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The film Finding Forrester is a movie about a young boy, Jamal Wallace (Rob Brown) that lives in the Bronx. He comes with an intellectual talent for writing, quite contrary to his stereotypical ghetto friends. Jamal meets and befriends William Forrester, once a great Pulitzer Prize winning author who now lives in solitary. Forrester mentors Jamal and teaches him life lessons. Jamal in turn helps Forrester get away from his tough, leathery shell and reclusive life. This movie, although slightly boring and predictable, highlights the breakdown of stereotypes in our culture and the relationships that blossom through pure chance. I do not advocate watching this movie in theaters; save your valuable money.

Overall, the storyline is unoriginal and dull. It starts during a casual basketball game. Jamal and his friends notice someone hiding behind a window curtain, looking down at them. Known to the boys as "The Window", William Forrester (Sean Connery) lives alone, never leaving his apartment. This may sound interesting, but if you ask me, this is actually the only part of the movie that raises curiosity and suspense. After school 1 day, Jamal's friends dare him to break right into the author's apartment. Jamal climbs in through the window and eventually gets spooked by Forrester, leaves his publication bag behind, and flees down the fire escape. If it were my home, the police would be called; however, Forrester doesn't find it necessary. Surprisingly, the next day Jamal's backpack is dropped to the road. Well, Jamal recovers his book bag and he finds his journals marked up with corrections, praises and other remarks. Unbelievably, Jamal, desperate to discuss the editorial markups in his journal, returns to Forrester's apartment. I cannot imagine a teenager time for confront the owner of the apartment he broke in to the day before. After knocking on the entranceway, the grumpy author hollers at him to stay away and tells him he should consider writing a 5000 word essay on why he belongs out of his house. The following day, Jamal returns to deliver the essay by leaving it outside Forrester's door. Can you do you know what happens next? I can. Both of these characters officially meet in person the following day when Jamal returns to ask about the essay he left behind. Forrester allows Jamal to enter his home. After a few racist remarks were sputtered, testing Jamal's character, a distinctive friendship begins. Could you befriend Jamal after he breaks into your home? Also, I really do not believe black men or women would tolerate racial slurs or remarks that Forrester feels essential to express. If you ask me the clich, "only in the films" rings true. Resuming with the plot, Forrester is amazed at Jamal's writing and starts to counsel him on intellect, writing, and life. During this time Jamal receives a scholarship for an lite private school typically attended by rich children with a far different background than him. There he meets Claire Spence (Anna Paquin) and his professor, Henry Crawford (F. Murray Abraham). Claire shows Jamal around his new school and a solid bond cultivates. However, Professor Henry Crawford believes Jamal is only attending the school for his basketball skills and can't believe he is there for any other reason. In the end, Jamal can be an avid basketball player. The school is inevitably hoping to get the coveted trophy at the end of the growing season and Jamal is the boy to do it. After several weeks, Crawford accuses Jamal of plagiarism when he submits a paper he wrote for a writing contest. Conflict and unexciting suspense finally happens again when the professor claims the paper had similarities to a essay Forrester once published. When Jamal won't admit he plagiarized or received permission from Forrester himself, he was eliminated from your competition. I would not go out of my way to watch this movie. The ending, with its rather soft climax and humdrum resolution provides entertainment for Sunday mornings when you have absolutely nothing else to do, but watch television.

Although, Sean Connery did an excellent job playing the character of author, William Forrester, I would rather see him playing the role of 007 in James Bond or something with a little more excitement. I do not think he could execute a horrendous job acting even if he was casted in this monotonous movie. Rob Brown's acting of Jamal Wallace is quite mediocre. His movements and actions throughout the film were forgettable. I believe he did a reasonable job representing his character; I just can't brag about his acting talents in this film. Although, he never plays a respected role, F. Murray Abraham, is also an experienced actor. He ranks near the top of the list with Sean Connery. He did an acceptable job performing his role as Professor Henry Crawford. Despite the fact that his character was slightly far-fetched, his acting was believable. At the end of the film, Matt Damon makes an appearance as Forrester's attorney. He is a fantastic actor, but the part he plays to find Forrester is incredibly small. Overall the actors received a passable grade for his or her abilities to experience their parts in this somewhat lame movie.

We expect far-fetched movie plots in science fiction or movies about green, three-headed monsters. While watching this flick, you want to believe what you observe is true plus some aspects are indeed genuine. Every day, we see intellectual children and teenagers do remarkable things, achieve the unachievable. Personally, if you are going to make a film that others can relate with, specifically, black, inner city teenagers, then everything in the storyline should be realistic.

Honestly, I have to admit, I find movies that break stereotypical boundaries motivational, but I'd not waste my money paying inflated ticket prices to see Finding Forrester in the theater. I suppose every movie can't be full of suspense and action. To me, this 3 out of 5 star movie is most beneficial watched on HBO or Showtime. Save your money. Don't view it at the theaters.

Finding Forrester, Dir. Gus Van Sant, 2000, Columbia; Fountainbridge Films; Laurence Mark Productions, DVD, 136 minutes.


Sean Connery: William Forrester

Rob Brown: Jamal Wallace

F. Murray Abraham: Professor Henry Crawford

Anna Paquin: Claire Spence

Busta Rhymes: Terrell

April Grace: Ms. Joyce

Michael Pitt: Coleridge

Michael Nouri: Dr. Spence

Richard Easton: Matthews

Glen Fitzgerald: Massie

Zane R. Copeland Jr. : Damon

Stephanie Berry: Janice

Fly Williams III: Fly

Damany Mathis: Kenzo

Damien Lee: Clay

Matthew Noah Word: Coach Garrick

Charles Bernstein: Dr. Simon

Matt Malloy: Bradley

Matt Damon: Sanderson


3 out of 5 stars

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