No Country For Old Men Cormac Mccarthy English Literature Essay

Anton Chigurh is a figure in the novel 'No country for old Men' was compiled by Cormac McCarthy. Chigurh is a psychopathic murderer who was hired to recover money from a medication deal that failed to succeed. However, eh later realizes that the amount of money had been considered by someone else called Llewely Moss and had gone out of the town with the amount of money. He then will try to keep tabs on Moss along a motel but Moss misled him by making him believe he's in an area next to where Chigurh is by keeping the money in vent. Chigurh then realizes a mighty hunter called Wells, whom he later eliminates after recognizing that he wished to strike a deal with Moss. Then ruthlessly tries to find where Moss is until he discovers that he has been wiped out by other bandits form Mexico in a different motel. He then goes forward to find Moss's mourning better half and contemplates on whether to wipe out her or not by tossing a gold coin. On his way back, he gets involved in a serious automobile accident that leaves him harmed and his arm broke. Then pays a boy to provide him his T-shirt but leaves the incident scene before an ambulance comes (McCarthy, 12).

The name of the book was produced from William Butler's poem 'sailing to Byzantium'. The name therefore provides the theme of the reserve which is the way of the modern world towards bad and immorality. McCarthy identifies a global that is packed with corruption and wicked things, and very little goodness. The book is dominated by reports of horrible offences and unethical actions. The writer portrays a contemporary world as a location where the evil is more than the good. This is the reason as to the reasons the old men cannot fit in the modern world since they believe in order and balance of good and evil.

Just like most of his previous literature, McCarthy's novel details a sequence of brutal deaths along the border of Texas and Mexico. The writer is well known for throwbacks and a cinematic novel article writer which is most seen in No country for Old Men. The writer portrays his knowledge by use of perfect idiomatic terms.

Anton Chigurh in the book 'No country for old Men'

Anton Chigurh is they main antagonist in this novel. He performs a central role in that dominates the whole tale by his brutal killings. His capacity to eliminate many people is somehow troubling and he is curious to take action. He will not struggle too much to eliminate someone and does not look concerned after killing. Despite the fact that he commits horrible activities, he has some sense of intellect his killing plans organized properly and everything goes matching to his plans. He does not have any thoughts and kills without any affection. His activities signify that he does not have any potential in comprehending human life. This can be seen from just how he takes away people's lives and he can it ruthlessly throughout the novel. He had been chosen to monitor money from a drug deal but ends up getting rid of even those who experienced hired him and starts off to look for money and make it his.

When he fulfills victims who don't have enough reasons to be wiped out, he tosses a gold coin to decide their destiny. However, he has how own morals where he does not kill with out a reason. However, eh assumes that he feels that the reason why for eliminating are dependant on him and those that he would like to kill. In cases like this, the author symbolizes him like someone who does not believe in any God since he behaves by he has to the lives of these he kills. The writer has brought out his figure like that of your Darwinian creature bearing a solid survival function. He is thereof a survivalist who lead a straightforward and basic life. It was not by accident that he could treat himself when his calf was shot. When he also acquired injured in a car crash, he didn't await the ambulance to arrive. He behaved like someone who had all the capability to run his own life. He was well prepared to manage his won life and believed in living above all things (McCarthy, 68).

Factors that motivates the actions of Anton Chigurh

The actions of Anton Chigurh are determined by his desire to have honour which he believes comes with having money. The majority of his killings are in his pursuit for money so that he can attain honour. At one point in the e book, he asks Moss what was the need of following rules that he implemented if they didn't lead him to good. He tries to do things as they are supposed to be done but he expects that he results will be in his favour. He points out to Moss why he let himself to be arrested was because he wished to see whether he could free himself by acting willfully as he presumed that it's possible. He concluded that it is possible for one to free himself by performing out of will but it might be a foolish action.

His lack of believe in God also motivates him to eliminate ruthlessly. That is seen where he tells Carla Jean that he has recently given his words and he cannot change them. However, Carla instructs him that he has the power to change what of he would like to but he says that even a non believer could find it necessary to make himself after God. He however preserves the stand that whatever has been done cannot be undone. Carla identifies this as blasphemy. He is convinced that he had the destiny for the lives of his victims. This is the reason why he tosses a gold coin to ascertain whether to wipe out the individual or not.

His pursuit for the money was also another motivating factor for Anton Chirguh. He's chasing after money that were obtained through the drug deal but Llewelyn Moss acquired escaped with it after picking it from an open field. In his search for moss, he encounters violent Mexicans that still left him with a shot calf. But because he had a need to achieve his mission of getting the money, he nursed his calf and prolonged with the search. At this moment, Chirguh could brutally get rid of anyone who crossed his ways because the motivating factor was to recuperate the money. He eventually killed those who acquired appointed him and needed the money for himself.

The Romantic relationship that Chigurh experienced with other Character types in the Novel

Anton Chigurh has a cold romance with others in the novels anticipated to his brutality which makes others to fear him. When Bell learns that Chigurh is trying to find Moss and his partner, he runs to them to inform them of the danger that they are in. Moss disregards this and he ends up in trouble regarding his wife. If the violence becomes powerful, Sheriff Bell takes time to reexamine his ability in working with the brutality of Chigurh. Sheriff is a former regulation man and a product of informal system of honour that been around in the past generations. He produces hesitation as the whether he's still fit for his work. This is because the violence symbolized by Chigurh demanded an evenly brutal person (Raff, 7). The relationship that is between Anton Chigurh and other people is therefore seen as a dread for his brutality. There are no incidences he's holding peaceful conversations with other folks in the book. This could have been so with those who acquired hired him to track the amount of money but he also finished up killing them.

What Anton Chigurh presents in the Novel

The persona Anton Chirguh represents violence in the whole novel. The novel is full of scenes of violence that is set up by Chirguh. His killing activities are done sometimes with a objective while others aren't. His life objective might be to destroy who crosses his path in an uncompromising manner and decides on the death by tossing a gold coin. The victims of his assault are those involved with drug deals, those driving a vehicle the transportation autos he steals, and more whom he fulfills on his pursuit missions. His actions are purely evil. He has evil believes and for that reason acts corresponding to his believes. The writer, Cormac McCarthy, uses the type top represent violence in the modern country where old men who aren't used to gun injections cannot survive (Lyons & O'Malley-Younger, 183).


The author of the novel, Cormac McCarthy, has used the icon of Anton Chigurh to symbolize some of the violent functions that are occurring in the modern countries. These activities are therefore a justification of the subject of the booklet, No country for Old men, where whatever is happening in the united states cannot support the old men. The novel implies a country where people are just rushing and preventing, gunshots and car accidents. It is therefore hard for the old to make it through in that country. The united states is characterized by killings, drugs discounts, gun shots and a lot of brutality where no old man may survive.

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