Poem Examination The Passionate Shepherd To His Love British Literature Essay

In the first stanza, we live familiar with an unidentified shepherd who attracts a woman to join him by living together. He offers her ultimate pleasure if she agrees to live on with him. There is absolutely no mention of marriage but just the will to accommodate her in his partner. Just how he offers his assurances show that the girl is a tough nut to split, thus he must make exaggerated and sometimes-impossible pledges. All their ventures are bound to happen in the pastoral options in the ambience of aspect. One common connotation for this invitation would indicate that the shepherd wanted to make want to the unidentified female. He even suggests the private places like the valleys, domains, woods, or hills where their love would ingest them and they would derive pleasure.

In the next stanza, the shepherd is keen to elaborate to the woman the perfect time for their like to bloom. The way he explains the surroundings in those days suggests that the growing season would either be spring and coil or summer. It is because he mentions beautiful grounds where they could sit down in comfort wile seeing the flocks eating grass (Marlowe 67). The birds will be performing madrigals symbolize springtime as parrot signals refer to a fresh season. The lifestyle of grass also emphasizes on the season and the other shepherds will help him by nourishing his flock. He will seize the leisure time to spend the moments along with his new enthusiast as they savour the wonder of nature. All these activities in the second stanza will be done once they made love and were reminiscing of the occasions they shared.

The third stanza culminates into a scenario where the shepherd doubles his work of convincing the woman to be his enthusiast. He does indeed this by adding lucrative assurances to the original ones that will entice the woman to check out him to his house. He pledges to create a variety of beds for her that has a thousand posies. The poem is packed with hyperbole because the shepherd is steady to make impossible and exaggerated claims merely to gain the feedback from the girl. He even assures to dress her in magnificent kirtle adorned with other embellishments that will improve her beauty. The kirtle seems to be a customary dress code but he pledges to enhance it to show his appreciation of her acceptance for his love.

In the fourth stanza, he's willing to talk about his riches with her by adorning her with a gown manufactured from finest wool. He will flip the shearing technique of acquiring the wool from the sheep into a elegant pulling treatment. This scenario signifies his willingness to place effort into adorning his girl with all the things he are able, thus the reason why he mentioned slippers manufactured from nothing but 100 % pure gold. He continues alluring the woman in stanza five by taking care of all the tiny detains of her clothes. He discussions of coral clasps will act as buttons and her costume will have a straw belt in addition to ivy-buds. He also can take the opportunity to remind the woman of how pleasurable their love will be if she accepts him. However, he does not go into information of those pleasures he previously aforementioned because in his heart he is convinced that she remembers them.

The six and last stanza shows the shepherds last chance on convincing the woman to be his love. He pledges her that if she agrees to love him his fellow shepherds referred to as swains will sing and boogie in honour of these. He says that each day of their life will be filled with laughter and the shepherds will always sing and boogie for them. In the last phrase, he simplifies the magnitude of her decision by simply requesting him to come and live with her to enjoy those delights. Within the poem, he uses couplets to highlight his targets because they use the same brand in different stanzas such as the repetition of what Лlive with me and come be my love.


The poem generally shows that it is not easy to get love and sometimes people have to put work. The shepherd doe not discuss of the future or days gone by but hopes to get the girl in today's. His information about his motives is mainly geared towards satisfying his sexuality. He seems to have admired her a whole lot to the magnitude of desiring her to give up her chastity. Initially, one would have thought that is merely a dream of an idle shepherd as he watched his flock but the mention of interest indeed shows there is a girl. The shepherd is not wealthy but he is prepared to sacrifice whatever little he has to adorn his potential enthusiast with the items he is aware she deserves as his lover. He embarks over a journey to convince his fan with the same hard work he ploughs when he attracts his flock (Marlowe 67). He will not mention an goal of having a long time commitment but in the previous stanza, he says that each day of their lives will be filled up with happiness. This shows that he is prepared to nurture his love for the woman to last an eternity if she accepts him. The shepherd portrays some sort of love that innocent and real yet filled up with many erotic fantasies may be because she is the girl he has dreamt of having all his life. Through the entire poem, the shepherd is convinced that all their pleasures will commence when she chooses to live with him as his love.

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