Mama Elenas Vitality: Like Drinking water For Chocolates - Essay

This key phrase is a common expression in Spanish speaking countries and was the motivation for Laura Esquivel's novel subject (the name has a double-meaning). In some Latin American countries, such as Mexico, hot chocolate is made not with dairy, but with drinking water instead. Normal water is boiled and chunks of milk chocolate are slipped directly into melt. The word "like water for chocolates, " alludes to this fact and to the common use of the appearance as a metaphor for explaining a state of love or sexual arousal. In some elements of Latin America, the word is also equivalent to being 'boiling mad' in anger. Laura Esquivel creates Mama Elena the tyrannical, widowed matriarch of the De La Garza clan revolves around the subjugation of her daughters. Her brutal dominion over her three daughters inspires fear within most of them.

"All my life I have been looking for something that would fill me with pride, make me feel superior to everyone else, including kings, princes and rulers" This offer refers to how 'Firdaus' discovers how susceptible men are when a prostitute won't rest with them. With all the status of prostitution she is overwhelmed with vitality and feels in complete control. Men will explode in dread and offer much larger sums of money since they feel like they are getting rid of their electric power over women; however they don't realize it is the prostitute gaining power. When she possesses money of her own, she has vitality over people who slander her, and can give herself a good name. Her frame of mind was only changed until she found a high category prostitute named 'Sharifa'. Sharifa is portrayed as a wealthy top quality prostitute who manipulates men's desire to have love-making to her own edge. She works as a teacher to 'Firdaus', educating her how to use her physical appearances as a tool to get men. This is where her power got comes from; the coaching from 'Sharifa'. Immediately after she notices 'Sharifa' snacks her as a tool, she works away to be an unbiased prostitute and applies to skills she had obtained. As Sharifa areas; "She actually is absolve to do what she wishes, and free never to get it done. " Firdaus is able to do anything she desires, after being handed tips, and lessons by Sharifa she actually is able to take her prostitution position to a whole new level.

The method Mama Elena uses to get control over her daughters is to apply assault and cruelty against them, whether subconscious or physical. "Obey your Mommy and Dadd". This quote refers to the way the daughters of Mama Elena have no choice but to follow Mama Elena, since their dad had passed on before. Mama Elena already starts with electricity unlike Firdaus that has slowly to get her electric power. "If she couldn't marry, was she at least permitted to experience love? Or not that?" Tita being the youngest daughter of hers struggles to marry or have children because of the ridiculous traditions. Whatever signs of love Mama Elena sensed inside of Tita she would try to disrupt and sabotage. This root of her evil is from her past lover who acquired remaining her, if she senses one of her daughters caring someone else she will feel overpowered and powerless. After Tita fits Pedro Mama Elena views his passion for Tita so she conjures a plot against Tita; thus adding Rosaura to Pedro. Soon after Pedro makes a decision to marry Rosaura to get closer to Tita because he realizes her fate is covered. Tita will not know of Pedro's intentions and is psychologically hurt by dropping her only chance of gaining true love. She suffers harshly and spends a great deal of her time weeping about this incident. If Mama Elena suspects the slightest idea that 'Tita' has no fulfilled her obligations, such as when she actually is suspected of ruining the sewing on the wedding present, or the poison put inside the wedding cake, she actually abuses her. She is beaten harshly and is also always still left with marks, bruises and injury: this instructs the daughters that not to make the same miscalculation again and exhibits the extreme ability Mama Elena contains over them. When Tita attempts to blames Mami Elena for Roberto's loss of life she accumulates a solid wood spoon and breaks Tita's nose area departing her no health care and to slowly put up with the pain. "Mama Elena was merciless, killing with a single blow. But then again, not always. For Tita she possessed made an exception; she have been killing her just a little at a time since she was a child, and she still hadn't finished her off. "

"Nacha! Don't say that. As my youngest little girl, Tita will care for me before day I perish. She won't marry. " The explanation for her absurd eye-sight of Work and Responsibility is so that 'Mami Elena' is able to gain full control over her daughters and not lose ability. Eventually when Rosaura offers birth to Espranza Rosaura imposes the same destiny on her little girl. Esquivel introduces the baby showing that even though 'Mami Elena' experienced died Rosaura possessed still kept to the custom even after all of the treacherous things she possessed inflicted upon Rosaura. It shows how 'Mami Elena' had polluted your brain of Rosaura and how her vitality even though she was deceased overruled 'Rosaura's' self conscience

"I now understood that all of us were prostitutes who sold themselves at differing prices, and an expensive prostitute was better than an inexpensive one. " As a prostitute Firdaus uses her capacity to demand higher and higher prices simply by denying men of these wants. She could control the prices on her behalf service exhibiting her electricity over men. Men would desire on her behalf; 'Firdaus' would use this to her benefits to make them go through. As she becomes powerful and notorious as prostitute money begins piling set for her. She gets this head sense that as you have more money you also get better which she possessed learned from Sharifa. If the pimp makes the picture, 'Firdaus' see's him as a menace obstructing her uprising. The pimp threatens to defame her or get rid of her, showing that no matter how much she had, Firdaus was still susceptible to men because she experienced something to reduce.

Both Esquivel and El Saadawi present the theme of vitality effectively through the heroes, Mama Elena and Firdaus by using a variety of techniques. "Like drinking water for delicious chocolate" and "Woman at point zero", with its blatantly sexist narrator are two books compiled by two different girl writers in totally different social circumstances; Esquivel being elevated in Mexico, and El Saadawi being lifted in Egypt. The audience therefore undoubtedly obtains a new level of perception of the protagonists nevertheless the theme of ability still conforms with similarities between them. However nobody can deny that both text messages provide a fascinating view of the complexities and confusions of power.

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