Macbeth's Ambition Lead To His Demise

In Shakespeare's play Macbeth, you can dispute that Macbeth is encouraged to commit his wicked acts by three possible makes. The main power is Macbeth's ambition, he attempts to be and do too much by killing and betraying his friends and his ruler, which later in the play contributes to his downfall and even fatality. Other possible causes are the three witches, who provided Macbeth the theory about becoming the King, which sparks Macbeth and Sweetheart Macbeth's ambition and makes them think to themselves if the prophecies will become true. The very last force is Female Macbeth who pushes and provokes Macbeth to commit these wicked deeds. There exists more influence than simply his own thoughts. Though it is not only his own ambition that drives him, it is other influences that make him commit these bad acts.

The three witches play a large affect on Macbeth. The witches notify Macbeth he will be the Thane of Cawdor, and this prophecy comes true, "all hail, Macbeth! Hail to thee, Thane of Cawdor!" (Liii. 48) making Macbeth take into account the other thing the witches said, in addition they told Macbeth that he'll become the king of Scotland. The witches are turning Macbeth against his Ruler because he's ambitious; he was once an honourable and commendable however the witches made him into an wicked ambitious man. "does it not be reciev'd, whenever we have mark'd with blood those sleepy two of his own chamber, and us'd their very daggers, they have done't. " (Lvi. 63-65). They also tell Macbeth that nothing of woman given birth to can eliminate him, as this makes Macbeth believe that he is unstoppable, "the power of man, for none of them of woman blessed shall harm Macbeth. " (lv. i. 79-80). This makes him want to kill more to protect himself from getting captured. In the end the witches put these ideas into Macbeth's head which causes his tragic demise,

Lastly Girl Macbeth has an enormous part in Macbeth's ambition, as she actually is the the one which begins Macbeth off on the getting rid of. Lady Macbeth talks him into doing the evil deed; she pushes him for her satisfaction of becoming queen. Female Macbeth constantly questions his man hood making him feel just like small person in the relationship if he doesn't commit this function. She will not caution what she does or says, she just desires to be the queen of Scotland. Her learning about the witches, made her ambition expand larger and it creates her do anything for the consequence of becoming queen. "Come to my

woman's chest and take my milk for gall" (Lv. 46-47). Female Macbeth makes up an entire intend to murder King Duncan, "we are unsuccessful of the. . . great quell?"(Lvii. 59-73)

I think )hat Lady Macbeth, through the play, was the key reason behind Macbeth's demise, apart from Macbeth's ambition, and the witches adding the idea that he will become ruler into his mind. She forced him around in the beginning after he noticed from the witches to wipe out Duncan. If she hadn't persuaded Macbeth to destroy Duncan, Macbeth would be an honourable and noble man, with his head on his shoulders. Macbeth did not want to betray his ruler, although Macbeth wanted the throne, he did not want to kill the king because he previously sworn and oath to him. Woman Macbeth just sought the title of becoming the queen, so she convinced Macbeth to eliminate Duncan by questioning his man hood.

In summary, Macbeth got three other causes motivating him to commit his bad serves and bring a lot of chaos to Scotland. The three causes; the witches' prophecies, and planting the thought of Macbeth being ruler into his mind, his own ambition to be king to carry that title. Girl Macbeth constantly forcing him, and well thought out plans all put into his drive of committing all the bad offences. Although Macbeth should be blamed for these functions, but without just one of these forces, Macbeth would still be alive.

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