Love And Culture Wuthering Heights English Literature Essay

The center of this "love triangle" is Catherine Earnshaw, or Catherine Linton. When Catherine was still Catherine Earnshaw, she was a good little girl. She grew up at Wuthering Heights with her sibling Hindley. When Heathcliff came into the picture Catherine wasn't too happy, but as time past they grew on one another. Down the road, Hindley arrived to inherit Wuthering Heights and threw Heathcliff out because they didn't get along. This didn't stop Heathcliff and Catherine from discovering one another. Catherine and Heathcliff's romance was reciprocal love, a love not only sexual or charming, but metaphysical (Beversluis Par. 2). Everything transformed though when Catherine became a "proper" woman. Catherine's attitude, thoughts, and appearance changed. No one else appeared to brain except Heathcliff, who hated the new Catherine. Catherine was looking to avoid coming in contact with Heathcliff because he was filthy looking. This clearly humiliates Heathcliff, and he storms off and leaves. At this point Catherine doesn't think she did anything wrong and doesn't realize why Heathcliff would leave. This event shows that Catherine cares more about how precisely she is identified in population than Heathcliff's emotions. Throughout the novel, Catherine will try to encourage the visitors that she really does love Heathcliff. After Catherine says Nelly that " he's more myself than I am", some may still assume that she is in love with and cares for Heathcliff (Bronte Pg 73). However when Catherine explains to Nelly that marrying Heathcliff would degrade her, which was said earlier, it is very difficult to believe she enjoys Heathcliff. Catherine is speaking with Nelly because she needs help deciding who she should marry, between Heathcliff and Edgar Linton. But Catherine already is aware who she'll marry, Edgar Linton. He'll give Catherine the social position of which she has been searching for, possibly for a long time. This shows what is more important to Catherine, naturally it is communal position, not love. After some time, Catherine spends less and less time with Heathcliff and more with the Linton's. Heathcliff even shows her how often she has been with him, and it wasn't much. Catherine then insults Heathcliff and instructs him he could as well "be dumb or child" (Beversluis Par. 12). At this point, Heathcliff recognizes Catherine had modified completely and was nothing beats she used to be. Catherine didn't change for the better, but for the worse. This change of Catherine's was also shown when Edgar insults Heathcliff by dialling him "a vulgar, young ruffion", and says Heathcliff is "worse when compared to a brute" (Beversluis Par. 12). Catherine did not remain up for Heathcliff at any point, or even make an effort to stop Edgar from insulting Heathcliff, she just stood by and observed. If Catherine really adored Heathcliff like she said she did, she would have said at least something. But instead, she stood their not providing a care on the globe, and that is what society performed to Catherine. After all the years of seeking for the high up position in world, she finally got what she desired.

The ending little bit of this "love triangle" is Edgar Linton. Edgar arrived to the novel down the road however when you have meet Edgar, you can tell the type of person he was. You may notify that Edgar was a very weak minded person. This was most likely caused by Edgar growing up in a rich family, and getting anything he requested. Then when Catherine came into the picture, he didn't have to work very difficult to get her to like him. Catherine was almost wrapped around Edgar's finger because she didn't want to reduce the new reputation that she inhabited. There were moments when Catherine disgusted Edgar by her activities. For example, when Nelly wouldn't leave Edgar and Catherine alone, Catherine started to strike and slap Nelly. Edgar was appalled by the way Catherine acted so he remaining, however, not without taking one previous take a look at Catherine. When Edgar have this, he observed Catherine's beauty and acquired to return to her. This also shows how weak minded Edgar is, he couldn't even operate for himself. Little do Edgar know, Catherine was simply using him for interpersonal elevation. Edgar also didn't know that Catherine needed to select from him and Heathcliff. Edgar and Heathcliff were the entire opposite, and this is most likely why Edgar thought Heathcliff wouldn't have a chance with Catherine. But when Catherine still will go and considers Heathcliff, Edgar will absolutely nothing. At this point, Catherine desires both Edgar and Heathcliff to be friends. This doesn't go as organized. Edgar can barely tolerate Heathcliff, and then Catherine says Edgar "for my sake, you must be friends now", and tried out to get both men to tremble hands (Stoneman Par. 15). Edgar was not pleased with the situation he was placed into. If Edgar really adored Catherine, he would do what she asked of him. Instead, Edgar cares more about his reputation and societal ranking. Then once Heathcliff leaves for three years, Edgar is happy again and can keep living life with Catherine. After three years go, Edgars world is transformed upside down yet again. Edgar gets almost jealous when Heathcliff dividends and shows up at Thrushcross Grange to see Catherine. But instead, he lets his pride take over and doesn't desire to be associated with "the plough-boy" (Bronte Pg 86). This certainly hurts Catherine's and later Edgar asks her to select from him and Heathcliff. Catherine definitely select Edgar because she would never want to reduce her place in population, even though she knew she treasured Heathcliff. Edgar knew Catherine would choose him, making Edgar assume that he could easily get whatever he sought, whether it was having to do with love or world.

Throughout the novel "Wuthering Heights", it is not hard to see that population can be stronger than the love for someone. This is merely an thoughts and opinions though, others may believe that love can conquer all, which is okay as well. You might live life thinking in what you want. Others didn't have such a selection though, just take a look at Heathcliff. But do you want to let society take control of you?


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