One Thousand Us dollars Summary

The short tale One Thousand Dollars by O. Henry is about a Gillian that must be providing the report how to use money one thousand us dollars. Gillian has a wealthy uncle but her uncle passed on. From this will, he's uncle want a report of how Gillian can use that one thousand us dollars if Gillian have this money. Gillian satisfies some individuals, he wish to know and ask of these if they have 1000 dollars. He visited Old Bryson at his club to ask how to use 1000 dollars. After that, he also found Miss Lauriere in theater stage. She also offered an answer as to how to spend a thousand us dollars. Mr. Gillian asked the taxi drivers to answer the same questions but the answers he's also not just how he wanted to spend the amount of money.

However, nobody can help him. Then, he noticed the blind man experienced several thousand dollars in the bank account. Gillian made an abrupt decision to provide all the inheritance money to Neglect Hayden. Finally, he been to Neglect Hayden at the collection. He also told her that he liked and gave one thousand dollars. Neglect Hayden refused to love the Giilian but received the money. Then, he had written the bill shows how he put in one thousand us dollars and are ready to provide a statement on the accounts to the lawyer Tolman. Then he discovered that there are conditions of his uncle who said that if he used the amount of money prudently, fifty thousand clear would be given to him. However, he was not concerned with conditions established. Giilian tore the reviews before read by the attorney Tolman and kept happily.


In "One Thousand Dollars", Mr. Gillian advised by legal representatives Tolman to utilize the money sensibly one thousand us dollars and he should prepare a report on how he uses it. Gillian received the idea after asking some individuals about how to utilize the money, and continue steadily to make the decision to provide money one thousand dollars to the individual who enjoyed the Neglect Hayden. Although Ms. Hayden rejects his love, he still wants to give money 1000 dollars to the girl. Gillian prepares a report on how he uses the amount of money one thousand us dollars and would go to the attorney Tolman. Gillian was prepared to show the statement but not occur and tearing that report. It is because he feels that will not get money fifty thousand us dollars for not using the amount of money sensibly. With whistling happy situation, he has left office. This statement indicates that the story is textually implicit. Gillian not unfortunate but happy when he will not get the amount of money fifty thousand us dollars and his love as well. This also because, he not understands the right way for manage 1000 dollars that directed at him.

3. 0 History STRUCTURE


In "One Thousand Dollars" by O. Henry related to the amount of money. Theme appropriate of 1 Thousand Us dollars is how to control money also to manage the money we need to have experience of how to manage. However, the key character will not learn how to take care of this money. Gillian asked to control his money that his uncle got died. He is required to provide the reviews how he uses this one thousand dollars at the earliest opportunity. Therefore, Gillian immediately asked some people without thinking wisely. Besides that, love cannot buy with money. This is because Pass up Hayden rejects his love even received money from him.

"Gillian half switched and viewed out the home window. In a low words he said, "I suppose, of course, that you know I really like you. "

"I am sorry, " said Miss Hayden, as she picked up her money. "(pg 3, series 24)

One Thousand Dollars Mr. Gillian can open up our minds how to make this decision because of the decisions we make have to think about the nice and harmful to us and the folks who are around us. We also need to trust in taking care of the money that has been entrusted to us. Moral of the storyline we have to manage finances smartly and must be carefully doing his thing.

ELEMENT 2 - Environment (Personas)

The main identity of the story "One Thousand Dollars" is Gillian. He is a young teen who through experience on how to manage the money that had been left by the deceased uncle. If he could spend the money prudently, he'll still get fifty thousand. Matching to his attorney uncle, named Tolman throughout their first appointment.

"Young Gillian touched the thin package deal of fifty-dollar bills and laughed.

"It's this strange amount, " he discussed, kindly, to the attorney. "If it turned out ten thousand a guy might celebrate with a whole lot of fireworks. Even $ 50 would have been less trouble. "(pg 1, line 3)

In "One Thousand Dollars" Gillian is an ignorant and rude. He does not have the heart and stamina. He relied on other folks, or the people around him to help him on the path to use one thousand us dollars prudently.

"Now, what can a guy possibly do with one thousand dollars?"(pg 1, collection 22)

"What could you do with a thousand dollars if you'd it?" (pg 2, collection 28)

He also quiet and ego because when can know about if he used the money prudently, fifty thousand clear will be given to him, he tore the consideration and go to whistling happy. Gillian portrayed as an immature, volatile and not responsible for his actions.

"He calmly tore the article and its own cover into portions and slipped them into his pocket. "(pg 4, lines 24)

"Tolman and Sharp shook their minds mournfully at one another when Gillian kept. They been told him whistling happily in the hallway as he waited for the elevator. "(pg 4, series 29)


Attempt is a figure takes action to attain his goals. Within the story of One Thousand Dollars, the primary character in the short history is Mr. Gillian. He has been taking action to prepare a report about how to utilize one thousand dollars. He tried to ask a few of friends are known like Old Bryson at the club, the taxi drivers when he boarded a taxi, a blind man on the sidewalk and Miss Lauriere in Level Theater in what regarding the money of 1 thousand dollars.

"Eight blocks down Broadway, Gillian received from the cab. A blind man sat on the sidewalk advertising pencils. Gillian went out and stood before him. "(pg 2, collection 33)

"Pardon me, but can you mind showing me what you will do if you'd a thousand dollars?" (pg 3, series 1)

He also visited meet a lawyer to learn what his uncle that he wished to know. However, in the end for the sake of love Gillian was gived the money to Neglect Hayden and ready to reject the conditions to obtain the amount of fifty thousand us dollars. Gillian found the answer by requesting questions. Finally, he ensured giving his enthusiast the money was the best way.

"I beg your pardon, " said Gillian, cheerfully. "But was Neglect Hayden kept anything by my uncle's will as well as the ring and the ten us dollars?"(pg 3, line 9)

"Paid by Robert Gillian, one thousand dollars due to the eternal contentment, owed by Heaven to the best and dearest girl on the planet. "(pg 4, series 1)


The vocabulary is a figurative terms. As information, there are few words such as "Even $ 50 would have been loss trouble". (pg 1, series 5) The copy writer wish to make the written text draw viewers' attention to read this history further. Besides, "When he found Gillian approaching near he required a noisy, deep breath, laid down his publication and took off his spectacles. " (pg 1, range 14).

There is also having simile dialect such as "You may go and purchase Pass up Lotta Lauriere a gemstone necklace with the amount of money and then take yourself off to Idaho and inflict your presence upon a ranch. "(pg 2, lines 11).

Then, in One Thousand Dollars is interesting language such as "I have funny report to let you know, said Gillian"(pg 1, series 16) and " I thought the late Septimus Gillian was well worth something like half of a million, said Old Bryson demonstrated hardly any interest. (pg 1, line 23).



In "1000 Us dollars" is about how precisely to manage the amount of money of one thousand dollars. It is about a young Gillian. Maybe because his uncle knew he was having less moral, rich uncle passed away and educated his attorney Tolman for examining Gillian. If Gillian can use the money wisely, he would get a bigger amount of fifty thousand dollars. At the beginning of the storyplot, the authors sketch the interest of the audience to want to know whether this history ends well or not. There, Gillian asked to manage money properly and promptly. Gillian challenge given to him. This example makes the audience more excited.

The authors use a number of different places in the storyline so that the reader does not get bored to learn another section. First place Gillian was went to at his team and meet Old Bryson, then with Miss Lauriere in Stage Theatre, in cab, at block, at library and at office Tolman and Sharp. Overall, the places which used to learn an important role so the reader is not hard to imagine the true situation that took place and would consider yourself to be in situations that report. Which means that the audience can appreciate this storyline perfectly.

At the middle of this story, the authors tried portraying Gillian there he trying to get answers about how to manage the money of 1 thousand dollars. In addition, the creators use build that demonstrates one's feelings at that time as, "Gillian half Turned and looked out the windowpane. In a low speech he said, " PERHAPS, of course, You know I love you. "(pg 3, lines 24). Climax of the story is that whenever Gillian Tolman went to a lawyer's office to send the report the way he uses the amount of money. At the end, Gillian tore studies once knew he had not been have the money of fifty thousand us dollars for not get together the particular requirements.


In the literary criticism, we have to identify the primary persona Gillian. He's maybe bad person and him have no idea how him control this one thousand us dollars in him life. He talk with various partners who've differing backgrounds so they give different thoughts and opinions but him not allow they view because their ideas do not same with certain requirements. Gillian began to feel perplexed in regards to what he'd do. Gillian seems he can to control the money properly. But Mr. Gillian not affords to keep the responsibilities distributed by his uncle.

Firstly, proceeded to go our reading this short storyline we started thinking about what Mr. Gillian to control his overdue uncle's money. When he began to ask friends so we feel him can choosing which of the opinion will be allow. However, we can feel so furious and sudden because actually he already using the money for his lover and cheat the attorney Tolman and partner with tell them that his used money for races.


Money is not everything. This is because in this tale of money cannot buy you like. Ms. Hayden jilts Mr. Gillian though she possessed received the money from him. Money cannot buy everything, especially "real joy". Money should be utilized for something helpful, important, and valuable. We have to not spend money with short minded to something that can meet our desires while.

Further, in this account Gillian asked people "What do you do with one thousand dollars if you had to?" Revealed his activities when he was faced with difficulties. It really is a lesson for all of us not to be too dependent trust with others to solve problems. We have to seek knowledge as much as possible in order to control the condition well.

Money of 1 thousand dollars given by the attorney Tolman from his uncles legacy is not achieve focus on his uncle died because Gillian was used the money to obtain the love for a female. Although he had to cheat legal professional that he used one thousand dollars to the races. Actually, his used the amount of money for the happiness of his love.

Thus, the lessons from this storyline is that we should be well on our way towards financial planning things that are beneficial. Allow money be properly planned so the money available to spend on advantageous things. Finally, we must be sensible and ingenious in managing our very own lives.

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