Jaycee Dugard Journal Entries British Literature Essay

Jaycee Dugard was kidnapped in 1991 by Phillip Garrido and his wife Nancy from South Lake Road and has been residing in their back garden outside Antioch. She was rescued in 2009 2009 at get older of 29. She resided in captivity for 18 years. She also bore two children for Garrido, bearing the first at era 13. During her years of captivity she stored a journal depicting the pain and hurting she endured. In her journal she had written that, she wanted to be absolve to do as she'll but couldn't express this for concern with hurting her captors. She also had written the ways that Phillip Garrido manipulated her. She published that he also dictated what she must do and say to others.

The Conflict perspective stresses that to be able to understand society, we should understand the have difficulties between groups (contest, gender, age, public category, etc. ). The power groups will always make an effort to maintain their position through manipulation, exploitation, and control. Regarding Jaycee Dugard, she was kidnapped, exploited and manipulated by the Garridos. The Garridos, in this case was the power group. It must be noted at the moment Jaycee Dugard was merely an eleven year old child. More specifically the Conflict Theory on Gender state governments that men are dominant over women for their superior power. Because of this dominance men tend to become competitive towards women which can lead to assault. Phillip Garrido's dominance over Jaycee Dugard made her feel demeaned and a lack of id. His dominance resonated when she published that he said to "tell people that girls were hers and that she was Okay with them being around Phillip Garrido. " By her writing this it demonstrates she had not been quite happy with this and was scared of what he could do to her if she didn't follow his rules.

As we can see Jaycee Dugard was a sufferer of Gendered Assault. She was raped and sexually harassed. Rape and erotic harassment is not only used by the rapist to subjugate and degrade his victims, additionally it is employed by the dominating culture to oppress women. Jaycee Dugard was raped on several matters by Phillip Garrido and even bore two children for him which commenced after she was kidnapped and it was proven because she bore her first child for him at age 13. Not merely is this rape but it is statutory rape. Jacyee was powerless to him. She was also sexually harassed and this can be shown when she composed in her journal, "How many times is he allowed to take it from me? I am reluctant he doesn't observe how the things he says makes me a prisoner. . . Why don't I have control of my entire life! I feel I can't even be sure my thoughts are my very own. " This declaration indicated by Jaycee mentioned that the problem she was in was unwelcomed, intimate in aspect and there is a power differential, which are essential to constitute sexual harassment. Worldwide, up to one in five women and one in 10 men survey experiencing sexual misuse as children (WHO 2009). Children subjected to sexual misuse are more likely to face other varieties of misuse later in life.


I think that women should never go through these conditions or rather nobody should be put in situations such as this. Taking the Functionalist Perspective on Gender, which declares that the divisions of labour and role differentiation by intimacy are universal rules of family firm and are efficient to the modern family (Talcott Parsons & Robert Bales 1955), culture would function more harmoniously with women and men sticking with their specific roles and less violence would happen. Also considering the activities of people through the lens of gender there should be five principles to improve society:

1. The necessity for change

2. Growth of real human choices

3. Reduction of gender stratification

4. Finishing Sexual Violence

5. Promoting Sexual autonomy

There are a sizable number of kidnappings about the world which lead to heinous crimes being focused on the sufferer and most of them go unreported and even more unsolved.

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