Modesty IS ESSENTIAL Part English Literature Essay

Modesty is important part for every woman on the globe. Modesty is play the main role to produce a person beautiful and manners. Manners are something used every day to make a good impression on others also to feel great about yourself. In modesty idea, we have to follow the rules to dress modesty. Many women like to dress modesty but they can't follow the rules for dress modesty. By this, it make a difference the guy as well. Modesty is entirely foreign to the globe.

Divorce rates have been increasing. Divorce is popular in european countries. Divorce is popular among all years in western countries. In traditional western countries, divorce is simple metal to them. Divorce between two people can affect the child's and family. Relationship is not play games. Matrimony for fun and divorce when boring. Marriage is a interpersonal union or legal contract between people. From marriage, we can make a beautiful family and live peaceful.

Body of modesty

The regulation should require girl to dress modestly. There are numerous misunderstandings in modesty. Modesty is a good fashion to woman because a few of woman they result from a kampong record. So, when they come to city they couldn't like this at here because this is city not really a kampong. Modesty is the "formal styles ' to make some only rasps us. Modesty is not really a bad thing to dismiss it, it is you palm. How exactly to dress modesty, how you sit or flex down when you in modesty dress as well. We as girl ought to know how to dress modesty.

How to dress modesty

Here are some tips to dress modesty;

Always place your hand over your neckline, when you bend down

If you want to wear button blouse, stand before mirror and look that received any gape to expose your upper body. If got make an effort to pin or maybe change to next dress.

When your want to wear a standard blouse, you ensure that your bra aren't showing.

Choose a bra; take smooth or easy bra to protect yourself with a thicker materials.

When putting on a skirt, reminded the skirt must long or than the leg knee. Short dresses not allow.

For dress also same, must long. Whenever your wear dress your should wear s slip because some dress can see through.

When you using dress or skirt, you aware together with you attitude and behave.

The best way is when you finish off decorate, just stand before mirror and see. How it look and bedding are not. Try to bend over, change side to side, change and check everything before go out.

Why should woman dress modestly?

Woman is usually beautiful person. Why woman want dress immodestly to make no beauty in any way. Girl dress clothing to look beautiful and styles never to look ugly. Girl must understand the concept of modestly. Female dress modestly to make attract from other folks around us. So, the other folks can say "The girl look beautiful and styles in modestly. It look very manners. . . "and much more else. Inside our country, no many women dress modestly, they are dress immodestly. It can bring a poor impact to your country and genarasi also. After you ownself not dress modestly, how your son or daughter were listen to you. It had been be continue only.

Modestly is a virtue it can show your behave and outfit. And also it helps you to control behaviour from sexuality. If you dress modestly, it will help you protect. We as female should need protect by putting on dress modestly. Usually do not putting on modestly dress, if it not give any protect you. Woman natural beautiful, so need to use it in probe way to expose. God make us beautiful to appeal to men. So, we use the changes to extra beautiful in dress modestly in probe way. We as girl must make other folks to respect us. Don't give change to discuss bad about us. A female can still dress modestly but not show the secret part of woman's body.

Type of dress modestly

The example of modestly dress. The way the dresses below look? Is the fact look inmodestly. No, just how and styles modestly dress that everyone like. It look very manners and beautiful.

Body of divorce

In the previous twenty years, rates of divorce have risen significantly in Traditional western countries. We should know why divorces have been increase in Western countries. Is that they don't really have child or family members. Or they get divorce because of neighbourhood, community or region. What for they want divorce? If they get divorce, what each goes to do with divorce? What's divorce? There are lots of questions to ask about divorce.

Divorce is happening after get marry. Divorce is making different between two different people, which is husband and wife. If they make opt to not live jointly rather than think about child they have. Just think about them self to get divorce. More divorce is from love matrimony. If they love, they feelings can just dismiss the problem and anything for the person. But, when get marriage they can't dismiss the problem ever before it small problem. The folks try to make big issue because get boring after get relationship and have child. Divorc is not a good or get divorce for fun. It is a big concern if you have divorce aspect woman. Men get divorce; the community weren't telling anything but woman get divorce, the city and neighbour begin to speak about us bad this and that.


There a wide range of factors for divorce

Age is a common factor for divorce. Divorce age is 20 -24, this age is quite typical for divorce.

Many of these get remarriage after get divorce. About 50 percent only end with first matrimony in comparison to 67 percent for second relationship and 74 percent for third relationship.

Some family problem, which from person background or about parents life.

Divorce can happen, when someone mistreatment like emotional, intimate, communal and physical maltreatment.

Abandonment is common that your person leaves for very long time get divorce is completely.

Alcohol and tobacco addictions are the factors to get divorce because one of your associates dislikes the habit.

Incompatibility to have same frame of mind in miserable situation.

The main factors are financial problem between couple. Some people have a tendency to get marry with wealthy people. So, they can enjoy and purchase anything as they like.

Top Reason

There top reasons are

Less communication. Associates is less communication because which one has work and stress. So, for avoid fighter, they don't really want conversation.

High expectations. Woman loves to buy things for decoration the home and things like cosmetic, dress and much more.

Laziness. Men lazy to work at house after just work at office. So, at house acquired any repair, they don't doing.

Why want to divorce

Conclusion of dress modestly

In conclusion, woman needs to give special importance or prominence to dress modestly in world. We can see many magazine pictures or TV show about dress modestly. These are start to discussion about girl dress modestly. Because this matter give big impact to our country. Woman got to know, we have been part of individual. And women are also play main role on earth as human. Female play main role, help men to live to focused on god or a religious purpose. Girl must dress modestly to make a much better life and good impact about woman. If female dress immodestly, it can give bad impact.

As mother, we must advise daughter to dress modestly in probe way. And the best way to protect yourself with dress modestly. As mom, they are really play main role to avoid immodestly dress. Immodsetly can cause many bad factors like rape, bully, and much more. Mother must or always put eye on daughter to make save.

As females, you are the good example to the girls for dress modestly. Because why, many of girls are effect for ladies around them. Ladies more to follow people than hear advice from mom. Girls like to try something new in dress modestly. Young ladies can try something new however the try must good and probe.

Conclusion of divorce

In finish, Divorce is not good choosing to separate together. Nowdays, divorce is just happen for fun and boring of matrimony. Then, get marriage for one more. Many couples don't know or understand the meaning of matrimony life. Matrimony is the formal union of a guy and woman, where they become couple. In other interpretation, relationship between couple.

Family is a group of parents and their children. That is mean of family. Family is not a divorce. Family is one of the key parts of culture. Family is the best romantic relationship than get divorce. Divorce is boring relationship. After get divorce, you will need to live a life along with no partner and happy.

Divorces have been brought up because of several factors can causes to get divorce. But nonetheless can control it. If take any instigate why divorce happen in westerns countries. Divorce can cause many problems. Among the problem is not any having children. There are always two different between positive and negative effect. People frequently behave in a specific way or have certain characteristics to think carefully before get matrimony.

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