Dedicated To My EX GIRL English Literature Essay

It was a hot Wednesday, and it was summer. I had been at church with my friends and there she arrived in the door with a shine on her behalf body, I thought that there was something tugging me toward her, she emerged and sat in front of me, this sense increased increasingly more by the next.

Her mane has a blond to yellow color and it is so soft which i were required to touch it, she turned and looked at me within an astonished way, and I looked into her eyes they had a green color plus they were widely open, she smiled and converted around, I told myself: "why didn't she ask me why I touched her locks? And she even didn't inform me to avoid? So I thought that she required me to continue!!!" I retouched her scalp she switched and explained:"please don't stop continue!!" I extended. The mass completed, I changed around and didn't see her there, I acquired sad. I informed my friends farewell and still left, I reached the stairs, and there happened to me that never took place to any man or boy in his life, I satisfied HER. She possessed a perfect body that I couldn't envision, she waved and told me "hi" and explained to check out her, I replied and got amazed so I followed her. She needed me to a location and explained to hug her and tell her what Personally i think about her, I told her that she is a unique female and that I fell in love with her, she astonished me a told me that she seems the same. After a week of experiencing her every day I asked out, she accepted and here starts my story.

I needed her to view a movie in the theaters, after that we went and had meal with my friends in Batroun and we had a small party, at the end she wanted to tell me thanks but she didn't know how, so when we were in the taxi she drawn up the dark-colored shade between us and the driver, and she started with a little kiss and carried on until. We come to her home and she went of the cab my heart just followed her out she explained to leave but I didn't want to, I simply needed to stay with her forever, she invited me to rest at her house, I called my parents and then for my luck they weren't home, therefore i followed her and for my other luck she doesn't have a brother so I had to settle my boxers next to her because she has no extra bedrooms. I slept like I never slept before because I believed that my life was completed with her. Each day she woke up and prepared for me a glass of Nescafe and woke me up, I gave her a kiss and I noticed that I was the only youngster in heaven and she was the only woman there to. She explained that she wanted to inform me her goals so I informed her that I'm here all day long because my parents aren't home, so she began communicating and I went to desire that was her goal, so I informed her that I'll help her to attain it and it was she wished to turn into a famous bank supervisor, so I sat on the laptop investigated a bit and started aiding her, we done at about 12:00 pm, she told me that she wished to eat and look for some cloth so I told her okay. We completed shopping so we stopped to eat; we ate and liked the place. I received a telephone call from my aunt in Dubai sharing with me that she just received two seat tickets from Lebanon to Dubai, but since she lives there she send them to me and explained that they feature a hotel reservavsion, so I took my sweetheart and travelled there, and a large choke stunned me that her parents live there!!!

After around three month with her summertime was almost over, and before she still left to her parents in Dubai, I listened to her talking to a friend on the telephone informing her that she earned the wager that was to time frame me in a single day. I called her and told her: "I don't want to make u miserable before u leave Lebanon nevertheless, you really pissed me, because our love had not been true" I kissed her goodbye and still left, she tried calling me but I didn't answer. After weekly, the good friend that she spoken to called me and told me that she really liked u and it was another gamble that was between me and her that was on dating a boy in the shortest time ever before, I called her and told her i was sorry and I really like her, about one hour later her brother called me and explained that she passed on. I got very mad that we almost killed myself jumping in the front a pick up truck, but if my friend wasn't next if you ask me I'd really perished.

After my previous experience I found that to never judge a woman from her external appearances but to know her interior appearance also, thus my finish is to all the kids and men out there, watch out on the beautiful girls.

Dedicated to my ex girlfriend " "

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