russian, there continues to be can be find the elusive so this means in each term of his writings, no subject in what terminology he is read. Within the story "THE GIRL with your dog" Chekov confirmed the complicated interactions between enthusiasts, the conflict, which goes up man versus man himself. Chekov, the teller of individuals soul, symbolizes us the world of people who reside in cocoon and throughout the storyline gradually start to crawl out of it. The story reflects the love series, the setting and the nature of heroes.

Love line sees its big place in "THE GIRL with the Dog" and shows the way how Gurov and Anna Sergeyevna cope with their love. The impressive thing of Chekhov is the fact he convincingly shows the outstanding love of people, standard and unremarkable, figuratively speaking "little. " They may be - mediocre and, in general, boring. They can not handle either love or their lives and their romantic relationship remains a regular romance because they can neither break their marriage, nor join together in matrimony. Gurov is afraid of his partner, and Anna does not want to injured her spouse. However, the truth is this isn't important: we realize that both of them fear the changes in their life-style. They continue from time to time to meet secretly in order to "grab" a grain of life contentment, but enjoyment is man-made. Chekhov leaves wide open end of the story, he shows the reader how to love his heroes has been steadily sinking in to the swamp of banal everyday routine, but this is not hard to speculate, because they informed the storyline can haven't any end. That is - some sort of bad infinity, because neither Gurov, nor Anna emerged to anything; their life is not filled with meaning, which could provide them with love, if indeed they were not so vulnerable. However, it cannot be definitely denied that both heroes did not experience love. For Gurov, this little woman, by no means remarkable, was for the whole reason for his life, the dearest one. It is unlike him, who believed women for being the "lower race"(par. 5, p. 218, Chekov). Firstly, their "love" can be assumed as just an affair. Nevertheless, this southern love brings excitement with their existence, they don't think about outcomes, but recognize that after that they will continue their regular lives. Love is more robust than they are really; it is more robust than these weakened people.

Nature and setting in the story plays a huge role and creates the feelings of the wholly story line. Tale "THE GIRL with the Dog" from the perspective of idea of aspect in Chekhov is a considerable interest. The author's idea is portrayed by means of the Crimean surroundings - an absolute visual harmony, mainly natural ideals of the southern coast of Crimea: mountains, sea and sky in some endlessly changing panorama of sceneries. Gathering in a tale set off as soon as suddenly broken from the heroes' feeling, he created a information of the landscape: "the water was of an gentle warm lilac hue, and there was a golden streak from the moon upon it" (par. 15, p. 219, Chekov). Not a little role in the storyplot plays the ocean, it lives separately from the whole world, which is the get better at of everything, for Gurov and Anna the sea might be a mark of freedom and harmony. When Gurov goes to see Anna in S. he considers the lifeless landscaping: fence, grey, long, with fingernails or toenails, which represents how passionate feelings in Yalta became as this fence, gray and mediocre.

The mother nature of characters is complicated and ambiguous. Firstly, Gurov, at the beginning of the storyline he seems heartless, just does not respect folks around him, including his partner. But once he meets Anna Sergeyevna, he slowly but surely begins to change, to think in a different way about the world and people around. And by the end of the story we see a very different person. This man can love, will not think only about himself and commences to be capable to sacrifice himself for love. It is hard to state whether positive or negative character Gurov. Most likely he is a man found a life indicating only through love. In the story it is very evidently seen the psychological mother nature of Anna Sergeyevna. Quite simply, all her gestures have strong and mental nature. She was raised in St. Petersburg, but was wedded to in S. , where she has lived for just two years. Anna somehow ambivalent about her hubby, it may looked she adores him, on the other hand of her take great pride in hurts because of that her husband has a minimal devote the modern culture. She just lately was students; she did not have a great deal of courage in discussion with strangers. She must have been the first time in her in the hotel, when she was talked to with only 1 target, to which she could only think. Anna to what had happened to her with Gurov reacts in an exceedingly serious way, concerning her downfall. She is the incarnation of naivety, purity and credibility of a young woman, of a female who've not lived a whole lot.

Through love range, mother nature and characterization of main people Chekov shows his purposes of representing us the complicated characteristics of marriage between people. "THE GIRL with your dog" is one of the biggest Chekov's reports, the representation of people's strong love and weak will.

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