Opened My Eyes For THE VERY FIRST TIME English Literature Essay

My mother is a housewife. Very soft natured and caring, she takes great care of us without caring for her comfort for us. Throughout all the years in my life, I have already been greatly influenced by my parents in many different ways, from the way of thinking to the tiny everyday habits. Without doubt, we inherit the genes of our own parents and get basic knowledge, norms from them. That which you study from our parents in the early years will be encrypted inside our mind and become reflected in almost every aspect of our behavior.

Two of my brothers are elder to me and the third you are younger. My elder brothers are bank managers. My youngest brother Abdul Aziz which is my best closest brother, he's fourth grade, he's a kid who never knows what goes on between our family members he always like to draw stuff and play with me every weekend, actually we play video games some action games, we play wrestling games etc. Most of the time we go outside, including my sister in law whom married to my biggest brother she always give us ride to the park, beach, museum, she always try to be nice and lovely to us like she is our sister.

Our family has been recognized for discipline and values. My family puts a great emphasis on values and morals in one's life. Since the beginning in our childhood, we have been taught to respect the elders and love the kids. We learnt the lesson of promptness and trustworthiness from our grandfather.

There lies an essential duty from our side too: giving those rights and responsibilities to our parents. Things don't go well always. Recently my mother got sick. She was sacrificing for all of us, she was awake all night limited to us when we used to be kids, but since that time when she became sick and alone, no one was worried about her although she kept going and she had long battling with her sickness. This makes me feel really sad, I cried and I am doing my best to take proper care of her.

I remember a few days back when I reached my home; I saw many cars of my brothers' right next to my home. I walked in and giving my greetings to my brothers. There were three brothers and my dad. When I entered in my own room I heard my father speaking with them, giving a tiny lecture to my three brothers about parents' matters, suddenly my dad became mad and started shouting at them for losing their connection with my mother while she is suffering.

Father: "What makes you guys out of your mind? Why is that guys!! Where is your dignity? Could it be because you have married, you just forget about me and your mother? Can't you at least call once and have how is everything choosing us?

Eldest brother Abdul Majeed: We've been very busy with work! Our bosses are incredibly strict and don't let us skip work hours in any way. What can we do?

Elder brother Majid: We must go for training in the next two days; it is really important and required for a steady growth in our career. It really is bi weekly training and we can not skip it.

Father: Remember kids, you have your own sons and daughters and you will feel that pain as soon as they grow up".

My brothers were silent that they had no words to say, since then I felt my parents heart. I got hurt and angry within my elder brothers for ignoring the sufferings and pain my mother was facing and I planned to be the best among all of my brothers. I learned from my brother's mistakes, to not fall in trap as they did. I made a promise to myself that day that no matter what; I will never ignore my parents and will support them atlanta divorce attorneys aspect of life till I could. With GOD's grace she is getting better now and I am aiming to take just as much care of her as I could. I am spending almost all my time with her in a healthcare facility along with my father and monitoring her progress regularly. I ensure that she actually is given medicines promptly. I simply love the smile on her face when she sees me putting very much effort on her behalf. My dad has been my guiding pillar for me personally and has been standing by me all the time. We together have been doing the best we can and I simply hope everything gets fine soon.

I can proudly say: I've the best family and I love them quite definitely.

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