Music in Marjane Satrapi's 'Persepolis'

How music as a motif illustrates the innovations of the central personality in the visual book Persepolis 1 and 2.

Persepolis a proper recognized work by Marjane Satrapi symbolizes the protagonist's life. Persepolis represents music as a way to show one's feeling and character. It depictsthe alteration of tastes of music of the central figure throughout Persepolis. It shows how music helps in mixing the personality of the writer. This essay will discover how music as a motif developed the central persona throughout the work.

To start with, music is a lot greater than a source of entertainment for Marji. Within the oppressing atmosphere of with all the current restrictions set up it was a source of comfort. It helped the copy writer to hook up with the, the burkha and express herself. It helped the copy writer in expressing her thoughts atlanta divorce attorneys situation which came up to her. The author's enjoyment, sorrow, pleasure were all expressed through music. The voyage of music commenced right from her years as a child. The first contact with music was by means of Pink Floyd. That is proven by the copy writer when she rates ''I knew Green Floyd my parents paid attention to them if we continued a trip'' (186 Satrapi). Red Floyd has an American origin and they sing rock and roll music. Rock and roll music symbolic of aggression and Green Floyd connotes that. The impact of Rock music on the article writer was viewed as the amount of hostility in her started to climb. It made her react to situations aggressively. In addition, it shows her penchant for the music and the impact of the music on her life and behavior. This also brings about the development of the writer's identity as time passes.

The music in her life kept on budding. Musicians like BEE GEES did not acquired a great impact in her life as she was more influenced by other musicians that have been present during that time. The existence of BEE GEES is turned out through illustration where her maid's partner sometimes appears to be putting on BEE GEES clothing (37 Satrapi). BEE GEES were an American pop music group. It symbolized the pop culture. Pop culture stands for all the unconventional practises and it motive is to go against the guidelines. This shows that in those days other teens were drawn to pop music whereas the writer had a preference for rock and roll music. This makes us realize the state of mind of the copy writer at a age. The music artists in writer's life kept on approaching writer's life as she was raised. KIM WILDE and MICHAEL JACKSON (131 Satrapi) were the ones who next arrived to the author's music life. Kim Wilde was a pop vocalist. She gave the world some pop music. Marji considered her as an inspiring figure. It is shown through when the article writer talks about KIM WILDE'S poster and striving to reproduce her (131 Satrapi). The copy writer wanted to sing like her, party like her, appear to be her in short she was an idol to her. Kim Wilde affected the copy writer to the most extent more than another performers. Michael Jackson also known as the king of pop also has given a great number of pop strikes. Michael Jackson himself stimulates the idea of breaking the rules which the copy writer used to a great level.

Writer's preference towards Michael Jackson is shown through the illustration where she wears the Michael Jackson badge (131 Satrapi). Life with constraints had not been writer's glass of tea and she always wanted to live her life to the fullest. There was one more musician who inspired Marjane was Flat iron MAIDEN. Iron Maiden the group comes with an American origin too. It helped bring heavy metal tracks to the people which were well recognized throughout the world. Heavy metal songs were a symbol of high level of aggression. It resulted in an increase of hostility in her. The one and only thing which is similar in all the singers that they all belonged to the western world. There is absolutely no reference to Iranian music throughout the e book which signifies the attraction of the copy writer towards the, the burkha. The writer always dreamt of living in a western country and through the western music she tried to gain a short-term sense of satisfaction. It made her point out her thoughts. These instances led to an alteration in the type of the article writer.

The singers and the musician's mother nature influence the copy writer in every single decision of her life. In order to start with, each singer's style of singing and there personality got a different impact on writer. Flat iron Maiden's heavy metal songs increased the level of hostility in the copy writer. It made Marjane offer with situations more aggressively. Whereas Michael Jackson's purpose of breaking the rules and achieving freedom sometimes appears through her behaviour and the activities which writer needs. This is demonstrated through the instance where article writer wears a denim jacket and a Michael Jackson badge regardless of it being prohibited (131 Satrapi). Kim Wilde inspired Marji the most as compared to other singers. Inside the difficult atmosphere of Iran the music of Kim Wilde was a source of relief, by which Marjane could exhibit her sentiments and her feelings which were subdued by the Islamic guideline. The liking for Kim Wilde is proved when she sings "we're the youngsters in America" (132 Satrapi) when she actually is walking on the roads. This shows her fondness into the Kim Wilde. The type of these singers evinces the interior personality of the copy writer and shows the complete development of the copy writer, as she steps from rock to pop music which suggests a differ from assault to unconventional procedures.

The writer's choice of music has always altered as she shifted from her adolescence to adulthood. In her young age she loves to listen to Flat iron Maiden, Kim Wilde and Michael Jackson. These various music artists bring a separate set of feelings to author's life. Similarly where Flat iron Maiden brings hostility, on the other hands Michael Jackson and Kim Wilde motivate her to live life without limitations. They are a source of expressing her thoughts for the article writer. Kim Wilde especially encourage her and becomes an idol to the author. But these feelings were limited to her young age. When writer comes back from Austria she's liking only for pop music kept in her. This is demonstrated through the example when the author desires to notice the songs of Kim Wilde (250 Satrapi). Her stay static in abroad experienced made her neglect all the rock and heavy metal songs. This demonstrates the tough occasions which came up up to her in Austria made her realize what music really meant to her. The writer tends to forget the singers which influenced the article writer most in her adolescence. This is turned out through the example where she claims that '' Regardless I no more liked the idols of my adolescence"(251 Satrapi). The writer wishes to pay attention pop music which evidently expresses that she still would like the freedom but the hostility in her has vanished over time. The change in her tastes of music also has resulted in her development. The young age aggression had been downcast and there is a development of maturity in her. This shows how music resulted in the development of the writer. It activated the change from adolescence to adulthood which signifies the importance of music in her life.

Author-Marjane Satrapi


Translated by-

Published by- Vintage

Published time-2008

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