Cultural Variations In The Enjoyment Luck Club English Literature Essay

In Amy Tan's The Pleasure Luck Golf club, a novel comprising vignettes informed by various narrators, Tan instructs the storyline of four Chinese immigrant young families; the families contain the Woo family, Hsu family, Jong family, and St. Clair family. This novel centers on the issues the families package with as immigrants and the conflicts the mothers' face with their daughters when their daughters have adjust to American culture and have lost Chinese prices. In this book, the four moms strive to show their daughters Chinese aspects of life however the daughters have adapt to American culture. The daughters have trouble pursuing their Chinese history because it issues their adaption to American traditions.

saying that she let Waverly know how American life and Chinese life differ. If you're born in America you have benefits, if you harm yourself there is always immediate medical attention, and if there are any legal issues there is always a solution. Basically she is stating that in America you have independence while in China there are always moral codes of listening to your elders. You must follow your parents and you also must pursue the greatest of challenges. Your day before, she advised Waverly to complete her coffee and don't throw away her blessing, Waverly replies, "Avoid being so old-fashioned, Ma. I'm my very own person" (254). Waverly is saying she can do whatever she wants, she actually is her own person and no-one can control her. This makes Lindo think to herself when her princess is becoming so impartial. Her independence connects to her American culture since it relates to the thought of freedom and exactly how in Chinese culture the children must obey their parents.

Jing-Mei talks about how she has let her mom down so many times, she says, "I did not believe I could be anything I wanted to be. I possibly could only be me" (142). Jing-Mei is saying how she is a disappointment to her mom. Since she is Americanized she does not take Chinese language culture very seriously so she offers up and ceases listening to her mother. She did not get right As, she didn't become class president, nor does she get into Stanford; she did not even finish university. Jing Mei use to play piano when she was more radiant but after participating in dreadfully at a expertise show she quit. In the dispute between her parents she yells, "You want me to be someone that I'm not!" (142). She actually is saying that her mom is planning on too much out of her. She needs Jing-Mei to be a piano prodigy while she understands that she can't be what they want her to be. In Chinese language culture parents expect their children to reach your goals and this is exactly what Jing-Mei's mother is doing. They expect too much out of her and she cannot take care of the pressure on her. After Jing-Mei says

that, her mom yells, "Only two kinds of daughters, those who find themselves obedient and those who follow their own mind!" (142). What Jing-Mei's mom means is there are just two types of children, those who listen closely and obey their parents and the ones who want flexibility and do whatever they want. Jing-Mei would like to be what she desires and will not want the pressure from her expectant mother what she needs her to be. This fits in with cultural differences because since Jing-Mei is Americanized she's the will to do what she would like and have her independence, even though she actually is Chinese she is not accustom to the Chinese way; therefore, she does not follow its values.

Cultural customs of Us citizens and Chinese differ in numerous ways. Within this novel, Amy Tan through vignettes instructs testimonies of the problems between mothers and their daughters and exactly how they have confliction accepting each other's cultural values. The four mothers struggle to instruct their daughters Chinese aspects of life because they have designed to American culture. The daughters have trouble pursuing their Chinese history because it contradicts their adaption to American traditions.

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