Everyday Life Lessons In Robert Frosts Poems British Literature Essay

The poems of Robert Frost convey important information about life lessons. In his poem "Nothing gold can stay" He conveys the message that all good stuff in life eventually come to an end, for example, when close friend of mine before had slowly faded out from my entire life. "The Road Not Used" Another poem by Robert frost, clarifies to the audience the idea of making decisions, in the sense that you should make decisions in the manner that it'll help you learn some lesson, no matter how hard it might be, such as in my own life, I had fashioned to make a hard decision where I had to choose to struggle to keep a close friend or not struggle at all. Within the poem, "Into my very own" He talks about how you should try to live life without committing actions that you might regret doing, since if you undertake, you have to figure out how to live with those regrets. Throughout the poems of Robert frost, it offers the reader an information to important life lessons and exactly how people, such as myself, may use them in everyday life.

"THE STREET Not Taken" another poem by Robert Frost, tells in regards to a person at a fork in a road, he needs to choose which course he must take so that he can go on with his voyage. The poem relates to my life due to a situation in my life that occurred a few months ago. Myself and a friend of mine whom I've known since I used to be a child, got into a disagreement where she got frustrated with me because I used to be assuming things about her. The argument got to a spot where she made me decide, either to deal with to be her friend, or just stop trying and not be friends whatsoever. The poem pertains to this experience of mine because it talks about making decisions. "Two roads diverged in a yellowish road" the two roads signify the options the person has and the importance of yellow could imply that he should take caution using what decision he makes. "Then needed the other, as equally good, and having perhaps the better case" These lines in the poem relate with my situation since it tells of the way the person took a lot more positive of the two roads, as a result as once i took your choice to fight to stay friends, since it got the "better claim". The brand, "I will be revealing to this with a sigh", implies that the person presenting a sigh of relief, that the street he selected was the one with the greater, positive result. This partly, relates to my situation as well, since after the entire situation was over, I provided a sigh of pain relief as well. Since that we my pal and I were on good terms now, and that we promised that we would try not to fight with each other anymore.

Robert Frost's poem, "Into MY VERY OWN" is a poem that's filled with longing, in the sense that the person longs to get away from the emotions of regret in his life, he needs to find a getaway from them, because it overwhelms him and his capacity to lead a standard life. He must escape out of this world of his by any means, even if it means for him to expire. The poem demonstrates upon my life because in the past, I have committed actions that we repent doing, whether it ranged from stealing, or hurting a pal of mine, it inhibited my way of leading a standard life, because the sense of regret can get so powerful at times any particular one becomes needy at finding an "escape" even if it intended death. Though, in my life, I've never experienced a feeling of regret that intense, nor do I wish to. "One of my wishes is the fact that those dark treesBut stretched away unto the advantage of doom" Robert Frost tells the audience of "dark trees", which can symbolize the sensation of regret he has, where "the border of doom" he is referring that the regrets he has surround his life entirely. This relates to my life because of the proven fact that my regrets are always there, encompassing me without get away from from it. But that does not mean that I've tried to flee it, in a few situations, I've escaped the sensation of regret, while with others, looked like difficult. Hence the series in the poem "Into their vastness I should steal away" The person in the poem wants to escape the quantity of regret he has by finding a means of escape, whatever it may be. This causes the next lines "Fearless of ever finding available land" The "open land" can symbolize for the sense of tranquility and tranquility he desires to find once he escapes his regrets. It pertains to my entire life situation since escaping my regrets may be difficult in some instances, but in others I've found my "open land" that we needed to be able to get away from it. Nevertheless, these regrets made a direct effect of my life, since I regret ever doing these, and no matter what I do, this feeling of regret is a part of my life, it is what will make me who I am today.

Robert Frost's poems can be interpreted in lots of ways to reflect on one's lifestyle. But they all have one main strategy, each of them can be types of life lessons that we as humans have learned, or have yet to learn inside our lives. These poems train life lessons such as, dealing with regret, making decisions, and coping with the actual fact that all good things in life eventually come to an end. These poems reflect upon my life greatly, because the fact that I have had encounters that relate with these poems effectively, they educate me how to deal with my situations, and trained me how to move on from them. I as a people have discovered more from these poems about life than what others can train me. Poems are a means of expressing different topics and ideas about the every day, though it requires one time to dig through the poem to access the true communication it is wanting to get across.

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