Metamorphosis by Kafka and So Long A Letter by Mariama B

In both Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka therefore Long A Notice by Mariama B, the there exists a big importance of family and friendship. Through the relationship between Gregor Samsa and his family and through the relationship of Modou, Ramatoulaye and Aissatou we can notify that there is a huge importance of family and friendship in both two text messages.

The Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka is approximately a guy, Gregor Samsa, who is transformed overnight into a vermin. From the beginning, we see that a young, hard working man Gregor has turned into a insect. After his death, it is evident that Gregor was of importance to his family. His family depended on him for his or her happiness yet somehow unappreciated him.

So long a letter is about the storyline of Ramatoulaye Land. She writes a letter to her lifelong friend Aissatou Ba. The explanation for the writing is Ramatoulaye's recent widowhood. As she gives her friend the details of her husband's death, she cause on a journey of keeping in mind the major events in her and Aissatou's lives.

In Metamorphosis, Gregor was very important to the family's welfare. He was the only working member of the family, and he and his family depended onto it his job. Even though he wanted to leave his job, he still was required to provide for his family. He felt that his family was too centered of him. When Gregor wouldn't let anyone into his room because of his change, he thought that his family was harassing him because he was in danger of dropping his job. After his family discovered that Gregor acquired transformed into an insect, they noticed that he was no more of any use to the family, and he was unappreciated atlanta divorce attorneys way. Gregor was now a difficulty for he had no function in the family. To his family he was only a bug and not Gregor. Because of this, they simply didn't show him any respect.

Similarly, in So Long A Notice, Ramatoulaye described how she gave more than received from Modou. This may show how Ramatoulaye was also taken for granted like Gregor. What was lacking in Ramatoulaye and Modou's marriage was a strong friendship or groundwork between the two, therefore eventually both their love and matrimony fell apart. They never gave evenly in their camaraderie so there never was that strong basis.

In metamorphosis there is also a communication problem within the family. When Gregor spoke to his mother, she didn't realize the change in tone of voice suggesting that they didn't speak often. His family could only discuss was how useless he was. He was only good when he could provide for the family therefore he was never really loved for who he was. The fact that he and his family didn't speak well even before his metamorphosis made it even harder to talk to him when he was in the body of a giant vermin. Gregor's parents were the reason for all this. They totally lost desire for their kid and what was going on along with his life and were only considering living their comfortable life.

Just like in So Long A Letter, where I think Ramatoulaye and Modou didn't have sufficient communication. Having less communication might have caused the failing of the marriage. Aissatou and Ramatoulaye were very good friends, and they possessed good communication with each other. Maybe the actual fact that they were friends helped it. The actual fact that Ramatoulaye and Modou were hitched could have triggered this communication problem. In matrimony you will be very different from your spouse, but because you are so united as one or two, it is much more difficult to acquire different ways of seeing products and still being along. Unlike friends, where they can have completely different ideologies and ways of handling situations, just like Aissatou and Ramatoulaye. So, in a way I think Ramatoulaye and Modou might have been fine being friends and talking to the other person, as opposed to being committed.

In Metamorphosis, little or nothing much had changed after Gregor's metamorphosis. Gregor's family failed to realize that even as a insect, Gregor was still there and that he could understand everything that they had to say. Many times he tried to show his loyalty, but nonetheless Gregor had not been to be accepted for who he was. After some time, his family still hadn't got used to him and despite most of Gregor's initiatives, his family had failed to recognize that the insect that that they had cared for so cruelly was actually their child.

In SUCH A LONG TIME A Letter, we can also say that Ramatoulaye, her children, and Aissatou all go through a metamorphosis as well. But in this circumstance, it affected Ramatoulaye, her children, and Aissatou much more than when Gregor converted into a vermin, and the effect it acquired on Gregor's family. Ramatoulaye's companionship with Aissatou transformed. It was her and Aissatou's camaraderie that held her heading strong. Another thing that pressed her was Ramatoulaye's children. Aissatou was there to give her advice, help her, and merely to be there for any sort of support. She even provided Ramatoulaye an automobile which really is a very generous thing to do. The actual fact that both of them gave similarly in their friendship unlike Ramatoulaye and Modou is very coming in contact with indeed.

After Gregor's metamorphosis, his family undergoes a straight bigger metamorphosis than Gregor himself. Soon after, his relationship between him and his family then starts off to deteriorate. Gregor's change leads to the bigger metamorphosis developing to his family rather than to himself. One of Gregor's members of the family who proceed through significant metamorphosis is Gregor's sister Grete. Grete is probably the only person that he cared the most about. After Gregor turned into a bug, Grete seems like the only person in his family that truly cares about him. She helps him keep his room clean and also brings him what to eat twice per day. She also fears what he could like to eat "But he'd never have had the opportunity to do you know what his sister, in the goodness of her center, actually did. To find out his needs and wants, she brought him a wide range of things". Grete's kindness, even though she is worried of her brother's upsetting appearance, details Gregor deeply. She actually is the only person that he associates with. This causes Gregor to feel less alienated than he already is. Her love and care and attention gave him grounds to live, but when she stopped nurturing it killed him. Grete converted from this caring, caring, and warm sister into this dark, uncaring, and selfish person.

As the time starts to pass, Grete practically puts a stop to caring about her brother. She starts treating him in another way. "No longer considering what she can do to give Gregor a particular treat, his sister, before jogging to business every morning and day, hurriedly shoved any old food into Gregor's room with her foot". Grete is not thinking about Gregor nowadays; this makes her uncaring. Shoving things with her foot is an exemplory case of her showing him that he's a bug because bugs are usually stomped on with feet. "The clearing up of Gregor's room, which she now always did in the evenings, cannot be achieved more hastily". Grete now also doesn't worry enough to completely clean Gregor's room properly. "Streaks of mud ran across the wall surfaces, fluffs of dirt and filth place here and there on the floor. " The health of Gregor's room can notify the way Grete feels about her brother. Cleaning "hastily", can also notify that Grete actually doesn't really care about Gregor and doesn't want anything regarding him. Grete gets a job to help purchase expenses, no longer wants will take treatment Gregor, this shows a selfish area of her. As the time continued, even Grete didn't car ever again "Things can't go on like this. Maybe you don't understand it, but I really do. I will not pronounce the name of my buddy in front of this monster, therefore all I say is: we have to try to reduce it". Grete doesn't want to think that the insect is her brother. She would like to believe that the bug is merely a bug that should be taken care of.

After Gregor died, her mother and father both realised that Grete got grown up and that it was time on her behalf to discover a hubby. So even although change of Gregor generally brought upon negative what to the family, he helped bring some kind of delight to his family after he passed away.

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