Journal Entries Of Offense And Punishment British Literature Essay

Entry 1: The book opens with the intro of the novel's protagonist, Rodion Romanovich Raskolnikov, who is a handsome young pupil in St. Petersburg during a bad heat wave at the moment. Due to his student personal debt, he is with debt to his landlord ' hence why he's going to visit a 'pawnbroker' (quite simply pawn shop), likely to murder the pawnbroker, called Alyona Ivanovna, in spite of the actual fact that committing such a criminal offenses is revolting to him. Soon after, he trips a tavern, why he fulfills a drunken clerk, Semyon Marmeladov, who rambles drunkenly to him. In section three, we could launched to the squalid condition of Raskolnikov's home. While his house disgusts him, it also will serve him the isolation that he so dreams. His mom has delivered him a notice considered his sister Dounia, who has been created by Marfa Petrovna to Pyotr Luzhin, a man who wants an honorable wife. Raskolnikov's mother goes on to make clear to the marriage will maintain St. Petersburg and that she and his sister will soon be in town soon, and would like him to be Luzhin's spouse in law. He is angered by this possibility. Inside the fourth chapter, he determines to break off his sister's wedding, since it appears that his mother is pinning the expectations on Luzhin. Because of his anxiety, he decides to visit Razhumikin, who's one of his few friends from the university he visited.

* Why does Raskolnikov desire isolation very much?

* How come Raskolnikov resent Luzhin?

* What does the word 'scaffolding' signify?

* What is a Titular Councilor, and what do they do?

* What exactly are 'the convictions of younger technology' that Peter Petrovich mentions on page 33?

Entry 2: Raskolnikov determines to delay his trip to Razhumikin until he murders the pawnbroker. Soon, he has a dream about his youth about going to his mother's grave. On the way to gravesite, they face a wagon filled with people, the driver which is viciously beating the old horses who cannot yank the cart. Raskolnikov needs his desire as a sign of how to murder the pawnbroker, and finds out when her sister will be from the apartment, departing Alyona Ivanovna by themselves and susceptible. In chapter six, Raskolnikov weighs the options on the murder, and makes a decision that thousands of good deeds will take into account one murder and feels that the pawnbroker has brought on nothing except bad deeds to modern culture. He is positive he'll not be trapped and that this is not truly a crime. Despite his past convictions, he's in a rampaging frenzy by enough time he reaches the apartment. He attacks Ivanovna, striking her in the head twice with the blunt end of an ax, eradicating her. Then searches the apartment for her keys and the money, but he discovered by Lizaveta, her sister, and in his stress, he kills her too by reaching her once in the head with the distinct end of the ax. He escapes soon after and comes back home. Upon getting up, he's furious with himself for not locking his door and covering what few things he have steal, and fears being discovered as a result. His maid arrives with a officer, who provides him a summons to appear at the local police train station. Raskolnikov recognizes this as a technique to get him to confess, and mocks the assistant superintendent at the station. As it happens to be always a summons to sign an IOU for the money he possesses his landlady. He faints after overhearing a dialogue about the murders he had committed, and after he awakens, is terrified of being suspected of being the murderer.

* What is the true significance of Raskolnikov's bizarre dream?

* Why is Raskolnikov so objective on murdering the pawnbroker?

* How come he persuaded that the murder would not truly be considered a criminal offense and he won't be caught for this?

* Why aren't the police suspicious of his unconventional behavior?

* What's a horn comb? (p. 75)

Entry 3: Raskolnikov, thinking that he might soon be caught, is delirious with anxiety. He hides the loot taken until a big rock, and is also giddy after doing this. He determines to finally make his trip to his old good friend Razhumikin and immediately regrets it, who though he is offered a translating job, which he refuses. His delirium is worsening, and starts hallucinating. When he reaches home, he thinks that he hears a police officer conquering his landlady, even though his maid, Nastasya, insists that no such thing occurred and he soon lapses back into unconsciousness. Raskolnikov is suffering from a fever and experienced ignored about the murder. ' A man comes to see Raskolnikov with 35 roubles from his mother. ' He at first refuses it, but soon takes it. ' Raskolnikov is not sure that he's completely conscious and determines to lay down low until he has learned the full situation. ' He's scared that Razhumikin and others know he is guilty, and considers escaping to America. ' Razhumikin shows him that he has recovered the IOU and tears it up, then leaves to buy Raskolnikov some new clothes. A doctor, Zossimov, and an investigator named Porfiry Petrovich pay him a visit, where Razhumikin discusses the murder with the doctor. The neighborhood painters are being accused, and Razhumikin has almost all of it sorted out ' except that Raskolnikov is the murderer, who is excited by this chat. Zossimov recognizes his thrills, but mistakes it as an indicator that he is recovering from his disease. Luzhin involves see Raskolnikov, who openly dislikes him, but Luzhin ignores it. ' Luzhin is staying with Lebeziatnikov and has made bad living plans for Dounia and Pulcheria Alexandrovna. ' The chat turns to the murders and Raskolnikov discovers that all people who had kept pledges with the pawnbroker will be evaluated. ' Razhumikin remarks that the murderer must have been a beginner who escaped by fortune. ' Raskolnikov accuses Luzhin of only wanting Dounia to feel indebted to him, leading to Luzhin to accuse Pulcheria Alexandrovna of misrepresenting him. ' Raskolnikov threatens Luzhin if he ever before mentions his mother again, and is offended. ' Razhumikin and Zossimov notice that Raskolnikov seems to care only about the murders.

* What is wrong with Raskolnikov?

* If Raskolnikov is so guilty about committing the murders, why is he so ecstatic by the exchange between Zossimov and Porfiry?

* Why is Raskolnikov still so hostile to Luzhin?

* Does heat and rainwater symbolize something, perhaps?

* What exactly are 'roubles?'

Entry 4: Despite his health issues, Raskolnikov leaves his apartment, deciding that life, no real matter what, is better than death. He goes to the Crystal Palace (Palais de Cristal in the booklet) and requests the magazines of the week, while doing so he meets Zametov, who's a officer and a pal of Razhumikin. He tells him that an amateur will need to have dedicated the murders. Raskolinov asks him if he feels that he devoted the murders. Zametov reaches first frightened and confused, but then chooses that he can't be the killer. Still somewhat delirious, he decides

to finally confess to the police and minds for the authorities station. Along the way there, he incurs Marmeladov, who was simply run over with a carriage after drunkenly stumbling before it. Raskolnikov needs him back to his apartment, where he dies. Some think he is going crazy, and he profits home to learn that his mother and sister are looking forward to him. Raskolnikov declares that he won't enable Dounia and Luzhin's wedding to occur. Both are thankful for Razhumikin when planning on taking treatment of Raskolnikov while he's ill.

* Why is Raskolnikov asking the authorities official about himself with regards to the murders?

* Why do his mom and sister show up unexpectedly at his apartment? Are they suspicious?

* If he's so afraid of being trapped, why leave the apartment and become out in the open the way he is?

* How come he feel that jumping off a bridge wouldn't normally be considered a dignified enough of a death for him?

* How come Zametov assume that Raskolnikov can't be the murderer?

Entry 5: Within the next chapter, Razhumikin is conquering himself up for participating in to Dounia's emotion. On the other hand, doctor Zossimov says that Raskolnikov is something called a 'monomaniac' ' but he is not insane. Razhumikin goes to visit Raskolnikov's mom and sister, stunned to realize that she is not furious with him, and instructs them Raskolnikov's life from the past two years that they have known each other, then they show him a letter from Luzhin requesting Raskolnikov's lack at their first reaching. Dounia and Pulcheria Alexondrovna (his mom) visit him, where he fakes being sentimental. His mom is reluctant of him, and he considers that. Raskolnikov is in a deep status of despair and panic because he seems that he can't ever speak openly again without the chance of exposing the crimes that he has committed. Then tells Dounia that he believes she is reselling herself for money and pushes her to choose between him and Luzhin.

* Exactly what is a 'monomaniac?'

* Why had Luzhin requested in his notice that Raskolnikov not be there at the first getting together with?

* How come Raskolnikov fake being 'sentimental' at his mother and sister's arrival at his apartment?

* How come Raskolnikov believe that Dounia is advertising herself off for the money? Better yet, why does he propose an ultimatum?

* Is his mom afraid of him because of his illness, or will she sense something more sinister?

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