Masculinity in 'The Life of Pi'

The stereotypical men are usually portrayed to be daring, strong and independent. They are all positive stereotypes where men are portrayed. However, a lot of people may dispute than men are portrayed more negatively than favorably as other men are portrayed to be lazy, selfish and arrogant. Neither of these is right or wrong. Not all men are brave, strong and 3rd party. Some men can be really timid, weakened and dependent. Precisely the same goes to the negative portrayals of men. Not absolutely all men are lazy, selfish and arrogant. Some men are really hardworking, unselfish and humble. You will discover many more positive and negative stereotypes of men but one can argue on forever about whether the stereotypical men are generally portrayed to be more positive or more negative. It all depends on the individual. If his characteristics are positive, then he is portraying men positively of course, if his characteristics are negative, he is portraying men in a negative way. Just because some men react negatively, it generally does not imply that all men should be portrayed as being negative. As a genuine life example, Osama bin Laden is a cruel and ruthless man. However, not absolutely all men are like him. Actually, there are incredibly few men like him. Therefore, there is absolutely no finish to whether men should be portrayed as more positive or negative. Inside the tale "Life of Pi" by Yann Martel masculinity is portrayed positively because the character of Pi is courageous, brilliant and unbiased.

Piscine Molitor Patel, or better known as Pi portrays men in a good way in the reserve "Life of Pi" by Yann Martel. This is because Pi is courageous. He manages to survive up to speed a lifeboat for 227 days and nights with a full grown royal Bengal Tiger named Richard Parker. Typically, a tiger wouldn't normally kill a human being unless it is provoked. However, a tiger would also get rid of a individual and eat it when it is hungry which is not given or cared for properly. In the reserve, Pi operates out of food resources while on the lifeboat and he realises that if he will not get some good more food, Richard Parker could have wiped out him for food. Pi shows his bravery and courage as he manages to make it through for 227 days and nights on board the lifeboat even though there's a adult tiger up to speed the lifeboat with him. A estimate in the book is, "Mr. Piscine Molitor Patel, Indian citizen, is an remarkable account of courage and endurance when confronted with extraordinarily difficult and tragic circumstances" (Martel 401). This estimate means that Pi is courageous and perseveres because he does not give up despite facing some obstructions in life like being stranded alone on the lifeboat and getting rid of his family to the sinking of the Tsimtsum. Furthermore, Pi also shows courage when Richard Parker almost attacked him. Whenever a dorado leaps onto the lifeboat, Richard Parker almost attacks Pi because he wished to eat the dorado. Although Pi have panic a little, he exhibited his courage when he figured that he'd look Richard Parker in the sight to try and frighten him off. As mentioned in the book, "And so, in a moment of insanity due to hunger-because I got more established on eating than I got on keeping yourself alive-without any method of defence, naked atlanta divorce attorneys sense of turn, I viewed Richard Parker deceased in the sight" (Martel 280). In this quote, Pi was more centered on satisfying his cravings for food rather than keeping alive therefore, without considering Pi makes a decision to stare Richard Parker dead in the eye to try and frighten him off. Based on articles, courage is not entirely for men but is mainly for men. "Andreia" is the Greek phrase for courage which originates from he-man and also means manliness (Mansfield). This post declares that men are portrayed to be courageous. Although courage can be portrayed by a female, men are usually portrayed to be more courageous. In "Life of Pi", Pi is courageous as he managed to survive on the lifeboat for 227 days and nights with Richard Parker and he does not worry and get worried when Richard Parker almost attacked him. Therefore, Pi portrays men positively as he demonstrates men are courageous.

Secondly, Pi is also brilliant as he feels of many various ways how to make it through on the lifeboat for 227 times. When Pi ran out of food, he decided to learn how to catch fish and other sea animals from the sea and meerkats from the island, and then eating them raw. Besides that, he wines the seawater after filtering it by using a solar still. Other than that, Pi also realises that he must give food to Richard Parker or Richard Parker would have killed him when he became starving to fulfill his being hungry. Therefore, he spent commitment getting turtles for Richard Parker to consume, even if he will not stand to profit much from it. As quoted in the publication, "I viewed sullenly as he loudly appreciated my gift idea and made a joyous mess of himself. I got utterly spent. The effort of butchering the turtle got hardly seemed price the cup of blood" (Martel 255). This price basically expresses that Richard Parker had loved the turtles that Pi captured for him. In a way, it also suggests that Pi is intelligent as he trapped the turtles for Richard Parker so that Richard Parker would not wipe out and eat him. Along recover, Pi also trains Richard Parker to make Richard Parker acknowledge that Pi is the alpha men on board the lifeboat. This is also so that Richard Parker does not destroy him. As Pi quoted, "I had fashioned to devise an exercise program for Richard Parker. I had fashioned to make him recognize that I was the very best tiger which his territory was limited to the ground of the sail boat, the stern bench and the side benches as far as the middle cross bench" (Martel 211). This estimate implies that Pi was seeking to enforce himself as the alpha guy or head on the lifeboat thus showing his cleverness because, if Richard Parker was the alpha guy, Pi could have been wiped out and consumed by Richard Parker. Based on an article, it is generally portrayed that men are portrayed as more sensible than women though it is not clinically proven to be true. In a study, it was concluded that both IQ's of men and women are similar. However, both men and women understand men to be smarter than women (Timothy). This says that, although men are generally portrayed as more clever than women, it isn't clinically proven even though men and women perceive men are smarter than women. In "Life of Pi", Pi Patel portrays men to be smart as he realises that he has to give food to Richard Parker and that he has to enforce himself as the alpha men on the lifeboat.

Lastly, Pi is also impartial as he manages to survive for 227 days up to speed the lifeboat all alone by himself with Richard Parker beside him. Pi cannot count on anyone as Richard Parker is a full grown Bengal tiger who depends on Pi himself for food. An undeniable fact that presents that Pi is self-employed is the fact that he must look for his own food. For the first couple of days on board the lifeboat, there have been biscuits and drinking water at Pi's disposal in the locker of the lifeboat. However, a person has to consume to endure and Pi is not any exception. He must look for food materials following the food on board the lifeboat works out. Furthermore, Pi also offers to feed Richard Parker as Richard Parker is dependent on Pi for his share of the food. A quote in the booklet is "Dinner arrangements, dinner for self applied and Richard Parker" (Martel 240). This price suggests that Pi prepares dinner for both himself and Richard Parker. Therefore, when the food on the lifeboat ran out, Pi learns how to catch fish and turtles from the sea using his bare hands and eliminates them before eating them natural as quoted in the e book, "I did whatever was essential to hold a seafood down until I could grab the hatchet and chop its brain off" (Martel 246). This estimate means that Pi do whatever he had a need to do to hold down the seafood until he could kill it. This implies that Pi is unbiased because he learns how to catch fishes and sea turtles simply by himself by reading the survivors guide that was on the lifeboat. Furthermore, he also trains Richard Parker showing that he is the alpha men in the lifeboat. A offer from the reserve is, "It was period to impose myself and carve out my territory" (Martel 256). Which means that Pi was looking to impose that he was the alpha men or innovator on the lifeboat also to show Richard Parker that the place belonged to him. He shows that he is 3rd party as he trains a full grown Bengal tiger simply by himself. Furthermore, by training Richard Parker, Pi managed to develop a heart-warming romance with him. George Mason, an American Patriot and delegate from Virginia, once quoted, "That all men are by nature evenly free and independent and also have certain inherent privileges, of which, when they enter a state of society, they cannot, by any small, deprive or divest their posterity; specifically, the entertainment of life and liberty, with the means of acquiring and having property, and pursuing and obtaining happiness and safe practices" (Virginia). In "Life of Pi", Pi portrays men to be indie as he doesn't need to count on others to survive.

To summarize, the character of Piscine Molitor Patel, or Pi portrays masculinity in a good way in the book "Life of Pi" by Yann Martel. He demonstrates men are courageous as he handles to endure for 227 times up to speed a lifeboat with Richard Parker, a complete grown Bengal tiger. Furthermore, Pi also portrays men positively as he's intelligent. Pi thinks of ways on how to survive over a stranded lifeboat for 227 days and nights after the disaster rations in his locker operates out. Additionally, he also implies that men are impartial and that they need not rely on others. Pi handles to fend for himself and survive on the lifeboat. Additionally, He also trains Richard Parker and shows that he's the alpha man on the lifeboat. Overall, the reserve "Life of Pi" by Yann Martel is a booklet that portrays men in an optimistic way because Pi's characteristics show the positive stereotypes of men.

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