Regret By Kate Chopin English Literature Essay

The tittle of the short story regret by Kate Chopin presents a fifty- year old Mamzelle Aurelie who unmarried women. She's never had a man and lives alone on her farm with some animals and Negroes dealing with her. One day, her nearest neighbor, Odile brought her four children to her house and left them in Mamzelle Aurelie's care due to a dangerous illness of her mother. This is why Mamzelle Aurelie, who has never ever has children before has to keep them. For the next fourteen days, Mamzelle Aurelie was required to learn to take care of the children and stay accustomed to their occurrence and noises. By the end of two weeks, Odlie returned and released Mamzelle Aurelie from her responsibility, but Mamzelle Aurelie felt the loneliness in the absence of the four children, and she cried "such as a man, not noticing her dog liciking her hand.


In "regret' by Kate Chopin the kind of story that the author use is textually explicit.


3. 1 Theme

In Kate Chopin "Regret" the theme that the author wants in order to the reader is regret which is the title of this story. In this story we can see that Mamzelle Aurelie life was quite alone on the planet without her family. At the start, she never regret with her selection of not marrying. She was happy with her life that she had. But her feeling was changes when one day her neighbor given her children to Mamzelle Aurelie on her behalf care. After that, Mamzelle Aurelie began to truly life. When with the kids, she can feel all the joy of life. But after two weeks, the kids had left with her mother. Mamzelle Aurelie was cried like a man. It show that her feeling of regret because she only can know about love and joy instinct a motherhood when she at fifty years old.

3. 2 Style

From the storyline, there are extensive design of the language that author used to create an impact in this story. At the beginning, the author chooses phrases and words to describe the Mamzelle Aurelie in masculine appearences. She has "a good strong figure, ruddy cheeks" and "a determind eye" ( pg 1, line 2). She wears "a man's hat, "a blue army overcoat" and even sometimes "top-boots". Other than that to describe Mamzelle Aurelie is at least middle-aged because she has "hair that was changing from brown to gray" ( pg 1, line 2 ).

The author also used a simile to give an appreciation for beautiful or effective of language. This can be proof in text "When she ordered them everyone to bed as she would have shooed the chickens in to the hen-house" ( pg 2, line 14 ). At the moment she doesn't know how to treat the children. Others are simile of one the children's "warm breath beating against her cheek like the fanning of an bird's wing" ( pg 3, line 2 ). This has the effect feeling the old woman emotions.

Futhermore, the metaphor are being used in these story to compared the children with animals". When mamzelle Aurelie thought that her responsibility was just o feed the children, she found out that "small children are not little pigs" ( pg 2, line 3 )and needed attention from her unlike pig do. In the final paragraph, "evening shadows were creeping and deeping around her solitary figure" ( pg 3, line 22 ), signifying that she was nearing the late part of her life and she was all alone.

On the other hand, the writer also use many dialogues is most likely some kind of old slang that difficult to comprehend. Proof of this is found in the written text when Odile ask for help to look after her children "I'd n botha you with `em if it was any itha way to do! Make `em mine you ( pg 1, line 21 ). Besides that when Mamzelle spoke with aunt Ruby "me, I'd rather manage a dozen plantation than fo' chil'ren. It's terrassent! Bonte'! Don't't tal if you ask me about chil'ren!" ( pg 2, line 23 ), the language found in the dialogues is most likely some type of old slang.

3. 3 Initiating Event-Plot

In "Regret" by Kate Chopin, it has a nice plot of story. The beginning of this story is about Mamzelle Aurelie character. The writer began this story with portrait of main character, Mamzelle Aurelie. Although Mamzelle Aurelie was fifty years of age, but her character was so rugged because we can easily see that she wore a man hat, an old blue army overcoat and sometimes topboots. Mamzelle Aurelie was never married. She was quite alone in the world without husband or children.

Conflict was beginning when Mamzelle Aurelie neighbor left her children for her care. At the very first time she become motherhood, she dislike to take care of the kids. But following a couple of days, she had learned to care the children and familiar with the children acts.

The climate had commenced when she feel joy her life with the kids. But after bi weekly her neighbor, Odile was comes home and took her child with her. At the moment, Mamzelle Aurelie began her feel of joy was gone.

The ending of this story the author writes about Mamzelle Aurelie feeling. Mamzelle Aurelie was so regret with her life. This is because she began to understand with truly life when she was motherhood. She became loneliness again when the children left her and she was regret when she considering her life before this.

3. 4 Attempt

The author commences the story with a portrait of Mamzelle Aurelie to spell it out she has many masculine appearance and her character which there is no feminity in her description. She also unmarried woman who runs an entire farm and lives on her behalf farm with her animals, her dog call Ponto and the negroes who lived in her cabins and worked her crops. This shows how her life had revolved mainly with animals, influencing the way she treated the children when she suddenly given the duty of looking after a neighbor's small children. At first she tries to cope with the kids almost as if these were another variety of farm animal. Thus, when they arrive, she determined " a line of action that ought to be identical with a type of duty" (pg 1, line 34 ).

The arrival of Odile children, was changed Mamzelle Aurelie character. At the beginning she's a great problem to manage those children. Now she must face them with an increase of feminie areas of herself as she transforms from military officer to motherhood. She slowly works to improve over in the women. Caring for the children requires that she awaken the feminie aspects of her nature that were dormant. Therefore she brings out her white aprons and "got down her sewing-basket, which she seldom used" (pg 2, line 35 )to fix the children's clothes. She also washes their feet before bed, tells them stories and even lets the youngest sleep with her. But after the children get back to her mother she becomes very sad and starts crying. Then she realized that she had regretted that she has made the wrong choices in her life.


4. 1 The Emotional Response

In the "Regret", by Kate Chopin uses many kind of emotional response such as regret, happy, sad, pity, angry and fed up. The character i had chosen is Mamzelle Aurelie as a main character in this story. I trust her character that she felt in this story. Why she felt sad, happy, pity, angry and completely fed up in this story? Firstly, based on our reading, the character show that she pity with the kids, "She commenced by feeding them" (pg 8, line 5) that the first action she take when caring of the kids. Secondly, Mamzelle Aurelie emotinal change when she have to control the children and have to understand the behaviour of the children. "I tell u Aunt Ruby, " Mamzelle Aurelie informed her cook in confidence; "me, I'd rather manage a dozen plantations than four children" (pg 13, line 1), shown that Mamzelle Aurelie get angry and fed up to managing the children. Besides that, when the children stay with her in two weeks, she feel normal and happy, based on (pg 17, line 1) "But by the end of fourteen days Mamzelle Aurelie had grown quite used to these thing, and she no longer complained". Besides that, "the excitement was all over, and they were gone" (pg 19, line 1) show that Mamzelle Aurelie happy with the kids although she felt hard to manage them at the first. From then on, when the children were gone, Mamzelle Aurelie felt so sad because the excitement with the children was all over " she let her head collapse upon her bended arm, and began to cry. Oh, but she cried! Not softly, as women often do" (pg 20, line 4) this paragraph show that she really sad and love the kids even in the short time together.

4. 2 The Interpretative Response

Loving, soft, warm hearted, beautiful are characteristics portraying by the women or as a wife. Unfortunately Mamzelle Aurelie has an opposite character just like a normal woman. In such a story of 'regret' Mamzelle Aurelie recognize that her life is lacks something that will give happiness, loving and looking after the kids.

The author emphasize on the disadvantage of lower in knowledge and education for the women. At the beginning of the story when Mamzelle Aurelie without undoubting she declined the proposal when someone need her as a wife and do not realize the near future mistake that she will proceed through without feel regret.

Experience to raising child is not really acquainted with Mamzelle Aurelie, she treat Odile child such as a military. She spoken in a loud voice and commanding until make Marcelette cry. Meanwhile at the night time "she order them everyone to bed as she'd have shooed the chicken in to the hen-house" (pg 11, line 1).

The contrasting symbols from the storyline show the changes which may have occur on feeling and attitude of Mamzelle Aurelie when the four children of Odile leave in two week on her behalf house. At the beginning "she wore a man's hat about the farm, and an old blue army overcoat and sometimes topboots" furthermore she changes it into maternal role like "she wear white aprons that she not worn for year" (pg 15, line 1) and "she got down her sewing-basket" (pg 15, line 3). After a short time, she also enjoy with the laughing, crying and echo of the kids voice inside your home. Enough time of the children coming and right out of the house, is also symbolic. Firstly the white sunlight was beating, "some chickens were scratching in the grass" and "there was a enjoyable odor of pinks in the air" but at the end of the story the surroundings become darken, the red sunset, the blue-gray purple mist and purple mist across the road.

The sadness when the kids back to their residence is also symbolic, the excitement and happiness for baby-sit for two week give very regret feeling to the Mamzelle Aurelie when she declined the proposal at the early age.


The occurrence of the kids in Mamzelle Aurelie house gives an impact to her. Odile's children awaken her maternal instinct. Mamzelle Aurelie is an independence and unmarried woman. When she get responsibility from Odile, it like that the fate want showing to her that she does a wrong decision when declined the proposal and how loneliness of her life. She very happy with the existence of the kid but when her mother get back to take the kids, she realized her mistake and regret about her past life.

For the final outcome, the short story "Regret" by Kate Chopin was very interesting story. There are a great number of lesson that people can get by scanning this story. Futhermore, whenever we read this story, we can get the main idea that the author wants showing us in "regret".

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