My Favourite Holidays

This is a fairly difficult topic to write on, since I tend to love all of the holidays! When it hits Oct, I am floored for each holiday between Halloween and New Years. Growing up, it was all about what I'd get as gift items on these getaways or the fantastic family meals. I get excited for Fall, the neighborhood Algonquin Mill special event, the beauty of all the leaves changing, the smell of these burning in the evening, the streets teaming with Trick-or-Treaters on Halloween. I recall how thrilling it was to awaken early on Christmas morning hours and sneak around the brightly lit tree, wishing not to wake up Mom, looking to guess what was at each colorful package deal with my more aged sister. I also remember the disappointment of not being able to fall asleep because I got so fired up. With all of these holidays, I know that everyone has their favorites. There are many different traditions that people follow but are we really celebrating these holiday customs correctly or even for the right reasons? Just the whole season would be my favorite season, but I shall concentrate on Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.

Halloween, though it is well known for its fun colors and costumes and gorging yourself on candy, actually started out as a Celtic getaway. The Celtics began celebrating this holiday because it was the last day with their winter solstice and seemingly they just wished an excuse to party since this also meant that these were finished with the yearly harvesting time. Also, this day was used as each day to honor loved ones who had offered, since it was reported to be the day that the veil was lifted and the dead were able to once more walk with the living. The day after became celebrated as All Hallows Eve which marked the finish of the lifeless having the ability to walk in our midst, at last before next time. Nowadays we parade around in skimpy clothing in cold weather, attending parties to drink and become judged inside our costumes. Talking about drinking, the best Halloween myth would be that of the foundation of pumpkins, or alternatively, Jack-O-Lanterns. The story actually requires a hollowed turnip, the Devil, and a man known as Stingy Jack. Stingy Jack, the stereotypical Irish drunkard, was known as a manipulator and liked to key people. This brought him into contact with the Devil who went to collect his heart after hearing of all of his bad deeds. But, Jack was sneaky. He were able to trick the devil up into a tree and trap him there by carving a holy symbol, a cross, into the trunk of this tree. The Devil, demanding his release, decided to Jack's demand that his spirit would never be studied into Hell for all of his previous misdeeds. This comes back to haunt poor Stingy Jack as when he will eventually die, he is not allowed into Heaven because of those same deeds, and the Devil got promised not to take him! He performed, though, give Jack an ember, which Jack then taken around in a hollowed out turnip, doomed to roam the planet earth permanently. Now, though, the turnip is a pumpkin and this calendar year, my sister carved hers to make it look like it ate a Trick-or-Treater. Not exactly following tradition, could it be? I would say that this will be a nice moralist tale to see our children since it implies that there tend to be bad consequences to bad activities.

My second favorite trip would be Thanksgiving. My family has a three day custom for this holiday break, which I got to join after i turned 21. The night before Thanksgiving, we go to the local club for the strap that works there every year. Then, we awaken the next day, probably hung over, and cook our Thanksgiving dinners, attending the big family meal in our pajamas because we live so worn out from the night time before. Afterwards, most of us lapse into a "turkey-coma" and wake up early another morning for the largest shopping day of the entire year! Now, I'm sure this is not the same as everyone else's customs, and I know it is certainly not the same as the real reason behind Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving, another harvest celebration, like Halloween, is any occasion where people are supposed to share how thankful they are really because of their family, friends, and the rest they have. Growing up, I remember colouring the Pilgrims and the turkeys crafted from hands. This is also back when we were still permitted to pray in university, so our course could have our lunch time of turkey slices and mashed potatoes and gravy and say a prayer collectively. Most of the religious value behind this holiday has been lost. Lately, it seems to be about the soccer game, the best food, and the shopping ads for the next day race to Christmas. I am certain that if the vacation were discovered properly, if we were asked each Thanksgiving to give a set of things that people are thankful for, people might just focus on a lot more considerations in life: family and friends and their own idea of religion.

This brings me to Christmas which is another of the best holidays. I really like the snow on the surface- as long as I don't have to be in it- the colors almost everywhere, the Christmas carols on the store radios as you try to figure out what to get for whom. I like walking past all the properties and experiencing the trees and shrubs all lit up in their windows Wait a minute, lit up trees? Why do we even have the trees? Holiday, in my family, is all about getting the whole family together for dinner. Everyone is so focused on paying their bills that there is no real gift giving aside from that of our company. We prefer to laugh and have fun and it's really normally fairly loud at whichever house we congregate in. The real focus of Holiday, though, is actually on religion, which my children does not really follow. This is actually the day to enjoy the delivery of Christ, our savior. The legend at the top of the gaily embellished tree is to depict that of the star over Bethlehem that led the shepherds to where Jesus was born. The tree was proven as part of our tradition by Martin Luther who used it as symbolic of the Tree of Life from the bible story of the Garden of Eden. Another custom that is related to Holiday is that of Santa Clause, or SANTA CLAUS, or Saint Nick, my all-time favorite man. How will you not love a guy that works around in red pajamas and gives out chocolate and gifts? Despite the fact that he's so loveable, he's not the real reason behind Christmas and it might be nice to see that people, especially children, realize this. Instead, they spend the last ten or so days before Xmas wanting you and jolly old Santa forgot all their past transgressions in order that they do not get a lump of coal in their stockings. This does indeed makes Christmas more pleasurable, but I only expect that other people get that kind and warm-hearted feeling that I always get around Holiday. It is a period when people are nicer to everybody else and I feel that it's the greatest season as a result of this.

Of each one of these holidays, I have my favorites and you have yours, all for different reasons. But in today's world, are we really celebrating them correctly? In watching the news it is basic to observe that America is facing a problem with youth and their principles, or lack thereof. Maybe if we attempted to disperse the old customs of many of these holidays also to commemorate them right rather than permitting them to become so commercialized, today's world would remember that there are actual reasons that people partake in these holiday seasons, not just to have the ability to ask "So, what would you like for Christmas this season?"

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