Modernism In Love And Isolation English Literature Essay

Modernism and Postmodernism are two different styles of writing where literature broke traditional forms and subject material. Occurring in the early-to-mid-twentieth-century Modernism challenged and sometimes replaced customs, beliefs, and traditions. Through the twenties up to the late-forties there was an ongoing view that the globe was governed by anarchy. Remember, this is an age that witnessed the ugly face of communism happening in Russia, the horror of World Wars I and II, and the collapse of accepted truths in science, religion, and politics. Postmodernism started shortly after the end of World War II and continues through today. Just like Modernism challenges customs, beliefs, and traditions, Postmodernism contests the philosophy and practices of modern art and literature. In a sense, Modernism is a mature adult and Postmodernism is Modernisms youngster. Young, immature, and perhaps rebellious, Post modernism celebrates the anarchy that the planet is viewed to be governed by rather than trying to improve it. New ideas in anthropology, psychology, philosophy, political theory, psychoanalysis, and physics were very influential in ushering in the Modernist movement. One Postmodernist work specifically is entitled "A Tree, a Rock, a Cloud" written by Carson McCullers. One new idea from the list above had a direct effect in creating a sense of isolation inside of "A Tree, a Rock, a Cloud. " That particular idea that was very influential for Carson McCullers was philosophy.

For McCullers the new ideas of philosophy had a huge impact in creating a feeling of isolation in her piece of literature. She tended to write with a feeling of gothic literary tradition. For dramatic or comic effect, as a writer she exploited the grotesque. Not only for those two reasons did she exploit the grotesque, but she also wished to emphasize the isolation of the human being. "A Tree, a Rock, a Cloud" is a very intellectual, and abstract piece of literature. This is evident for the reason that the two main characters don't have even names. They are simply intentionally left without names. It is because the characters aren't the center point of the short story. The point of the story goes more deeply than that. Remember this is the Modernism and Post modernism era of literature. Literature takes on a complete new avant-garde approach.

Philosophy is defined as the rational investigation of the truths and principles of being, knowledge, or conduct. Philosophy is just one of the numerous ideas that helped get the bal rolling in the complete Modernist movement.

Carson McCullers did a good job with the use of presenting her characters in "A Tree, a Rock, a Cloud. " The storyline starts off with the facts that it's rainy, dark and early each day. One of the primary characters, "the boy, " almost finished with his paper route, enters in a caf to obtain a cup of coffee. The caf is managed with a stingy man named Leo, the only real character given a name. There are a few other people in the caf, but most of all there's a man in a corner with his nose and half his face down in a beer mug. Equally as the boy pays for his coffee and starts to leave, a voice cries out. "Son! Hey Son!" The boy turned back again to find the person in the corner was crooking his finger and nodding to him. Along with his face from the beer mug, he seemed suddenly very happy. The man summoned the boy over to where he was and proceeded to understand the boy's chin and slowly turned his face from side to side. In a shrill manner the boy spouted "Say! What's the best idea?" This is the man slowly said, "I love you. " This was comical to the men around the bar, and even the boy laughed just a little. Regardless of the laughter of others, the person was serious and sad. He previously just one thing on his mind, that thing is love. It was a "science" to him. McCullers really emphasizes the being of the character as he further explains his "science of love" to the boy. To McCullers, a lover was always vulnerable unless he loved someone or something that he expected nothing in exchange. This belief is actually quite interesting to think about. As the storyline progresses, a relation can be found that McCullers belief is portrayed in the man's "science of love. " The person is constantly on the tell the boy of any past relationship with a female. This woman that he tells the boy about was his ex-wife. He tells the boy about his life and just how many things impressed him. "Moonlight. The leg of a pretty girl. A very important factor after another. " He figured out he enjoyed each one of these things but he previously the feeling that they were just laying around loose in him. He confided to the boy that he had never loved. That is until he met her, which he called Dodo, but "that is immaterial" said the man. These were married for quite a while and then, oblivious to the person, she left him. This was a traumatic even for the person. The function caused him to chase after her and seek her. After sometime a strange thing started to occur to the person. All of a sudden, he cannot remember her; he went blank in the mania of searching on her behalf. This continued for five years until finally the science came to him. He figured that which was wrong is that what men fall in love with for the first time is a woman. His science is that they focus on the incorrect end of love. They commence at the climax and the most dangerous and sacred experience in God's earth. The man suggests to the boy the right way love should be begun. "A tree. A rock. A cloud. " Throughout the man's journey he was very cautious in that he could get a goldfish and concentrate on it and think its great. He did this in a number of ways. That was his science. The whole point of this story is how and just why the man creates his science of love.

McCullers believed a lover was always vulnerable unless he loved someone, or something, from which he expected nothing in return. From the investigation of the truths and principles of love, that belief is portrayed in "A Tree, a Rock, a Cloud. " By using characters, the boy, the person, and Leo, if you ask me, McCullers may be portraying her own science of love. Through the traumatic connection with isolation the person endured, he taught himself to be mindful as it pertains to love. After scanning this Postmodern work, it is clear to see that philosophy impacted McCullers to create a sense of isolation in the task "A Tree, a Rock, a Cloud. "

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