Examining The Characteristics Of AN EXCELLENT King English Books Essay

A good king requires many characteristics that Ruler Lear is lacking. Lear's inabilities to see the real truth, and identify the people who are most devoted to him, finally lead him to made poor decisions, and create a disaster for himself. Ruler Lear quick temper, and over bearing satisfaction which lead him to banish the people that are dearest, and most faithful to him. King Lear has way too many unfit characteristics for a ruler; therefore he does not fit to govern the united states.

In the beginning of the play King Lear, Lear is shows as a very foolish and unwise personality. His ignorance about his daughters' sense for him leads him to make some very foolish decisions. (King Lear, Function I, Sc I, 55-97), Lear had been very foolish, and is convinced what Gonoril and Regan said. Lear was extremely unwise for taking their words as their authentic feeling for him, and provided all of the kingdom, and his power to them. (Take action I, Sc I, 65-85).

Lear's Tragedy begins as he gave most of his electricity away. To make matters worse, he banishes some of the most loyal visitors to him. (Act I, Sc I, 110-122), he disowns his favorite child because she is telling her real truth sense for him. He has too much take great pride in to protect. He was too ashamed because Cordelia did not flatter him like his other two daughters. "nothing will come of little or nothing" (Take action I, Sc I 93), this foreshadow Lear's concluding, because he determines to provide Cordelia nothing at all, no land, nor ability, so he were left with nothing. It had been just another characteristic of Lear that does not fit for a ruler to acquire, overbearing take great pride in. Also, a ruler needs to be able to inform his daughter's true love for him from false one.

Lear is depicted as a vintage king; however he's not at all a wise ruler. The contrary of what is widely imagine, "age includes wisdom". (Act I, Sc IV, 162-175), even the fool is making fun of Lear for offering all his power away. Also Lear is powerless to do anything to the fool, because he has given all his power away. (Action I, Sc IV, 185-205), this demonstrates Lear's inability to see things. Even the fool has observe that Lear did not have any longer vitality. Yet Lear is still in denial. Lear was very ignorance of the problem, by giving the country to his daughters. He thought that he was just distributed his duty to his daughters, and was still keeping the energy to himself. That was a very foolish thinking for any ruler, especially one at his age group. If Lear was sensible, he'd have understood that duty will go hand and hand with vitality. Also splitting a country in two and providing it to two queens would be a very bad idea. It might be like a dispatch with two captains, it will ultimately lead to internal conflict.

Unlike Gloucester, Lear has his perfect eyes sights. However Lear inability to see things as how they really are cost him greatly. Lear has mental blindness for the situation. (Action I, Sc I, 55-97), a good king can look out of his daughters' manipulative speeches, and their plan to dethrone him. In Lear's case, he was mentally blinded by their speeches, and feels them. An excellent king could have bases their activities on what he found from them, not what he listened to from them.

Lear's blindness contributes to his many poor judgments, and decisions. He offered everything he has away and still left nothing for himself. So he's completely powerless to his daughters. (Act II, Sc IV, the whole arena), Lear's daughters is stripping him of every last drop of ability he has, the in the end kick him from the palace, and into the storm. (Function I, Sc I, 110-182), Lear banishes really the only two people who are dedicated to him. Kent is the one dedicated servant, and Cordelia is really the only daughter who shows that she legitimately loves her dad. Lear's incapability to differentiate the nice from the bad people proven that he's unfit to govern.

Lear is the tragic hero of the play, even though he realizes his blunder, and attempted to fix them. His foolishness and blindness cause individuals who love him to go through. Lear's quick temper and overbearing satisfaction leads him to make very irrationalize decisions, and causes devastation for himself, the individuals he enjoys, and his country. Splitting the kingdom, and let it be govern by two queens, is the most stupid decision a ruler can make, because that could ensure the destruction of the kingdom. Also, a ruler will never give all his vitality away, and still left himself with nothing. Predicated on all the decisions king Lear have manufactured in the play, I really do not think Lear is fit to govern his country.

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