Power In Loss of life And The Maiden English Literature Essay

Power is defined as a ownership of control, power or affect over others. Power inequities have been around in existence throughout the history of mankind and the means of manifestation developed from extreme to subtle, oppression. This notion is seen in the has Lysistrata by Aristophanes and in Loss of life and the Maiden by Ariel Dorfman. In Lysistrata, the protagonist, Lysistrata, doesn't want to see Greece rip itself aside while in Fatality and the Maiden the protagonist Paulina hopes for taking revenge on someone she thinks tortured her a long time earlier. Both Lysistrata and Paulina end up feeling powerless in a society which views them as something to be conquered. Through the use of sexuality, both women have the ability to gain ability and utilize it to assert themselves within contemporary society however, whether or not they reach their goals is dependent on what issue personas desire to solve, an issue with population or an issue with themselves.

Both Paulina and Lysistrata assumed that they required power to reach their goals, goals that could never be achieved in their former position in culture, a second category citizen. In Death and the Maiden, Paulina wishes to punish who she considers tortured her, Roberto. She required electric power in order to control her man, Gerardo, to try out along with her "game" and she presumed that the energy to instil dread in Roberto would bring her durability to punish him and bring closure to her life. However, Roberto retains trying to inform her that eliminating him will never bring the closure that she required. The implications from murdering him will further manifest the condition and the feelings that include it. Paulina responds be declaring "And why does it always have to be people like me who've to sacrifice, why we live always people who've to make concessions when something must be conceded []" (Dorfman 66). She continues requesting the question "why?" and this shows the audience all the thoughts that contain been bottled up over the years are tearing her apart. This is a major turning point for her as a personality, whether she will forgive Roberto, eliminate him, or let him go. Either way she realizes that with or without her power, no matter what she tries to do she'll never have a bit of mind. On the other hand Lysistrata can achieve her goal through the use of her gained power. After the negotiations she announced "Well gentlemen, so it is all happily settled. [. . . ] And let us for future years all endeavour Not to repeat our mistakes, never!" (Aristophanes 191). Lysistrata was successful at reaching her goals using the energy she experienced gained because she possessed the support of all ladies in Greece while Paulina only got herself. Lysistrata's declaration is anticlimactic and unlike Paulina's dialogue. Although Lysistrata come to her goal of making peace, she just falls back to her role to be a female however throughout the play Lysistrata used a more serious tone than the other women and is portrayed to be smarter than the other women. Unlike in Fatality and the Maiden, Paulina is portrayed as fragile, confused, and broken up psychologically. Paulina's fearlessness seen in the play stemmed from anger. This just created an illusion of a solid and powerful person. If the women reached their goals or not, the has shows the reader that power to control and manipulate others will never have the ability to solve turmoil and pain from within oneself however power to help a big group in society will definitely provide an everlasting impact.

Both Paulina and Lysistrata have the ability to gain power and make use of it to say themselves within contemporary society however, Paulina was not in a position to reach her goal because electric power cannot erase recollections and thoughts that forever transformed us. However, Lysistrata desires to help world as a whole and this allows her to get support from the ladies of Greece. Paulina was just a shattered person using the end a chapter of her life that she will never forget while Lysistrata wished to end a war that experienced no end in sight and considered many lives. By understanding the goals of the personas as well as their mindset, we can make proper judgement on our very own society. When a individual is given the correct environment to develop and flourish, people wouldn`t be seeking revenge on those that did them incorrect. Also people wouldn`t have to combat for their ideas to make an effect in society because society would accept them. Humans experience progress in various ways at particular details in our lives but the primary underlining similarities allows the kinds to help one another progress through the hardships experienced in life. In any other case everyone would just rot in the shadows of what they could have been and what they wished that they had done. By understanding the power takes on with the protagonists, it could be applied to enhance the developments of our own characters and hopefully society.

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