Misery By Stephen Ruler English Literature Essay

Misery is one of the many best-selling books written by the writer, Stephen King. It requires devote rural Colorado, near Sidewinder, almost the same setting up such as the e book, "The Glowing. " The 384-webpage book begins with the key figure, Paul Sheldon, an writer from New York, in a profound coma, unacquainted with where he is or just how long he has been unconscious. He is in a vibrant dream-like state. The only thing he could feel was agonizing pain (that emerged and travelled "such as a tide. "). When he involves, he finds himself in a little room inside what he believes is some kind of farmhouse, because of the barn he can easily see from the main one window in the area. He comes to realize that there's a woman sitting down at the foot of his bed. She says her name is Annie Wilkes, and she's his number one fan. She tells him that he has been in a horrible car accident throughout a bad winter surprise, on his way to publish his new booklet, "Fast Automobiles. " She noticed the wreck, taken him from the vehicle, and helped bring him to her house to recover until the streets were clear enough for her to bring him to a healthcare facility. Initially, things appeared normal. She seemed like your everyday obsessed fan. However, he's soon to find out that there is a sinister dark area to Annie Wilkes that makes his stay there a full time income nightmare.

This book is unique in lots of ways. Its plot is really quite basic, it has very few individuals, the setting up remains the same throughout the storyplot, yet it still continues you interested before very end, without all of the clich horror movie twists. Protagonist, Paul Sheldon, and Antagonist Annie Wilkes, both strong characters, are actually the only people in the reserve and are two personalities that are exact opposites. Paul Sheldon, a rich author blessed and raised in Maine, has no contact with family, no friends apart from his publisher, (who's more of an acquaintance), and is an overall nice, well-tempered person. Annie Wilkes is a middle class middle-aged female who originated from a large family, but now lives alone over a plantation in Colorado. Unlike Sheldon, Annie Wilkes is not well tempered at all, she experiences peculiar blackouts and occasionally has intense tantrums where she does awful what to whoever is actually near her. Of both main characters, I think I relate with Paul Sheldon the best. First, I've never considered someone captive and tortured them, second, Annie is crazy and I would like to believe I am not. I can, however, relate with Paul Sheldon on a number of levels. First, both of us have overactive imaginations, which have gotten both folks into trouble. Second, if someone will something bad to him, he doesn't immediately retaliate; he formulates a plan that will get them in the end. And third, if someone gives him an activity he doesn't want to do, he places it off for some time but once he starts he eventually ends up enjoying it generally.

This reserve is classified as horror, but I would definitely recommend it to anyone who's in to the suspense/thriller genre. There are a few bloody parts however, not enough to make it a "gory" book overall. I've read several of Stephen King's catalogs and this one easily makes top three in my opinion, it is very thrilling, suspenseful, and even funny at times. The personas are natural and easy to relate to, there are even times where you commence to like the antagonist, even feel sorry for her, but it is all performed out well in the enjoyable and incredibly suspenseful ending.

Fire-Starter is the seventh of Stephen King's top selling novels. At 428 webpages, it is considered by many to be his best yet. It starts off in the center of the action and maintains you interested before very end. I'd definitely recommend this book to a friend since it is well crafted and very interesting, with a fascinating storyline that doesn't end badly such as a lot of catalogs.

The story begins in the late 1960's, whenever a government company called "The Shop" analyzed an experimental medication called Whole lot 6 on a group of college or university students. Among these students were Andy McGee and Vicky Tomlinson. The medication, which was somewhat very much like LSD, was thought to give people slight psychic abilities. Soon after the screening, Andy and Vicky acquired married and experienced a daughter called Charlie, who apparently inherited some psychic talents from her parents. When The Shop heard bout this, they sent out a team to eliminate Andy and Vicky, and take Charlie for research. Regrettably, they managed to eliminate Vicky and record Charlie, but Andy escaped unharmed and immediately after used his ability of head control to retrieve his little girl and escape to a plantation in upstate NY, where The Shop continued to search for them. Their run out of this horrible agency brings Charlie and her dad closer than ever before and studies their abilities in ways they never thought possible.

I think I'm similar, and different from the key figure, Andy, in a few ways. First, he and I both have horrible luck, which you are able to see this throughout the booklet. For example, his wife gets killed and his little princess gets abducted twice. I've ever endured whatever bad happen, I simply have a tendency to lose at rock and roll paper scissors more than most people. Second, he has the ability to convince individuals who things are taking place that aren't occurring, Though I can't encourage people I'm providing them with a $500 charge when it's only 1, like he is able to, I've been proficient at making things up and convincing individuals who it's a favorite fact. The 3rd, and final similarity, is the fact that he doesn't know very well what to do unless he's under great pressure, and I've always worked better under great pressure. I am also completely different from him in many ways. First, he has much more strength than me. I probably wouldn't have made it through 50 % what he did. luckily I will probably never have to do anything even close to that so I will most likely never find out. Second, he's an extremely solitary person. Aside from his little princess, even before The Shop tried out to destroy him, he didn't really like people; I, on the other palm, am always with people and am seldom by themselves. Third, he has a little girl who inherited the capability to light things on fire with her mind and talk to machines. I really do not need a child, and even if I performed it's doubtful that she would be capable of might be found, no matter just how many drugs she needed.

The Quest for Happyness, by Chris Gardner, is a 529-webpage story that portrays the have difficulty for monetary success very realistically. It uses Chris Gardner, and his son Chris Gardner Jr. , as they deal with to survive life in lower middle-class NY. He makes his money as a salesman, retailing medical equipment to doctors around the city. After burning off his partner and house amid his financial troubles, and when a stockbroker internship position comes up at Dean Witter, Chris jumps at the chance, this is actually the big chance he has been looking forward to.

The internship at Dean Witter, though it is a godsend to Chris, is six weeks long and unpaid. Hiding his financial problems from his co-workers becomes increasingly difficult in the future. At one point he and his kid are forced to settle the bathroom of the subway place. Just when things were looking their most detrimental and it seemed like the chances of him getting the job as a stock broker were slim to none of them, he was finally called to the seminar room to find out whether or not all of his back-breaking work was worth it. Thankfully all the troubles he'd been through, all the stress being unsure of how he could manage both he and his boy for much longer, paid off. He gets the job at Dean Witter with results well above his fellow interns and the bosses seem really impressed by his performance. Chris Gardner progresses to become a very successful stock broker and even made an appearance in the movie created from this reserve, starring Will Smith as Chris Gardner.

I liked how this book realistically told what it takes to move from the very bottom to the top, and put it in a way that puts things into perspective. It shows how anybody, irrespective of their situation can enhance their economic position greatly, by absolute effort alone. I definitely recommend this publication to anyone; it has a good tale and will cause you to think long after you're done reading it.

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