Establishing Relationships Of Friendship English Literature Essay

Establishing relationships of companionship is one of the innate qualities of men and women as rational human beings, the necessity to communicate, be interpersonal and discuss those issues or concerns that have an impact on our lives and share what you should not share with just anyone. A friend should be somebody who can be trusted, someone whose intentions are the best for you. Based on the RAE "Real academia de la lengua Espa±o±a" companionship is "personal affection, natural and disinterested, shared with another person and is strengthened by self-assurance and careness" (RAE, 2010). A friend is a person who is willing to listen, console, offer you support and be along with you weather you are feeling happy or miserable.

In this article I am going to compare the relationships of friendship shown in books, THE FANTASTIC Gatsby as well as the street motorcycle Diaries. First, from The Great Gatsby we've Nick Carraway and Jay Gatsby; on the other side, in the reserve The Motorcycle Diaries we have Ernesto Guevara de la Serna and Alberto Granado. To make a comparison between your two texts we must establish a relationship between them, camaraderie as a typical theme in both books between the main heroes of the book.

The Great Gatsby is a novel compiled by Fitzgerald through the 20s. The text is approximately love and American dreams, which can be popularity, richness, and ability. However, the problem that matters is the companionship that comes up between Nick Carraway and Jay Gatsby. To begin with, we must remember that we are discussing people who are completely different and come from totally different worlds. First, Nick Carraway is a thoughtful person, peaceful, tolerant, open brain who has a kind personality. He came from Minnesota Because he wanted to work in the bound business, so he Rented a house next to Gatsby's mansion in West Egg and journeyed to NY. At the beginning of the publication Nick said "I'm inclined to reserve all Judgments, a habit that has opened up many inquisitive natures to me and made me the sufferer also of not really a few veteran bores. " (Fitzgerald, 1925:3). Alternatively, Jay Gatsby Was raised in North Dakota, he was an extremely poor man, but wanted to be abundant because he was deeply in love with Daisy, a woman who is one of the high society. He has one purpose in his life which is to obtain Daisy's love back again. He became then a wealthy Man, known for possessing parties to people who he didn't know.

The camaraderie between Nick and Gatsby, using their company roots does not imply anything, they didn't share much with one another, alternatively Nick would spend his time with Tom Buchanan, Daisy's hubby, he realized his adventures with Myrtle and supported him on his meetings with her lover. The relationship between Nick and Gatsby started out to increase when they begin to spend additional time together, to share their concerns and dreams. Nick understood the storyplot of Gatsby with Daisy, aiding them on what he could so they could be mutually; however, Daisy find the life she possessed with her spouse. Nick thought that Jay's life was filled up with vacant and unfulfilled dreams, and despite the sadness of having been surrounded by more and more people throughout his life, he was still left all alone. Only Nick, some servants, Henry Gatz his dad supported him on his funeral. In that moment we can became aware about how many people really was close friend of him, and I could say that no person was in his funeral.

"Gatsby assumed in the inexperienced light, the orgastic future that yr by 12 months recedes before us. It eluded us then, but that's no matter-tomorrow we will run faster, stretch out our arms further. . .

And one fine morning-- so we beat on, motorboats against the existing, borne again ceaselessly in to the recent. " (Fitzgerald, 1925:193)

In the book "The Great Gatsby" we can also find other styles of A friendly relationship, between Daisy Buchanan and Jordan Baker for case, a true camaraderie that lasted for a long time.

"The Bike Diaries" is a reserve written by Ernesto Che Guevara, camaraderie here is shown by Ernesto Guevara de la Serna, a guy who is studying treatments at the College or university of Buenos Aires and Alberto Granado, who's a biochemist who has specialized in leprology. The reserve targets the adventures of the heroes that will travel across Latin America on a motorcycle, the program is simple, plus they wanted to find out about different medical realities that will help them to expand in their professional development. Their romance is strengthened during the trip because they discuss day and night, along they face the adversities came across along the way, well not and then accompany but at the same time take care of each other when anyone suffers a disease, for example, when Ernest got fever and possessed to go to a doctor good friend of Albert, who suggested him to relax.

"Alberto photographed me in the hospital gear. I made an extraordinary spectacle: gaunt, flushed, substantial eye and a absurd beard whose condition did not change much in all the calendar months I used it. It really is a pity the picture had not been a good one; it was an acknowledgment of your changed circumstances and of the horizons we were seeking, free at last from "civilization". " (Guevara, 2003:41).

Their a friendly relationship was complemented in such a way that they recognized one another in each one of the experiences along the journey. Getting to know different places, differing people with different realities makes them reflect, makes them think about what is happening on the planet, political injustices that are committed to certain people or certain public groups. Through the trip, Ernesto thinks, "I now know, by an almost fatalistic conformity with the reality that my future is to visit, or perhaps it is better to state that travelling is our future, because Alberto is the same as me. Still, there are occasions when I believe with serious longing of these wonderful areas inside our south. Perhaps one day, tired of circling the entire world,

I will return to Argentina and settle in the Andean lakes, if not indefinitely then at least for a pause while I transfer from one understanding of the world to some other" (Guevara, 2003:45)

During his trip, Ernesto and Alberto found people who were very friendly with them, offering them food, a location to spend cold times, water, their precious mates, etc. . , despite their monetary status.

Ernesto and Alberto traveled to Peru, where they worked with people who have leprosy (a specialty of Alberto), doctors and patients were separated by way of a river. In that place the doctors discriminated resistant to the tired, but Ernesto and Alberto began to treat them like normal people, which helped bring great contentment and peace for themselves and then for doctors of place.

It is difficult to specify the idea of friendship due to the fact that is not at all something static and regularized; which tell us how we have to do something before a friend in certain circumstances, on the other hand, all depends of every person, he is aware of how he has to action and the worth that he really needs, After all, he must be loyal, he needs to be sincere and, also he must be reliable. Those characteristics are incredibly important in friend's connection; those characteristics can be found in the literature read. Through the read books I can infer that the friendship has been tackled from diverse perspectives, in "THE FANTASTIC Gatsby", companionship is a little forced due to the fact that Nick seems pity because of his situation he (Gatsby) was living, both of these have something in common; lonesome. This made these to be closer one another, besides they could promote their problems, emotions and many other things, which made the better friends. "The Motorcycle Diaries", show us an old friendship, which develop up and transform stronger every day through the trip that they made a decision to undertake. Due to these things, I can infer that the personas (Nick and Alberto) have mission to aid to Gatsby and Ernesto in their lives, supporting, and advising them when they want it like a real friend will in the true life.

In the ultimate pages of this reserve Ernesto said the following

"The awful thing is, individuals need to be educated, and this they can not do before taking electricity, only after. They are able to only learn at the cost of their own faults, which is very serious and will cost many innocent lives. Or perhaps not, maybe those lives won't have been innocent because they have dedicated the huge sin against mother nature; meaning, too little ability to adapt. Most of them, those struggling to modify - you and I, for example - will perish cursing the power of they helped, through great sacrifice, to produce. Trend is impersonal; it will require their lives, even utilizing their ram as an example or as an instrument for domesticating the youngsters who follow them. My sin is greater because I, more astute and with better experience, call it what you prefer, will die understanding that my sacrifice stems only from an inflexibility symbolizing our rotten civilization, which is crumbling. I also know - which ill not alter the span of history or your personal view of me - that you'll die with a clenched fist and a tense jaw, the epitome of hatred and have difficulties, because you aren't symbolic but an authentic person in the contemporary society to be damaged; the nature of the beehive talks through the mouth area and motivates your actions. You are as useful as I am, but you are not aware of how useful your contribution is to the modern culture that sacrificed you" (Guevara, 2003: 164)

Guevara transformed his mentality through the trip, the poverty and the injustice that the federal government got with people revolutionized his brain.

To conclude the comparison between "The Great Gatsby" and "The Bike Diaries" is necessary to mention that there are many things in common between them, not only the theme of a friendly relationship is insert than it, also we will get designs related to love, related to experience, also related to historical framework and there are many matters to go over in both books. The friendship is an innate quality in human beings which is present in our whole lives. The friendship between Nick and Gatsby is just a little required because nick feels pity because of his situation; they become friends given that they feel only. So they became a member of each other and they also began to trust in them.

"The Street bike Diaries", is a booklet which told the activities of two closer friends, they are really Ernesto and Alberto, who are signed up with by similar thoughts.

Friends are people who help us in the most challenging moments that people have, they are also people who love us and are about us. They don't need to be called when you are sad because they always come to mind about you. Within the happy days and nights they will be the most fascinated company. Nowadays the real friendship is really difficult to acquire it, so if you found it do not harm see your face because friends are lovely and they will go along with us throughout a very long time.

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