Examining The Camaraderie Of A Single Soul English Literature Essay

"For the query, 'what is a pal?' Aristotle's response was 'a sole spirit dwelling in two systems. '" These friends are the ones who most likely know us better than we know ourselves, and whose labels are forever top quality on our heart (Parrott & Parrott, 1998). Consider for a moment, which of the people are in your daily life; your a friendly relationship with them didn't happen in the blink of an vision. As time passes we gradually commence to let these folks see who we are really, and our companionship begins to grow into something memorable. "Friends are what have enriched my entire life. Oh, I've loved my children, but it isn't the same. Friends have helped bring me more of the world; they've added spice and variety" (Apter & Josselson, 1998). Our company is born into our family, but one amazing thing about our life is that we be capable of choose our friends. There are a few common characteristics that span across all sorts of friendships: rules shape the a friendly relationship, can last an eternity and typically comprise of men and women in the same age range (Floyd, 2009). How are cross-sex friendships just like same-sex friendships? How are they different? Using major motion pictures that depict this remarkable bond between friends, we realize the attributes these friendships own that make them similar yet how different they are really.


Notice that when Aristotle was asked, "exactly what is a friend?" he didn't react "an individual soul dwelling in two female body, or two male systems, or perhaps a male and a female body, " it's a single heart and soul in two systems. Friendship does not have any limits; there is no rule that says we can or cannot have friends of the same or other sex. Regardless of how many friends we've, same-sex or cross-sex, each of them reveal the same goal. Each and every romance provides comfort during difficult times, outlet stores for appearance of fear, feelings and fantasies, companionship, acceptance, and better self-knowledge (Monsour, 2002).

In the movie The Sisterhood of the Visiting Pants, Bridget, Tibby, Lena, and Carmen define companionship as it occurs between females/women. "We were there for the items we couldn't face alone, or the ones we didn't want to face at all. Alongside one another, it was as if we formed one single, complete person" (Ephron & Brashares, 2005). Regardless of the obstacles that the girls face, their love and support for the other person keeps their friendship strong.

We know now that no matter what lengths we traveled on our very own separate pathways, somehow we

would always find our in the past to one another; and with that, we could complete anything. To us, who we were, who were, and who we'll be. For the sisterhood, this point in time, and the others in our lives together and aside (Ephron & Brashares, 2005).

Although the girls have their own road blocks to deal with, they beat them individually as a result of unique relationship that is their friendship.

Likewise, the movie 8 A few moments tells the amazing true tale of World Champion Bull Rider Street Frost. The film not only documents Lane's rise to fame, but also exhibits Lane's a friendly relationship with fellow bull riders, Tuff Hedeman and Cody Lambert. Some individuals believe men are not capable of having close friendships like women with other men (Derlega, 1992). Floyd (2009) suggests that equal levels of closeness are noticeable in same-sex friendships no matter making love. While doing an interview with George Michael, Lane says this about good friend and fellow rider, Tuff Hedeman: "me and my touring spouse Tuff Hedeman have been trading places all year. Sometimes he's in first, next week I'm in first. If he is victorious, I'll be so happy for him, I'll forget about myself burning off" (Merrick, 1994). Lane, Tuff, and Cody aren't just visiting buddies; they support the other person no real matter what, even though they compete against each other. After Lane's tragic fatality in 1989, Tuff understood how much Street thought in him, and how amazing the friendship truly was. "Back in the spring, Lane said, 'this is your season. ' that I'd get the tournament; [] now it's only a week away and I really think that I acquired a chance. I never really had anybody assume that much in me" (Merrick, 1994). Tuff Hedeman earned the World Championship that year, in the same way Lane had forecasted, and Tuff rode a supplementary eight seconds in storage area of Street.

Harry Melts away and Sally Albright are two iconic best friends. "Harry: The very first time we attained, we hated one another [] the third time we met, we became friends. Sally: We were friends for a long period" (Ephron N. , 1989). Can women and men be friends, without intimacy getting in just how? This question was presented in the 1989 movie, When Harry Met Sally. Despite the fact that Harry and Sally end up together at the conclusion of the film, the friendship they have got is more than that of any normal couple involved in a sexual romantic relationship. "Making a cross-gender relationship work will not solely be based upon recognizing our dissimilarities. It's a subject of appreciating those differences as well (Parrott & Parrott, 1998). Harry and Sally have a a friendly relationship very similar to what two women or two men may have; they can be each other's confidantes, support systems, and are focused on making their a friendly relationship work.

After taking a look at three different motion pictures depicting friendships, the similarities between same-sex (feminine), same-sex (man), and cross-sex friendships become evident. The sociable support distributed by same-sex friends may also be seen in cross-sex friendships (Monsour, 2002). Samuel Taylor Coleridge said, "friendship is a sheltering tree", irrespective of love-making, it is obvious that all of the friendships are exactly that; a sheltering tree for everyone mixed up in friendship.


We can't just look at the similarities between friendships, because lets face it, women and men are incredibly different. The essential "rules" of a friendly relationship are similar, however the way we go about accomplishing them isn't always the same. Migliaccio (2009) says a man's a friendly relationship is more than simply a product to be a guy [] the form of intimacy men experience is named 'closeness in the doing', also called shared activity. "women and men value different facets of their respected friendships, women place greater focus on conversational and psychological expressiveness, whereas men's friendships focus on shared activities and interests" (Floyd, 2009). A stereotypical "girls nights" might consist of dinner, some drinks, and conversations about friends, love, life, and the future. Alternatively, a "guys evening" could be a game of poker or a night time at the gym playing a pick-up game of basketball.

"Within female camaraderie we satisfy our psychological cravings for food to explore different thoughts and emotions [] they build one another's self-assurance or tear it down" (Apter & Josselson, 1998). Despite having to spend the summer away from one another, the girls inside the Sisterhood of the Visiting Pants keep their friendship strong by writing words to each other as if they were still together. In a notice that Lena creates Carmen, she expresses how fearful she actually is to land in love.

He's right, Car. I am frightened. There's an integral part of me that wishes to let him in but I feel

myself put this wall up and I hardly understand why. Maybe that's what strikes me most about Kostas: that despite everything he's endured he can still take a look at life in the most easy way. I've never known that kind of beliefs. It makes me so unhappy that people like Kostas and Bridget who have lost everything can still be available to love. . . while I, who've lost little or nothing, am not. (Ephron & Brashares, 2005)

Bridget, Tibby, Lena, and Carmen are able to express their thoughts, fears, and emotions through a letter and a set of secondhand jeans. "Wear them, they'll cause you to courageous" (Ephron & Brashares, 2005). The internal hunger to examine ones ambitions, and emotions is satisfied by female friendships, you don't have to "perform femininity" such as men "perform masculinity" in their friendships. A woman's camaraderie inevitably shapes and changes who the girl is (Apter & Josselson, 1998).

Unlike women, men stereotypically don't promote all the close details that continue in their lives. As mentioned previously, men generally focus on the activities and passions they tell their friends. Lane Frost, Tuff Hedeman, and Cody Lambert, naturally have a camaraderie consisting of shared activity. First of all, they compete along in bull using competitions; so when they aren't, they spend their evenings out at the pubs shooting a game of pool. Although the people still support each other, the emotional interconnection that typically is clear with women is sometimes nonexistent. After having a bull steps on Lane's groin, Tuff says Lane he must 'cowboy up, ' "I've acquired two words for you Street, Cowboy Up" (Merrick, 1994). The theory that masculinity is a significant part in friendships between several men is visible in 8 Mere seconds. "The connections between male friends is not only because we have been men, but an integral part of performing masculinity in culture" (Migliaccio, 2009). Lane, Tuff, and Cody, "perform masculinity" by expressing boldness, strength, and resiliency. "It's guts and love and glory, one mortal's chance at popularity. His legacy is rodeo, and cowboy is his name" (Merrick, 1994).

When Harry satisfied Sally, a prolonged friendship initiated. The clear difference in their companionship was the precise thing Sally denied - sex, and finally love. By the end of the film, Harry races to meet Sally to be able to see her exactly how he feels

I love that you get cold if it is 71 levels out. I really like that it takes you one hour and a half to

order a sandwich. I love that you get just a little crinkle above your nostril when you're taking a look at me like I'm nuts. I really like that when i spend your day with you, I could still smell your perfume on my clothes. And I really like that you are the last person I wish to speak to before I fall asleep at night (Ephron N. , 1989).

One significant difference between same-sex friends and cross-sex friends is the opportunity for two cross-sex friends to fall season in love. Another is the fact that cross-sex friends are able to encourage the opposite sex friend to activate in opportunities that are usually associated with the opposed gender; such as men participating in psychological expressions and women participating in distributed activity (Floyd, 2009).


Quoting Frederick Buechner, "Friends are people you make part you will ever have just because you are feeling like it. Quite simply your friends are definitely not your friends for any particular reason. They are really your friends for no particular reason. " No-one has the capacity to choose our friends except us, therefore it doesn't subject what love-making our friends are. After browsing three films where different kinds of friendships are exhibited, the similarities and variations between each kind of friendship is very unique. These distinct attributes that produce our friendships alike or not, have the energy to improve the roles of the friends. Who are your very best friends? Will it subject what their sex is?

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