Empire Of SUNLIGHT English Literature Essay

Jamie: Jim is a eleven year old guy who lives in Shanghai and does not know a whole lot about the globe war 2 which is in the middle of it. He supports japan because he just wants their planes and because he thinks they are actually brave people. You could illustrate Jim as a ridiculous youngster who gets terrified quite quickly. At the end of the booklet (years later) Jim is still a bit foolish/clumsy. Jim has a obsession with planes, you can plainly see this right away of the book where he can name all the planes that are traveling by through the sky. Since Jim is a little clumsy/silly that does not mean he cannot be a brave person. You may clearly note that Jim is a fearless person in this book he also tries to help other folks whenever you can and is really honest.

Basie: Basie is a soldier from America. You do not really get to know a great deal about Basie. All you can really inform about Basie is the fact that he is a selfish person but he functions like he's a nice man to Jim but he is just using Jim for his own goal!

Dr Ransome: He's a English doctor who lives in Singapore Dr Ransome is a really nice person and is also always happy to help people. He is actually nice to Jim not merely for his own goal but more because he is a sort person. While being in the Concentration camp he instructs Jim and he's his good friend as well.

Jim's parents: The daddy of Jim is a rich man who has a textile company as, his mom is an extremely caring mother. You do not really become familiar with a great deal about the parents of Jim in the publication because they're only in a little area of the book.

The setting

The account of the publication start in Shanghai where Jim and his parents live. It's a occupied and living city. But the majority of the book takes place in a attentiveness camp where Jim lives for over 4 years, it's called: Lunghau. The camp is a really shitty place to be, you can almost compare it for some camps in Germany. There are a lot of executions happening and you do not get a great deal of food and sometimes you do not get anything to eat/drink. Fortunately Dr Ransome is with Jim in the camp, he shows him and is also his friend that makes it less shitty to be there. The storyplot also takes place at another camp which is merely a travel camp (you don't become familiar with a lot relating to this camp).


One of the major conflicts are of course that japan invade Shanghai and catch most of the individuals who live there. Jim will be captured by japan as well. The next conflict in the storyline is the fact Basie will attempt to safeguard Jim and himself of course of being captured by japan. There will be a whole lot of bloodshed but Jim will still be captured and Basie will die. The invade of japan will also split Jim and his parents. The final Conflict(s) will maintain the concentration camp. There is a whole lot of hate from the Japanese towards the English and Chinese language people, they are receiving humiliated and killed for no reasons. JAPAN have their own laws within. Jim and Dr Ransome are trying to survive this nightmare and they have done that for over 4 years!

Interactive Part


Planes are soaring through the sky.

Look at them their up so high!

Jim recognizes all the titles.

All the titles of those getting rid of machine planes.

Years later Jim noticed.

He was the main one being victimized.

The Japan are invading.

The earth has began quaking.

Jim is the one who is treated uncivilized.

Keep on living that's what he and DR. prioritized.

This poem is about how Jim's love for war planes changes as he realised what their for. After some time he is transported to a attentiveness camp where he is treated like an pet animal. He's there with Dr. Ransome.


page 143: "[Tossing a set of sunglasses to Jim as japan army begin to conquer him] I'd like these back when they're done. "You can see how Basie even though he will pass away keep up the expect Jim.

page 119: "What else you betting with Basie? MY ENTIRE LIFE. [shows a duplicate of LIFE journal] "

This show's you a little about the personality of Basie.

page 313: "If Shanghai was too dangerous, perhaps his mother and father would leave Armhest Avenue and live with him in Lunghua. Within a sensible sense it was a pity that japan soldiers wouldn't normally be there to protect them" You can see how Jim still considers his parents after he understands he'll probably never see them again. (quite unfortunate, but he'll!)

Page 25:"Jim got practically given Yang a heart attack by pointing his metallic Spitfire into the face of the Japanese corporal. " This tells you in the very beginning of the book how childish Jim is but still knows little or nothing about the battle and the way to behave against the Japanese.

Page 351: "And then be swept again by the inbound tide among the quays and mud-flats, driven once more to the shores of this horrendous city. " By the end of the publication Jim finally realizes how bad this city is and he has finally developed, he's a guy now.

Writing a letter

Tim Neve

F. V. Alkemadelaan 8

1181 PW


Jamie Carter

Baker road 4

323 EW


Dear Jim,

How are you doing? I hope you do great. I've observed you experienced a terrible amount of time in the camps. I am hoping you and your parents involve some rest now, back in London. How will you have endured four entire years in that camp?! You should be a really strong person by now. Have you any idea anything about Dr. Ransome? I really hope he did not expire because he was an extremely good and nice person. How are your parents doing? I figured these were really worried that they might never ever see you again because they fled and you'd to visit the camp. As well I want to ask even more in depth questions. What I must say i wanted to know about you after reading the book is excatly why are you so enthusiastic about the fighter planes? Performed your daddy get you enthusiastic about it or are it just the movies you enjoyed seeing? As well does one remember directing a toy spitfire at a Japanese corporal? And did you really like Basie? Or were you merely with him because he shielded you and you acted like you liked him? He was kind of your douche-bag you understand. He was behaving like he shielded you but he was simply using you for his own goals! Well at least I'm glad you are safe.

Greetings from the Netherlands,

Tim Neve


blz 32"Those are some Venomous snakes" Venomous - giftig

blz 33"along the paddy areas" Paddy (rice paddies) - rijst velden

blz 47"a line of camouflaged trucks packed with Japanese military" camouflaged - gecamoufleerd

blz 50 "And by his amateur plane-spotting" Plane-spotting - het bekijken vehicle vliegtuigen found een verrekijker

Blz 50"The French missionary sisters were arguing" missionary - missionaris

Blz 55"as the klaxons sounded from the avenue" klaxons - toeters

blz 25:"Jim got practically given Yang a heart attack by pointing his metal Spitfire in to the face of a Japanese corporal. " Spitfire - speciaal type vliegtuig

Blz 56 "when Jim come to the junction" junction - kruispunt

blz 57 ", submerging this small death" submerging - onderdompelen/vergeten

Blz 57"aiming to cuff his brain" cuff - onthoofden, slaan met een machete

blz 58 Kidnappings were common in Shanghai" kidnappings - ontvoeringen

blz 65"and watched this level almost imperceptibly falling in the swimming pool" imperceptibly - onmerkbaar

2x!" blz 91 towers of smoke cigarettes shuddered from the cruiser's funnels as it ready to increase anchor" shuddered - huiverde, funnels - trechters

blz 93"Faint with cravings for food, " faint - zwak door de honger

blz 93"and ducked via a narrow hatch. " Hatch - luik.

blz 111"Jim lay back again on the teak bench" teak - teakhout vehicle een teak boom

2x!blz 111"japan sergeant in charge of the detention centre was positioning another of his roll-calls. "

roll-calls - appels, detention - gevangen/hechtenis

blz 113"Jim started out to rattle at the Japanese observing behind their white masks. " Rattle - ratelen/kletsen

2x!blz 113"even the emaciated soldier got found the lid of an mess-tin. " Emaciated - uitgemergeld, mess-tin - Messtin deksel, iets gemaakt truck messing.

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