Red Hunting Hat | An analysis

Comfort of the Red Hunting Hat

The book The Catcher in the Rye by J. D. Salinger explores the pain of growing up through the experiences of Holden Caulfield, a sixteen time old boy who have just flunked out of college and feels he has nowhere to move. Holden seems detached and has no person to listen to him. Salinger begins the novel with Holden buying a red hunting head wear. This hat has a major peak and funny looking earlaps. Holden doesn't wear the hat in front of men and women because he believes he looks crazy in it, but he wears it when he's alone since it comforts him. The red hunting head wear symbolizes Holden's feelings of loneliness and alienation.

Holden tries to match into modern culture but fails miserably. He's the director of the fencing team at Pencey prep. On the path to a fencing match in New York City Holden leaves the fencing equipment on the subway. The complete team hates him because of this, The complete team ostracized me the complete in the past on the coach. It was fairly funny, in ways. (3) He didn't learn how to handle being so unhappy and overlooked of everything. Rather than aiming to work thing out with the team, because they don't like him he will try to act cool like he doesn't care and attention. Later on while he's resting in his room he discusses the head wear he bought. It had been this red hunting head wear, with one particular very, lengthy peaks. I bought it just after I noticed I'd lost all the goddam foils. (17) Holden buys the head wear after he lost the foils so when the customers of the team ostracize him. He is alone in his room when he first puts the head wear on and appears to be alone most of enough time he wears it. The hat conveniences him and makes him feel less lonely. Instead of coming to the sports game he just sits in his room watching everyone have fun.

Holden only feels comfortable using his hunting hat when he's by itself. He isn't comfortable using the hat before other people, but he says he considers he appears good in the hat. Just how I used it, I swung the old top around to the back-very corny, I'll say, but I liked it doing this. I appeared good in it because of this. (18) He doesn't service how he appears in private but he won't use it in public because it is funny looking. Holden pushes other people away from him. Holden is wanting to create a structure for Stradladter because he begged Holden to do it since he had a particular date, but Ackley, Holden's acquaintance wouldn't leave his dorm and keeps bugging him. Holden is not using his hat while Ackley is at the area, but once he gets him to leave he sets on all his comfortable clothes including his hat. After he remaining, I placed on my pajamas and bathrobe and my old hunting hat, and started writing the composition. (37) He alienates himself from Ackley by using the composition as an excuse to get him to leave. Holden doesn't seem to be very comfortable around other people because he hasn't experienced a good relationship with anyone in his life, that is why he alienates himself from everyone. His head wear is merely worn when he is by itself after he alienates folks from hanging out in his room.

When Holden leaves Pencey for NEW YORK it is the middle of the night, it is freezing wintry away. My ears were nice and warm though. That head wear I bought had earlaps in it, and I put them on-I didn't provide a damn can certainly make money looked. No one was around in any case. Everybody was between the sheets. (53) He is wearing his hat when he is alone, but he makes himself alone. Holden didn't need to leave Pencey so past due at night. He alienates himself from everyone else. When he says No one was around anyway (53) shows how only he really is. The hat conveniences him very much though he seems to wear the hat when he's cold and when a people are unhappy and alienated people are away in the chilly. Nonetheless it was freezing frigid, and I got my red hunting hat out of my pocket and put it on-I didn't provide a damn could looked. (88)

The red hunting head wear is Holden's protection from the earth. He places it on when he is walking through the frosty to keep him warm. He also wears the hat when he's walking down the street because he won't run into anyone he understands. I got my old hunting head wear out of my pocket while I strolled, and wear it. I recognized I wouldn't meet anybody that realized me, and it was really wet out. (122) He wears the head wear when he knows that he won't come across anyone that he has learned. He alienates himself from other folks and doesn't desire to be seen in the hat. Holden goes to see Phoebe and see how she actually is doing. When Holden views Phoebe he offers her his hunting head wear. Then I required my hunting hat out of my coating pocket and gave it to her. (180) He does this so the hat can protect her from the entire world. He knows it will do Phoebe more good than him; he needs to alienate her from people that will eventually finish up harming her.

When Holden goes to talk to Phoebe he alienates himself even more. He tells Phoebe that he is going out western to have. He leaves her a note to meet him at the museum. When she says that she desires to go with him and live out western world he says no. Can I go along with you? No. Shut up. (206) Holden will try to quiet her down after she gets very annoyed over not being able to go out western world with him. She offers him back his hunting head wear which shows that he is going to go out west only. All she did was, she became popular my red hunting head wear hat-the one I offered her- and practically chucked it right in my own face. (207) Holden is alienating himself from the only person that he has a marriage with when he'll not let Phoebe venture out west with him.

Holden's head wear was his only safety from people and world around him. He has no person to pay attention or talk to him. He has alienated himself from everyone. When he will take Phoebe to the playground to be on the merry go round it starts to weather. Phoebe sets his hunting hat on him to protect him from the rainwater. It was the only thing which could protect him. He is so together in life and his only safety from the globe is his red hunting hat. 'Then what she did-it damn near wiped out me-she reached in my own overcoat pocket and got out my red hunting hat and wear it my brain. (212) He just sat there in the torrential rain watching Phoebe having a great time. Him sitting in the torrential rain implies that again he's out in the planet only. My hunting hat really offered me a great deal of protection in ways, but I got soaked anyways. (212-213) Holden has been guarded by the hat but is still getting wet is saying that he has his head wear but still is not fully protected from the earth; he still must offer with life.

In the book Holden goes through many life experiences that help him grow as a person. His red hunting head wear is always by his part though. He alienates himself out of every person in the e book, even his little sister Phoebe who is the only person who allows Holden for who he's. Holden only wears his head wear when he's alone. He thinks it appears crazy on him, yet somehow he doesn't care if no-one sees it because it is very comfortable. It is his safeguard from the entire world that he's lacking from relatives and buddies. Holden makes people leave his room because he wants to be only since he doesn't know how to deal with a relationship. His hunting head wear signifies his loneliness and alienation because Holden only wears the head wear when he's by itself. He wears the hat when he has learned no-one he knows will dsicover him and alienates himself from the earth in doing this.

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