How Mental Disorder Affected Characters English Literature Essay

Mental health problems is something that has damaged characters in a number of different kinds of literature including videos, novel and short testimonies. It grasps us, once we take interest in the idea processes and actions of folks with mental health problems. There are various types of mental condition and each individual is affected and handles the disorder in various ways. Sometimes we learn that although mental illness is something that a person cannot help but live with but in some situations it is ones surroundings that could impact on the person. We help to learn that people can never grasp the issues around mental disease because of how it impacts each person in a different way. Questions that help us further, extend our understanding of mental illness in various texts is the way the personality copes with mental disorder, how exactly we as a audience are manipulated with this view on the type with mental disorder, and how both character is influenced and how the character influences the modern culture within the studied literature. Some literature used to show us the impacts of mental disease on personas include: Of mice and men by John Steinbeck, The Soloist by Joe Wright along with the Yellowish Wallpaper by Charlotte Perkins Gilman.

When looking at all three bits of literature we observe that there's always at least one lone figure that is damaged by the individuals mental illness. Whenever we look further into the studied texts we realize that the folks affected are near to the main persona. When we make reference to 'Of mice and men' we see that Lenny influences George in the actual fact that George must devote his a chance to keeping Lenny out of trouble and make sure that Lenny's physical power mixed with a child like mentality does not lead out of control. We see how much George cares for Lenny when the employer says to him: "Well, I never seen one person take much trouble for another guy". We later note that George portrays the father like figure by displaying how Lenny needs information as he is mentally unstable which is led by George. We also observe that Lenny's child like mentality impacts Georges temper and persistence. In the film The Soloist we learn that Lopez, a journalist, and Ayers, a musician come from two very different backgrounds. Lopez sees Ayers for who he is really. Lopez is influenced by Ayers in the fact that the guy can show sympathy and relate to Ayers, we live shown this when Lopez says "I don't want to give Nathaniel the theory that he's cured or that I've any idea what's in store for all of us tomorrow". When analysing 'The Yellow Wallpaper' we learn that the type affected most by Jenny's mental condition is her hubby. We see that the partnership between the personas will vary too those in the other texts. Jenny's hubby devotes the majority of his the perfect time to her and does not have any time for himself. Jenny's partner is constantly busy looking after her, We have been shown the way the mental illness of 1 person can result in another person's life being evolved with almost all their time being allocated to looking after someone they love.

Society mainly rules to truly have a negative influence on the characters mental illness. Although there are several aspects that have an influence the key concern is that of the setting up. People within an everyday society don't have sympathy for a person with a mental health problems and most often do not know the individual is affected by way of a mental disorder. When we refer to 'The Yellow Wallpaper' we learn that Jenny is taken care of and not discrete by the partner. The husband sensed he was doing the right thing by keeping her locked in the house, mean while unaware it was traveling Jenny mad. The environment of population also had a direct effect on how the person with mental illness was affected. When we read 'Of mice and men' by Steinbeck we learn that the book was occur the 1930's around the days of the fantastic depression. Seventy years ago individuals were all treated the same even if indeed they had a disorder and were only looked after slowly and gradually as time improved. This can be related to several theories which include the lack of knowledge as well as world being politically inappropriate. Lenny's mental condition was negatively impacted as population in the written text expected him to have and perform jobs which he was mentally not able to cope with. Joe Wright show us in 'The Soloist' how happenings in present day culture can have negative effects on ones mental condition. We see how Ayers becomes more psychologically unstable from violence in modern culture when he is exposed to race riots and perceives a getting rid of car rolling outside.

The author's and directors different demonstration of the personas helps to change readers take on mental illness. For instance in 'The Yellow Wallpaper', the character of Jenny is informed in a first person narrative making her an unreliable narrator. By narrating in a first person viewpoint, the audience is manipulated into thinking that Jenny is actually mentally stable. The use of an unreliable narrator in 'The Yellow Wallpaper' is contrasted in 'Of Mice and Men' which is advised in a 3rd person narrative. Steinbeck by delivering the novel in third person narrative helps a audience to sympathise with Lenny. Although Steinbeck doesn't say that Lenny has a mental condition, the presentation of Lenny and his childlike mentality makes it relatively evident to a audience that he does indeed in fact have a mental problem. That is shown by his childlike mentality and his physical strength which he in a few situations cannot control. The Soloist has a similar contrast compared to that 'Of mice and men' as both personas damaged have one good friend with them. INSIDE THE Soloist we could manipulated by Wright by sympathising Ayers. We live manipulated by the use of voice over's that assist showing the constant disturbances in Nathaniel's mind. Outfit was often used to show the feelings of Ayers the ill character. In a few moments Ayer's clothing was wildly coloured, while in other views he wore torn and ragged clothing that assist to indicate and manipulate Ayers spirits.

(Does the type cope with the mental disorder?)

When contrasting different pieces of books we learn that characters view their mental condition and cope in various ways. In 'The Yellow Wallpaper' Gilman shows us how Jenny copes with her mental disorder. Jenny is first informed that she's a mental condition but will not agree. Jenny has learned that something is wrong with her but does not believe it is a mental condition. Jenny later loses her head and starts off vandalising the home and rips the wallpaper from the wall surfaces this clearly proving her thoughts incorrect. Our understanding is expanded as we understand that individuals with a mental health issues don't realize what is going on and would often only realize once the illness has caused something to them both mentally and bodily. We learn that Jenny has learned that she's a condition when she says: "I get unreasonably furious with John sometimes. I'm sure I never used to be so delicate. I believe it is due to this anxious condition". We learn that Jenny is aware that the mental health issues of neurasthenia condition has effects on her. The Soloist demonstrated a different way to how Ayers is confronted with his mental health problems. Wright uses the type of Steve Lopez who served Ayers papers talking about his mental health issues of schizophrenia. We learn how all mental health issues can result in different reactions within people. When Ayers reacts he lashed out and was extremely violent with Steve Lopez. He pinned Lopez to the wall membrane and the ground threatening him. Steinbeck exhibited us a complete different perception about how precisely Lenny coped with his lack of mentality. Steinbeck does not directly tell us what is incorrect with Lenny, though it is obvious he has a childlike mentality. We appreciate how much Lenny battles to live along with his mental illness as it tends to get him in big trouble often. Exactly why Lenny has challenges to handle his mental capacity is because he is cured and looked at like all the guys on the farm. Because of the time the novel is defined in we learn that the ranch employees had no sympathy for Lenny though it might have been the result of absence in knowledge. We recognize that Lenny not being able to live with the mental health issues caused his own death when he wiped out Curley's wife by accident.

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