Erode Sexist Stereotypes Of Women English Literature Essay

The novel Pride and Prejudice, by Jane Austen was conceptualized and written in 1796-1797 and was initially released in 1813. Given the fact that the book setting is in the framework of 18th century scenario where women weren't given the status they deserve plus they had to face prejudice when it comes to socail status as also outlined by Hildebrand "In 18th century American society, women played out a subordinate role and possessed a subordinate cultural status" (5), you can have the first impression that the novel erodes sexist stereotypes of women. However, an in depth study of the novel depicts which it reinforces sexist stereotypes of women. Though the purpose of this novel mostly has nothing in connection with sexist stereotypes since it is tale of two individuals neither superior or inferior to one another however are obligated to think so about the other person due to common human being dynamics and the communal classes they participate in, however this evaluation can be executed on the basis of personas (mainly Elizabeth and Darcy) and their discussions with one another. This paper analyzes the novel to prove the thesis affirmation that how it (the book) reinforces sexist stereotypes of women. The research starts with the study of Mrs. Bennet persona whose prime purpose of life was to see her daughters acquired happily hitched. Then comes the first reaching of Elizabeth and Darcy which was the building blocks of misunderstanding between your two genders and then how the take great pride in of Darcy and prejudice of Elizabeth (about Darcy that he considers women as poor) doesn't allow both to reach a common ground, however when the shadows of misunderstanding goes away they end up being mutually finally.


Mrs. Bennet's exclusive purpose of life was to see her daughters happily married, when she said "EASILY can but see one of my daughters happily resolved at Netherfield and all the others equally well married, I shall have nothing to want" (Austen 6). This is the common nature of every mother and in the book it reinforces the sexist stereotypes of women and there is, in my opinion, nothing at all bad in it. Every mother believes this way and definitely it is her responsibility to wish and try best for her daugthers to get resolved in their lives and even if someone doesn't agrees finally every girl must marry someone as life without a partner inside our society brings little or nothing good to a female's life. Relationship is the major theme of the book too as the novel's starting affirmation is "It is a real truth universally acknowledged, that a one man in ownership of a good fortune, must maintain want of any better half" (Austen 2). Sauder also highlighted while talking about major theme of book "The pivotal theme is the fact matrimony is important to individuals and population" (6).

"She is tolerable, however, not handsome enough to tempt me" (Austen 7) were the feedback of Darcy when he was made available from Mr. Bingley to boogie along with his fiance's sister Elizabeth. Though Darcy was pleased (however it is justified by the sociable class he belongs to, females of this category, like Ms. Bingley were similarly elegant and very pleased) as Austen did talked about in the novel "He was the proudest, most disagreeable man on the planet, and everyone hoped that he'd never come there again" (7) however, this was his nature not to mingle up with those he don't know as Austen does stated as well that

"Mr. Darcy danced only one time with Mrs. Hurst and once with Neglect Bingley, declined being launched to any other lady, and put in the rest of the nighttime in walking about the area, speaking occasionally to 1 of his own party" (7).

This first reaching offended Elizabeth and she became prejudiced about Darcy developing snooze of her ideas on the basis of this appointment.

Third situation in the book that demonstrated Elizabeth's prejudice against Darcy was her believe in what Wickham had to say about Darcy. Elizabeth presumed Wickham even without supplying a seond thought to Wickham's sayings and this too just because she already retains a biased view about Darcy. Even when Darcy upon their appointment, later in the novel, dealt with what happned to Wickham as misfortune when he said "Who that knows what his misfortunes have been, can help being a pastime in him?" "His misfortunes! Yes, his misfortunes have been great indeed. " (Austen 106) Elizabeth still didn't pay heed to the problem.

Another situation that reinforces sexist stereotyped behavior of women which slim down their eye-sight was Catherine De Bourgh's views that Elizabeth contradicted quite decidedly. Elizabeth keeps strong views and prices and gets the courage to guard her point as in when she contradicted Catherine conservativism by stating

"it would be very difficult on youthful sisters, that they shouldn't have their show of culture and leisure because the elder might not have the means or inclination to marry early. The last given birth to has as good the right to the pleasures of children, as the first" (Austen 92)


Thus we can conclude that overall frame of mind of Elizabeth towards proud Darcy was prejudiced which she developed because of the first misunderstandings. Neither party was at fault or was considering anyone second-rate over the other however the misunderstandings occurred due to somewhat mixture of human aspect, their views and interpersonal classes they participate in.

The book reinforces sexist stereotypes of ladies in that women's are obliged to think just how they think; like Mrs. Bennet has every right to think best for her daugthers and for the reason that she has a role, not poor or superior but different than men who are often more worried about bread-earning issues and stuff. Elizabeth though was of modern views about marriage and love and offered direction for women in her years (Penner 1) was a lttle bit hasty to make views about Darcy. In that too, the novel reinforces sexist stereotypes of women as women are different from men in this aspect.

Last but not minimal, though Elizabeth was very strong in her opinions about women status, their to have views and their to choose their spouse and she displays her instinct in various parts of the novel but she was relatively incorrect in deciding about Darcy. This was the prejudice on Elizabeth's part and therefore it reinforces sexist stereotypes of ladies in that both genders are different in nature and even today, even when the women are there atlanta divorce attorneys field, these distinctions can't be taken away.

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