Joseph Campbells Theory ON THE Quest English Books Essay

Holden answers the call to experience, the first step in Joseph Campbell's Theory of the Mission, when he gets kicked out of college. The decision to excursion makes the hero go from one level of maturity to another. For Holden, the decision is unquestionably a call to expand up. Holden's call to trip came from himself. Since Holden did not apply himself in institution, he was kicked out of university forcing him to learn the way of the real world. Relating to Campbell, the call can be refused (Campbell, 54), but if the call is refused the hero is very refusing to grow up. For Holden, he will not refuse the call and he continues on an excursion to grow up. Holden published his educator a letter stating, "Dear Mr. Spencer. That's all I know about the Egyptians. I can't appear to get very considering them although your lectures are extremely interesting. It really is all right with me if you flunk me though as I am flunking the rest except English anyways. Respectfully yours, Holden Caulfield. "(Salinger, 7). Holden realized that he was flunking but still he did not seem to care and attention. By this he accepted the call.

According to Campbell, the hero may need Aid in choosing whether or not to be on the journey. The Aid will come from a number of sources. The Help can be from an accident or outside pushes. For Holden, The Help came from Ackley. Ackley, one of Holden's roommates in college, is an annoying good friend who always bothers Holden. One night Holden gets into a attack with Stradlater, his other roommate, and Holden seeks friendliness from Ackley. Ackley ignores Holden. He says, "Wise person. Someday somebody's gonna bash your-"(Salinger, 28) Ackley didn't want to talk to him, he just wished Holden to leave. This pushes Holden to leave Pencey instantly and go into the real life.

Holden crosses The Threshold when he leaves Pencey Prep. Corresponding to Campbell the hero must leave the earth he knows and happen to be a world he will not know. He must go from the Recognized to the Unknown. The Unknown may take a variety of forms. The Unknown can appear to be a jungle, a forest, a lost continent, or another dimension. The Unknown usually has a attribute of being unusual. The Recognized to Holden is Pencey Prep because everything there is familiar and paid for. Holden switches into the Unknown, NY, where he will not rely on his dad for the money and is out on his own. NY is bizarre to him because he has never truly been from his own.

Holden then undergoes several struggles to bring him down. This is actually the fourth step of Campbell's Theory of the Pursuit, The Road of Trials. Regarding to Campbell, The Road of Tests is the step the hero undergoes that determines the results of the hero's voyage. For Holden, a number of things make up the street of Trials. For example, when Holden is by itself all they can think about is Jane Gallagher, one of is own friends, and Stradlater jointly. This contributes greatly to Holden's depression. Holden goes to a team in the first hotel he is in and a bar that he and his sibling D. B. used to visit. At the bar

Holden meets Lillian Simmons one of D. B. 's old friends. She invites him to stay with her but Holden refuses. He says to her, ""I was just giving, " I informed her. "I must meet somebody. ""(Salinger, 47) He previously no person to meet.

Holden dates back to the hotel still desperate for human connection and makes a deal with the elevator operator whom also makes a deal, that a prostitute should come to his room. When Sunny, the prostitute gets to his room, Holden chooses he does not want to have gender with her, but just would like to discuss. He asked Sunny, "Don't you feel like chatting for a while?"(Salinger, 51) She didn't want to talk to him she just wanted to get money. She leaves and desires more income than was agreed to. The elevator operator, her pimp, demands more income and battles Holden.

Holden again restless for human relationship calls one of is own old friends, Sally Hayes and makes a particular date with her. Since he doesn't have much money, Holden leaves the hotel and goes to Grand Central Train station where he fits nuns. He has a dialog with the nuns and provides them a contribution. Holden then continues on his night out with Sally, who in the end rejects him too. By now Holden is thinking about his sister Phoebe frequently. He wishes to call her but is scared of his parents.

Still attempting to make human connection he phone calls Carl Luce, and old friend and they made a decision to meet for a glass or two. This goes terribly and Carl rejects Holden too. Holden begs Carl to remain with him. He says, ""Have just one more drink, " I advised him. " Please. I'm lonesome as hell. No kidding. ""(Salinger, 80) Holden is very fraught for real human relation. He obtains significant amounts of alcohol and wants one of the singers to remain with him. She also rejects Holden so he goes to Central Park to learn himself where the ducks go. He will not start to see the ducks and concludes they indeed have someplace to move.

Holden is currently so depressed that he sneaks into his apartment to see Phoebe. She is angry with him because he was kicked out of institution. The one person he truly enjoys now rejects him. Finally Phoebe again allows him plus they have a dialogue. The relationship between them strengthens and we have now see the particular title means. Holden wishes to be "the catcher in the rye" keeping children from real life. He would like to keep them in the rye field forever so they may be always innocent.

Holden's parents get back so Holden sneaks from the apartment and would go to another one of his professors, Mr. Antolini's house. Here he will not find the understanding he wishes to find and again seems declined. Holden wakes up in the center of the night to Mr. Antolini caressing his mind and he gets worried. He gets so frightened he accocunts for a lie. He cries, "I have to go anywaysI still left my bags and everything at the stop. I believe maybe I better go and have them. I have all my products in them. " Now Holden had nowhere going so he starts off to Grand Central Place and sleeps on a bench.

In the day, Holden wakes up poor and walks the avenues. He detects himself requesting Allie to help him cross the streets. He would say, "Allie, don't allow me go away, "(Salinger, 106) again and again. Holden is getting worse and worse. When he considers all the graffiti on the surfaces he realizes he cannot erase it all and cannot be the catcher in the rye. Holden decides he wishes to hitchhike to the Western but he considers of Phoebe and would like to see her first. He leaves an email at her school for her to visit the Museum of Art work. While he waits he switches into the toilet and faints. He now is dropping his health because he's not eating properly.

Holden finally awakes and detects Phoebe is later part of the. She was late because she went home to pack to be with Holden. He will not want to endanger her so he yells at her. He shouts, "You're not going. I'm going by themselves. So shut up. "(Salinger, 111) He locates that he would make her feel bad is he still left her so he agrees in which to stay NY. He calls for her to the zoo because he feels bad about yelling at her.

Holden learns that he's happy with just how things are. Relating to Campbell, the fifth step of the Theory of the Search may be the Treasure. The Treasure is the lesson the hero learns from the studies. Holden learns that Phoebe is going to change and is going to have to handle the real world. He realizes he can't be the catcher he wants to be which not everyone can be kept. He claims, "All of the kids kept striving to seize for the gold ring, and so was old Phoebe, and I was

sort of scared she'd fall off the goddam horses, but I didn't say anything or do anything. The thing with kids is, if indeed they want to seize the gold ring, you have to let them get it done, rather than say anything. If they fall season off they land off, but it's bad if you say anything to them. "(Salinger, 114) It can't be determined if he can talk about his lessons because the book does not notify what happens after Holden is in the others home.

Whether or not Holden dividends to the real world, Campbell's sixth step and becomes the professional of both worlds, Campbell's seventh step, is not informed by the book, ergo we do not find out if Holden gets better, if he applies himself, if he goes back into the real life, or if he gets on with his life.

J. D. Salinger completed the task to create a human being who embarked on a voyage of finding was acknowledge as living creature filled with complexities when he published The Catcher in the Rye. The actual fact that Campbell's theory of the mono-myth, the Heroes Goal Routine, not only works for superman, but also for Holden Caulfield too, illustrates that impossible to flee it. Campbell's booklet challenges many misconceptions some over a thousand years old, like the Odyssey, to his theory plus they all fit. It seems as though humans all humans think as well and will never change.

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