My Memorable Voyage In New York English Literature Essay

NY is a very popular city that many people are acquainted with when they heard of the titles of Statue of Liberty, Time Square, and the Broadway, but this place to me is not only just an ordinary city; this is a home i most feel safe and covered. It has an extremely special meaning in my life since it was the first home that my family and I resided whenever we arrived to America ten years ago. New York was filled up with such wonderful remembrances such as when we tried to adapt to a fresh life, culture, new people, and foods and learn how to speak English. It is place of comfort that Personally i think most at ease and laid back. Although we only remained in Queens for half a year whenever i was still seven, it has always been a place where I consider special and unforgettable.

My trip to Bronx, New York last summertime was an extremely amazing experience for both my sisters and I. We journeyed to different places and have many activities that we have never travelled or done before while living in Queens. The idea of reaching New York was so tantalizing that we commenced to feel just a little worried and stressed. It was an limitless six hours trip, and every minute seemed like hours as we kept on looking out the airplane windowpane constantly; but after what appeared like eternity, we finally designed to our destination. We needed a view of the landscapes outdoors, and there we noticed thousands of large buildings lining up next one to the other. The town was still very occupied and congested. The colorful signals from buildings, stores, cars, and even more, created this awesome panorama. Everything remained exactly like if it was our first day moving to America, our new home country.

The travellers began to take off their sit belts and hurriedly accumulated their baggage and bags, getting ready to exit the airplane. It was hot and congested as everyone started out pushing on one another to be able to attain the exit as quickly as possible. By the time we got out, it was a relieve for all those.

We drove inside our cousins' car to a small apartment in Bronx where my aunt and grandma resided. It was hard for all of us to adapt to a fresh home on our first night of rest because the foundation, the sheet, the pillows, and the smell were quite different, but after my first two days and nights, I was able to adapt easier to the streets surrounding the apartment, the stores, and the people. A lot of walking was required, and soon it became one of my practices. The region in Bronx and the polluted environment are so not the same as the ones I know when we were still living in Queens. The neighborhoods were largely African American, and everywhere you go, you will them see them from here to there. The road was more crowded with people shopping from stores to store. New York is well-known for their cultural diversity especially their great variety of restaurants and markets such as McDonald, Thai Tea, Chinese language foods, Italian spaghetti, Korean sushi, and Japanese foods.

While my cousins, my sisters, and I needed a train to China Town, a group of African People in america children performed their skill in front of the travellers in trust of receiving back again rewards. They helped bring their radios and carried out a street party style including the locking, popping, the moon walk, and other styles which i was uncertain of. From what I observed, I felt that these children were wonderful and wonderful since they were utilizing their own skills and expertise to generate income for his or her living without sense shameful in front of people, who might think they were foolish. I really admired their hard work and also their courageous, nonetheless they made me believe that I have never done anything in my life to make my very own money.

Even as we appeared to Canal neighborhood of China Town, Manhattan, an abrupt surprise overwhelm me when i observed the area. This was my first time going to China Town in New York, and I have to admit that place is much more interesting and enjoyable looking at to the unfilled and uninteresting one in California. China Town in Manhattan was overcrowded with Chinese immigrants and site visitors walking from store to store. The roadways was tightly crammed, and there have been so many small restaurants selling fried noodle, dim sum and seafood, plus more marketplaces for fruits, meats, fishes, and beverages. Everyone seemed to have a lot of fun when they were competing over the good quality of meat and fruits, staff stood on sidewalk, attempting to market their new products and foods, and young children obtained around in the tiny playground of the school to play label and swings. We handed by market to buy meats and other substances for our meal tonight. The cashier spoke a vocabulary that I was certain it was Cantonese because my father has always spoken Cantonese if you ask me, and I was sure that she performed say the phrase "toe chei say, " signifying to thank everyone, but I still battled to catch her other words since she was speaking too fast.

We then ended at a dim total restaurant for our breakfast and spent our whole day participating in in the arcade and shopping to get. That day, I experienced the most humiliating moment of my entire life while taking a picture with the person who outfitted as the statue of liberty. At first, I thought it was totally free of charge to have a picture with him, but afterward, he hold me back and demanded us to pay him a five money bill. To your wonder, both my sister and I got already spent all of our money in the arcades and the stores, and we couldn't contact our cousins, who were still shopping on the market. My heart was beating immensely fast as people discontinued by to watch us. The person offered us an furious face, but he ignore it anyway.

The very next day, we took a long trip in the early morning to visit the Statue of liberty, a symbol that we most feel proud of our country, but the embarrassing second that happened in China Town relatively annoyed me. It had been extremely hot that day as though I could feel the heat singeing my face liked it was 150 levels. As we got into the harbor in a dispatch, the very first thing we observed was the huge Statue of Liberty, a surprise given by the People from france, who helped our country fought in the North american Revolution. The monument reminded me of the hard work and sacrifice of the military who I always value and feel proud of. All of the privileges that I love today such as liberty to worship my religion, express my estimation, desire the things that I'd like, and choose my very own path and career are given by those daring soldiers. We required numerous pictures with the statue and the gleaming and beautiful harbor that ornamented it. I must admitted that was my most favorite tour throughout my three weeks trip to NY.

In the afternoon, we got the subway to Time square to view the night time view during the night. As sunlight began to fade and day became just a little cooler, we strolled around and observe the wonderful and stunning lighting that made the night time feel more dazzling and cheerful. The view was so great that it provided me a feeling of shock but joyful, that i would never ignore. We handed down by enough time Square Tower, the GMC, the best McDonald and more, but we halted by the theater to watch one of all amusing and fascinating movies, G. I. Joe. For the next days, we spent most of our time with our aunt and grandma, cooking food, watching funny videos, and playing Tu Sac, a four color game titles.

The day before we still left New York to return back to California, we put in the previous time with our relatives at the Jones Beach. The glowing sun, the audio of the waves that struck the shoreline, and the white sands were all the best. While relaxing under the tent, I had taken a moment to feel the atmosphere of the area which I could sense the sensation of joyfulness from the cool breeze and the warmness from the sun exactly like in California. The children played credit cards and tags and splashed themselves in this inflatable water, as the elders prepared the foods. It was an amazing and relaxing place where I possibly could feel the bond with my family.

There was a feeling of sadness whenever we had to state goodbye to everyone, but we kept with a smile on our face, keeping the memory of New York especially China Town, the Statue of Liberty, Time Square, the beach, the foodstuffs, the time we spent with everyone, and lastly my embarrassing second with the man outfitted like the Statue of Liberty.

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