Nick Carraway And Jay Gatsby

Throughout THE FANTASTIC Gatsby is very evident that both Nick Carraway and Jay Gatsby want to get the same thing. They are both looking for love, which appears to be so elusive towards them in life. While heading about their search in just a little different manners; Nick Carraway and Jay Gatsby nevertheless are trying to find the same thing in life but ultimately are unable to achieve their desires.

Both Nick Carraway and Jay Gatsby act like one another because they wanted to find love in their lives. As seen in the book both Nick Carraway and Jay Gatsby fantasized about encounters that they wish to have had or have had with women. Nick Carraway recalls thinking to himself:

I liked to walk up Fifth Avenue and pick out charming women from the public and imagine that in a few minutes I would enter their lives, and no-one would ever before know or disapprove. Sometimes, in my own mind, I adopted them to their rentals on the corners of hidden pavements, and they switched and smiled back again at me before they faded via a door into warm darkness. With the enchanted metropolitan twilight I believed a haunting loneliness sometimes. . . . (56).

This passage plainly shows Nick Carraway's desire to truly have a companion who he can love and spend quality time with. Furthermore to Nick's thoughts, Jay Gatsby also fantasizes about encounters with women:

He knew that when he kissed this woman, and forever wed his unutterable visions to her perishable breathing, his mind would never romp again like your brain of God. So he waited, tuning in for an instant longer to the tuning fork that were struck upon a star. Then he kissed her. At his lips' touch she blossomed for him like a bloom and the incarnation was complete. (110-111)

This passage brings to light the strong desire that Jay Gatsby was required to find someone that he could show his love with; in cases like this see your face is Daisy. However, while Nick Carraway and Jay Gatsby both desire the same thing in life they both start trying to acquire their desire in various ways.

The narrator of our own storyline, Nick Carraway moves about trying to obtain his desire in more of the reserved way rather than aggressively seeking love. This can be seen by the fact that Nick is never completely sure about if he loves Jordan Baker, the main women in his life. This doubt is seen when Nick details his fascination with Jordan by saying "I wasn't actually in love, but I believed sort of a tender interest" (57). However after some talk with Jordan we see that Nick has other thoughts for Jordan:

Her gray, sun-strained eyes stared straight in advance, but she had deliberately shifted our relationships, and for a moment I thought I adored herI had been writing letters once a week and putting your signature on them: "Love, Nick, " and everything I possibly could think of was how, when that one girl played rugby, a faint mustache of perspiration appeared on her upper lip (58).

These two passages bring to light the baffled thoughts that Nick has regarding his wants. We see in one that he only has a "tender curiosity" for Jordan whereas in the next passage we see that Nick feel that he loves her. However even as we find out later in the book Nick ends romance with Jordan, who said that he previously been right that she would one day talk with someone as careless as her which she had and that it was him. He was about half deeply in love with her but he cannot get exceeded his emotions of indecisiveness in regards to his "love" for Jordan.

In comparison to Nick Carraway, Jay Gatsby should go about trying to obtain his desire in more of a reckless abandon sort of way. Jay Gatsby is not reserved in his love for Daisy; somewhat he's immediately affected after becoming reacquainted with her:

I travelled in after making every possible noise in the kitchenthey were relaxing at either end of the couch, looking at each other as though some question had been asked, or was at air, and every vestige of embarrassment was gone. Daisy's face was smeared with tears, so when I came in she jumped up and started out wiping at it with her handkerchief before a reflection. But there was change in Gatsby that was simply confounding. He practically glowed; with out a expression or gesture of exultation a new well-being radiated from him and stuffed the little room (89).

From this minute on Jay Gatsby becomes utterly obsessed with Daisy and he has obtained sort of a blind-love for Daisy. We are able to see Gatsby's strong obsession for Daisy in a description by Nick Carraway:

He hadn't once ceased considering Daisy, and I believe he revalued everything in his house based on the measure of response it drew from her well-loved sight. Sometimes, too, he stared around at his possessions in a dazed way, as if in her actual and astounding occurrence none of it was any more real. Once he almost toppled down a air travel of stairshe was used with question at her occurrence (91).

This passage clearly shows how obsessed Gatsby acquired become with Daisy; Gatsby no more believes that he's alone alternatively he is convinced that he has found his love and satisfied his desire. However as we find out later in the novel Gatsby was a victim to "blind love. " He was a man of dreams and creativeness and he resided in the smeared haze of his own thoughts never truly realizing the reality that existed. He allowed for his dreams manage his life, he presumed too much in them which ultimately led him to his tragic loss of life in the long run. He was unable to see what everybody else noticed in him: that he was alone and lonely and that folks were only using him for personal gain which his dreams and wishes never had any real true potential for becoming truth because they were based on a blind-love that existed solely in his mind's eye: Daisy's love.

After analyzing Nick Carraway and Jay Gatsby, we are able to notice that they both got strong really wants to obtain love in their life. We see that every went about running after love in various manners. However, both manners used proven finally to be failed makes an attempt at love. Both Nick Carraway and Jay Gatsby dreams for love dropped brief and both character types were not able to have success in attaining what that they had attempt to find: love that could be shared with a substantial other.

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