Relationship Between Father And Son In Literature English Literature Essay

'Cormac McCarthy strips back America - and his style - to a post- apocalyptic core in his bibically resonant tale of family, love and loss' Independent Books of the Year

'A Gothic horror story of quite exceptional quality. It really is macabre, bizarre and impossible to put down. ' Financial Times

A son looks up to his father as the perfect role model whereas the father sees his flaws through the reflection of his son's eyes. The partnership between a father and son is situated upon a reason and effect marriage Are you saying that you have to be married to have children? which both dystopian novels, being heavily male dominated establish to be quite distinct compared to each other. Your first sentence needs to be powerful. Your expression reads awkwardly here. Have a rethink. The reason for this huge difference is based after many factors, with one of these being the factor of protection. In The Wasp Factory, Frank's father is able to protect is son with secrecy, lies, deceit and mystery; the higher of two evils, whilst the father in The Road acts as a shield protecting his son along with his revolver from the cannibals. Their relationship in McCarthy's novel is apparently strengthened over time, as everyday becomes harder the boy asks more and more questions and in a sense matures; there are no lies shared between them since the father treats his son as the same both in action as well as dialogue. Maybe it's argued that amidst such a destroyed and isolated world the son in McCarthy's novel becomes more attached to his father since he is everything to him and viceversa, however this is quite the contrary in the Wasp Factory where Frank contemplates after the benefits associated with killing his father and shares no bond with him. This may be partly due to Frank's anger and frustration since his father has created a enigmatic life for him to piece his history together thus further muting the father and destroying their relationship which over time is being eaten away 'I was glad to start to see the difficulty he previously walking'. An extremely longwinded sentence. Be concise. Moreover the lack of ladies in both novels allows the readers to gain some sympathy for the fathers since everything has fallen upon their shoulders, the essence of desperation and discontentment in both novels is due to the desertion of the mothers that allows the readers to explore the fathers feminine side. Hence there are many contrast as well as comparison between your two novels relating to the daddy and son relationship, thus the question arises compare the partnership between father and son in Bank's the Wasp Factory and McCarthy's The Road. Your intro is meant to touch on the types of relationships in each, a summary of genre and plot and a hint of what we're to see in the essay. To what extent does this introduction follow these expectations?

A common theme reoccurring in both novels is that of violence and cruelty which greatly impacts the relationship between father and son. In The Road, both father and son are forced into a global which is totally alien and uncivilized, this in a way strengthens their relationship with each other. With scenes of cannibalism and death there exists nothing they can do, except reassure themselves they are 'the good guys' and that there are still two bullets in the pistol. Moreover their relationship can be seen as an allegory with the ever cautious father representing survival as he frequently steals and kills others to protect his son, whilst the son represents compassion, often pestering his father to aid the ravaged, desperate people they encounter. The novel then becomes the inner struggle between serving oneself and serving others, with the daddy and son working together for survival whilst increasing their love for just one another. Lets have a novel marker. perhaps a comparative word showing that you have moved texts. Rather than a relationship which solely lies after the need for each other, Frank pity's his father having the ability to exploit his weaknesses. Subsequently, the boy's father does not have any choice but to use violence, violence which is seen as justified as he is protecting himself and his son. Whereas Frank recalls the beatings he suffered from his dad 'he's stopped beating me now that I'm older' That is an incomplete sentence. Therefore this aspect of cruelty is not justified, his dad treats cruelty with cruelty, if Frank's dad didn't adopt such a dependence on violence, the relationship could have depleted him of most anger. Thereon this contrast becomes a conclusion for the length between Frank and his father, violence unlike the violence found in the road is necessary whereas the violence found in the Wasp factory is not. Maybe it's argued that Frank's anger could be a consequence of his abusive father. He admits he is ashamed and embarrassed by him and his means of escape leads him to in a way to test out death using the factory. This wage of war against nature gives him that reassurance of value and significance in life which he was deprived from. Limited quotes up to now?

Furthermore Frank was home schooled by his father, this might lead to 1 reflecting after the intelligence of both father and son and question the types of conversation they may have. However they're conversations are more or less a petty rehearsed dialogue being repeated back and forth time and time again. For example his father asks how high is the table? this obsession with measurements becomes a routine that has been occurring for Frank's lifetime which further alienates them. The relationship between Frank and his dad therefore can be established as perfunctory; there are few feelings discussed and both appear to have relatively separate lives each living with their own significant secrets. What's the purpose of this separate paragraph? How exactly does it help you with your argument? Would it need to stand alone?

However in comparison to The Road one could argue that the father and son have a rehearsed dialogue used purposely because of their survival. 'Are we going to die now papa ?' 'no son' The daddy tries to take all responsibility to them and in a way the boy is seen as a liability, yet even as we progress through the novel they both partake in sharing the responsibility with their situation. They see it as their duty to continue with hope as their pathway, they are both well alert to who they are and their purpose for just one another unlike Frank and his father who appear to be confused and disunited with the facet of Eric's return. Therefore the father's desperation never to die or allow his son to be taken by the "bloodcults" is something that McCarthy makes clear without spelling it out. He never tells us that the person is dying, but as his cough worsens, along with the boy's progression as he stops using the broken toys and items he finds, and becomes a lot more skeletal: 'Knobby spine bones' This sentence isn't complete. Read it through. This verstehen What did you mean to write here??? or kind of understanding is commonly from the mother type figure, yet the reader cannot piece together this type of understanding since the identity or name of the father and son in The Road seems trivial and pointless, similarly with Frank since he has no value or input in society. Should this next section about setting be considered a separate paragraph? Therefore the setting can be seen as symbolic as both the island and the apocalyptic world force more stress on their relationships, testing them and subsequently this contributes to a larger bondage between them, even in the Wasp Factory. This seems quite ironic since by becoming the merchandise of this isolated society their relationship does the opposite, strengthening rather than weakening their love for every single other. The reasons for this lack of identity links back again to the theme of isolation which can in turn weaken or strengthen the father and son relationship. In The Road the essence of trust with one another will not exist, because the world reaches its end; no one is usually to be trusted this results into only the father and son 'carrying the fire' and keeping alight that element of trust with one another.

Moreover the lack of the mother in both novels forces the daddy to act as a replacement for her. The daddy learns to infuse as a mother and a father, further making the reader sympathise with them and reinforcing the value with their relationship. The mothers are portrayed in a very negative perspective, which a feminist critique would not approve of. The mothers have emerged as weaker then the fathers and more selfish, in the Road especially the mother kills herself as a act of escape. This further assists to the burdens already located after the fathers, they are now more isolated and also have no one to carefully turn to.

Some readers declare that the the message behind McCarthy's novel was showing the readers the effects of global warming or nuclear warfare and it's really impact upon the earth. Yet McCarthy claimed his message or intention boiled down to one universal concept, that being the love and relationship between father and son. You can further argue that both novels with the absence of God, portray how life can still be lived, even though in extreme measures people would find God elsewhere, as the daddy in The Road says 'When I first saw him I thought he was god' hence the question being answered this is actually the lack of god can rejuvenate both father and son. Consuming consideration the setting, a lone island as Banks being a socialist perceives it includes life without god would remain the same to as life with god. Frank and his fathers rationality is situated upon choice with no factors of God amidst it, only the factory acts as an alternative so that it could be said that Banks believes a global with no belief in God would remain the same, we don't need god for hope.

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