Comparison 'The Lovely Bone fragments' and 'The Liar's Club'

In this term newspaper I'll compare two literature that I really liked: "The lovely bones" and "The liars' club". I made a decision to write about them, because I think that both stories are very similar and incredibly well written. I also think that the authors of the books are admirable women who have struggled with life, world and family. Because of this, I consider important to compare the two books. I'll start to reveal "the lovely bones". At the beginning, I did not need to finish reading the book, because it is a hard story that talks about the raping of a little gal. Therefore, I believed so irritated and frustrating. But then I understood i had to keep reading the e book if I wished to know the meaning of it.

The point of view of the lovely bone fragments is first person which is narrated by Susie Salmon, the lady that was horribly raped and murdered by her neighbor. The entire story is about the grief that the Salmon family is experimenting after Susie's loss of life. However, there was a member of the family who endured the most: Susie's daddy, Jack port Salmon. This man loved her daughter a lot that whenever he realized that she was killed, life became a hell for him. As a result, his matrimony was very influenced and his better half cheated on him. I found a quotation that explains the partnership between Susie and her daddy

"His own daddy had trained him developing ships in containers. They were something my mom, sister, and sibling couldn't care and attention less about. It was something I adored. The den was full of them. He'd call me in whenever he was ready" (Sebold, Alice p, 45)

Unlike her siblings, Susie liked her father's hobby. This man enjoyed to build boats in bottles, because his daddy taught him how to do them. So, he shared this hobby using their children, however the only one who liked and value it was Susie because she had an extremely strong romance with her father. Therefore, when she passed away his father Jack port wanted to die.

On the other hands, Mary Karr in her book "The liars' club" confirmed that her marriage with her father was very special and unique. For instance, she talked about that he used to be always a very lovely daddy with her and her sister and that even though he was a long time in the war, when he came back home he always wanted to spend time along with his family. However, Mary's dad didn't have a good relationship with all of those other family, because his mom in law did not like him and for that reason, his marriage was falling aside. This quote talks about the situation he was living

"Mother threatened divorce frequently, and Daddy's response to it was usually a kind of patient eye-rolling. He never spoke of divorce as a n option. EASILY asked him concerned questions in regards to a particularly nasty combat, he'd just say I shouldn't talk bad about my mom, as though even suggesting they might split up insulted her in some way" (Karr, Mary pa, 35)

As we can easily see, Mary's father didn't need to get divorce maybe because he wished to be with her two children. Furthermore, he said to Mary that even though he previously conflicts with his wife, she were required to love her mother no real matter what. I think this man revealed that he was a good partner and a good daddy since he always asked Mary to respect her mom. This circumstance is very similar to the issue that Susie's parents possessed in the reserve "The lovely bones". As we realize, when Susie perished, everyone struggled with the actual fact that she was not much longer with them. All of them faced Susie's fatality differently. The daddy, for example, was obsessed to find the killer, the sister Lindsay did not want to speak about it, the brother was very innocent to understand that her sister acquired passed on and the mother made a decision to cheat on her man to "relieve the pain". I said before that Susie's father and Mary's were similar because both men were hitched with women whot, from my viewpoint, did not value their children. Mary's mom cared no more than herself. She just wished to have a great time and get another man that is why she continued a trip with his Latin-American sweetheart and kept her children. Susie's mom did the same thing when she decided to move to another state to become alone and deal with her daughter's death.


I think that in both books i decided to compare, the relationship between siblings is one of the most crucial topics. With this part of my term newspaper, I am going to compare Susie's marriage with her sibling and sister and Mary Karr romance with her sister Lecia.

Susie Salmon had one brother called Buckley and one sister called Lindsay. The tree of them were very shut down and cared very much about one another. There is a quotation in the booklet "The lovely bones "where Susie says that once she preserved her brother's life.

"a three-year-old Buckley acquired swallowed it. Buckley was choking, his body bucking, and I carried him with Nate trailing in to the garage area, where my father's precious Mustang sat. I put Buckley in the trunk and grabbed and grabbed the tips from the unused terra-cotta pots where my dad hid them. I sped completely to a healthcare facility. "if the hadn't been there", the physician later told my mom "you'll have lost your little guy" (Sebold, Alice p, 93, 94)

As the estimate explains, Susie kept her brother because she enjoyed him quite definitely. She also got the courage to do it because so many people would not dare to do what Susie do. Susie liked Buckley so much that she did not think about not to safe her little sibling. Later in the book, this strong connection is shown when in one of the chapters, Buckley thought to his father that Susie touched his cheek and that he sensed that Susie was witnessing them from heaven.

Susie also got along well with her sister Lindsay. Both females enjoyed being together, not only because these were sisters but also because they were the same age group. Because of this, when Lindsay understood that her sister was dead, she didn't want to discuss this tragic event to anybody. For me personally, it is very understandable the way that Lindsay experienced. Some people like her offer with death by being quite and reserved. Some others share their emotions in order to release their pain. But what really cares is to keep in mind people who we love.

Now, the writer of "The liars' golf club" also possessed a good romance with her sister Lecia. Both of these girls experienced a whole lot not only because that they had many problems in their home, but also because they may have an alcoholic mother and a hysterical grandmother. I found a offer that talks about their relationship

"Lecia and I both behaved like savages at any opportunity. When she was only twelve, Lecia could overcome the dogshit out of any neighbor youngster up to the age of fifteen. For my part, I can remember position behind the drainage ditch inside our lawn cussing Carol Sharp for bloodying my nasal area" (Karr, Mary pa, 40)

In this quote, Mary Karr talks about that she used to learn pranks with her sister which thought she acquired problems in home, she tried out to forget them by playing with Lecia. From my viewpoint, it's very difficult to live you life normally when you understand that your family is hurting one another. For this reason, I admired Mary Karr quite definitely, because she attempted to forget all her problems. Unfortunately, if you are a child, each one of these family conflicts influence you and the only thing that you can do about it is to move on with your life just like Mary Karr do. On the other hand, I also think that she was mindful about her family problems, but she cannot do anything about it. I can't picture what it feels like to live with a family group that is packed with traumas and that will not care about you. For example, Mary Karr's grand mom was a bitter girl who did not love their grand children and who resided in the past. That's the reason Mary Karr did not suffer from when her grand mom passed away. Instead, she thought relieved and free.

Susie Salmon also possessed a special grand mother, but unlike Mary's she was a good person who enjoyed their grand children quite definitely. This woman was an alcoholic but she took cared of these grand children while her little princess Abigail decided to proceed to another state. These two women were so different, but as any human being they have many flaws. Now, within the next web pages of my newspaper I will discuss the role of the moms in both books "The lovely bone fragments" and "The liars' club"


It is well known that a mom represents many important things in a family. She is the main one who manages her children, because she has a defensive instinct a father does not have. Because of this, it is incredible for me to comprehend why Susie's mom left behind their children in order to forget her dead child. I can recognize that it is very painful to reduce your daughter, but by abandoning your other children you are not going to resolve anything. Now, I also comprehend that as humans we have to have our space, because is our right. But when you have a family like Susie's mother you also have to think about them.

Another thing that also stunned me was that Susie's mom cheated on her husband. Nonetheless I can't know very well what she do that. There's a very good price that points out Abigail's attitude relating to Susie's viewpoint

"Len kissed her forehead hard and sealed his eyes. She took his hand and placed it on her behalf breasts. She whispered in his ear canal. I knew that which was happening. Her trend, her loss, her despair. The complete life lost tumbling out within an arc on that roof structure, clogging up her being. She needed Len to operate a vehicle the dead child out" (Sebold, Alice p, 152)

This woman desired to neglect her daughter's loss of life by cheating on her man. She thought that her pain was going to fade away if she moved all his sorrow in another person, but I feel that is not the correct way to resolve our problems. She may have attended a therapist or speaking with her spouse about Susie's death. Infidelity is something that I can't comprehend.

Unfortunately, Abigail's infidelity didn't bring Susie back. Instead, this deception triggered Abigail more pain and much more remorse to her life. By the end of the reserve, we know that Abigail returned with her family because Jack port had a coronary attack, but we never recognized if she remained again with them or if she decided to be brave enough to be able to share her man that she experienced cheated on him with Len Fenerman.

In the booklet "The liars' golf club" Mary Karr explained that her mom was always worried about herself, just the same as Susie's mother. You might feel that I am judging these women very hard, but I just can not realize why they behaved this way with the children. I mean, when you choose to have children is because you know you need to manage them, yet there are some mothers that do the opposite thing.

Mary Karr's mom for example, attempted to be a good mom, but I feel that she possessed an extremely hard backdrop that didn't allow her to live her life peacefully. Even Mary Karr regarded that when she finished her book, it was very hard for her mom to read it. At exactly the same time, Mary said that she was very supportive when the booklet was done. One more thing that it was hard to assimilate for Mary and her sister Lecia was to live with their stepfather Hector. He constantly acquired arguments with Mary's mother and they didn't have a good relationship. There's a quote that talks about this example

"Other times were occupied with Mom and Hector fighting. The litany of his innate low-lifedness got seared into skull during this time. Hector was a pussy, was her main gripe. Also, he lacked gainful work, which meant Mother accused him of sponging off her all the time".

As this quote clarifies, Mary's stepfather did not support his better half financially. Therefore, Mary's mom argued with him and had many issues. Plus, he was an alcoholic who was simply concerned more about drinking than about caring for his wife, his house and his stepdaughters. When I believe about the problems that Mary got to deal with, I really believed sorry for her. She was only a child when her parents got divorce and when he had to accept a new dad figure. I can see Mary's real life a quest. During her youth, she lived so many bad things that made her stronger, but at the same time made her more susceptible.

In order to conclude this term newspaper in the next to pages, I am going to talk about the most challenging matter in both books: raping. The reason why I decided to write about it by the end, was because I wish to reflect about how raping can transform your daily life.


The books that we made a decision to compare in this term newspaper talk about an extremely hard topic: raping. Inside the lovely bones, the primary figure Susie Salmon was horribly raped and killed by her neighbor Mr. Harvey. This tale is fiction, however the author of it was raped in real life. Because of this, she published this book.

As we know, Susie Salmon was a fourteen year old female who had a standard life and who wished to dropped in love for the first time. Unfortunately, most of her dreams were damaged by way of a disgusting and despicable man called Mr. Harvey. He needed away Susie's innocence when he raped her. Following this, he made a decision to kill her so she cannot accuse him of anything. But Susie had not been deceased in a completely, because her nature went to heaven. She found her family and her killer after that. She saw all the pain that Mr. Harvey acquired triggered after he wiped out her. But she also observed that her family acquired over her death and shifted. Here is a quote in which Susie explains her raping

"Mr. Harvey made me lay still underneath him and listen to the beating of his heart and the beating of mine. How mine skipped such as a rabbit, and exactly how thudded, a hammer against cloth. We place there with this bodies touching, and, when i shook, a powerful knowledge took carry. He had done this thing to me and I had lived". (Sebold, Alice p, 14)

The only thing that I could say concerning this quote is the fact I can not consider what this gal felt in that moment. For me, it's very difficult to understand how these thieves can exist. I mean, this man took advantage of a youngster who was simply not big or strong enough to guard herself. Killing a person is horrible, but eradicating a kid who is vulnerable and innocent is the most despicable work on earth. From my point of view, Mr. Harvey was a scum of the earth who did not should have to be alive, because she also killed other children. All of them were young girls that had a life, dreams and expectations for future years. But this killer ruined their lives and still left sorrow in their families.

Finally, in the booklet "The Liars' club" Mary Karr narrates that she was raped, when she was a little female. This event altered her life and her point of view about the globe. The price says

"He taken me off my pants and underwear and threw them in the place in a ball, over where I knew there could be spiders. He pressed down his trousers and put my palm on his thing, which was unlike the guys' joke about hot canines and garden tubes. It was hard as solid wood and noticed big around and felt big around as my arm. He twisted both my hands around it, and revealed me how to glide them along" (Karr, Mary p, 66)

When I read this fragment of the e book, I really believed so furious and frustrated. I can to imagine the desperation that Mary Karr experimented. She as Alice Sebold experienced how it noticed to be raped and humiliated by a guy. But at the same time this unpleasant experience made them successful and courageous. So, my conclusion because of this term newspaper is the following: every person forms his persona based on his personal encounters. As a consequence, in life we can follow two pathways: the the one which is related with hate, vengeance and sadness and the one which is linked with love, success and expectations. I believe that the authors of the catalogs that I compared followed the second way, because they decided to heal their psychological wounds in order to go on. That is a lesson that all humans should learn.

Nobody said that life is easy. Nobody said that life is green color. However, god made us strong to achieve any objective that people have. He made us wise to comprehend that life is something that is filled with bad and good moments. For this reason, these two authors, Alice Sebold and Mary Karr do well when they made a decision to tell their stories to the entire world. That they had a great deal of pain in their lives, however they also decided to remedy their traumas to move on and have a good life.

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