Reviewing Black Boy By Richard Wright English Literature Essay

Black Boy is an autobiography compiled by Richard Wright, an African-American who resided in the South through the Great despair. Richard is a young dark man who encounters the horrors of the dominating white South and faces a crisis in his life where he does not connect with the planet around him. Throughout the autobiography, Richard comes with an itching dread biting at him that propels him to beat the boundaries arranged upon him and allows him to find his own identification. Worries that Richard encounters relates with his physical hunger, which is a symbol for all the suffering that he endures throughout his lifestyle. His dread also relates with his thriving craving for food for knowledge. The mind-boggling feeling of fear eventually thrusts Richard to stop his idleness and to do something. Richard's hunger for knowledge and for achieving a connection with the entire world around him, acts as his get away from his doubts, allowing him to accept the physical hurting and finally presenting him the courage and strength to find his own identification.

At just four years of age, Richard Wright is living at his grandparents' house in Mississippi. Richard makes a decision to toy with a broom; removing the strays from it and seeing them burn. Being just another curious youngster, Richard wonders what it will appear to be if he burned the curtains in the living room. He packages the curtains on fire and even though he marvels at the view, he realizes that the flames is beyond his control and he works from the room. He hides under the house in expectation that he would not be found and subsequently not be punished for his activities. Despite his pleads to be still left alone, Richard's dad Nathan retrieves him from under the burning house. His mom, Ella, is furious and beats him until he manages to lose consciousness. He retreats into an extreme fever for approximately weekly. After Richard recovers, his family steps to Memphis, Tennessee where his dad locates work in a drugstore during the nighttime. 1 day, Richard detects a stray kitten that is so loud it wakes Nathan who screams for Richard to kill the kitty. Richard literally will that, realizing that his father didn't actually signify it. Ella punishes Richard by making him dig a grave and bury the kitten. Soon after, Nathan deserts the family and leaves them without any money and in turn, without the food. This is the first case of physical food cravings in Richard Wright's autobiography. For the very first time in his life, Richard is worried that he will not be able to gratify his hunger. However, the food cravings that arises in Richard is not the craving for food that he seems physically without food, but the hunger to adapt to his area and communicate with them.

"Food cravings stole upon me so gradually that initially I had not been alert to what craving for food really meant. Appetite had always been pretty much at my elbow after i played, but now I started out to wake up at night to find craving for food standing within my bedside, looking at me gauntly. The food cravings I had developed known before this had been no grim, hostile stranger; it turned out an normal being hungry that made me beg constantly for breadsBut this new being hungry baffled me, frightened me, made me irritated and insistent" (16).

The craving for food that hung over Richard made him start to question. He begins to question everything. He will not understand a massive amount of things, but at a young years he already has experienced very much. Since Richard Wright is writing this car biography from a much later time, he is reflecting back how he felt as of this particular minute. The four year old Richard is no more than only child, however at that era he already has a desire to have a variety of things. He states that he has a solid desire for food which can be satisfied temporarily, but what is not seen is Richard's desire to really have the ability to interact with his environment. Even at this age and down the road in his life, Richard is unable to interact with his family and with population because he's refusing to do what they need him to do. Richard rebels and rebelling is his way of showing that he'll not submit and that his self-pride and unique id is extremely important to him.

Richard first encounters his food cravings for knowledge whenever a schoolteacher called Ella, goes in. She rents an area at Richard's grandmother's house. 1 day, Richard stumbles after Ella reading a booklet and he persuades her to learn the e book to him. The publication, Bluebeard and his Seven Wives, is a novel filled with violence and murder and it utterly mystifies Richard. He is in a trance as Ella reads the beautiful streaming words to him. However, Ella is interrupted by Richard's grandmother before she could conclude. Richard's grandmother firmly believes that imaginary stories are on a single level as sins and lies. She opposes since she's an extreme hatred towards fiction which she phone calls "the devil's work". When Richard protests and argues against his grandmother he is dismissed and she storms off departing Richard by itself. This experience sparks persistence in Richard that remains with him throughout the rest of his life. His food cravings for intellectual knowledge pushes him to break free of his grandmother's bonds also to follow knowledge against all costs.

"I hungered for the sharpened, frightening, amazing, almost painful thrills that the storyline experienced given me, and I vowed that when I had been old enough I'd buy all the books there have been and read these to feed that thirstI experienced tasted what to me was life, and I'd have more than it, somehow, someway" (46-47).

Richard has a first experience with reading. This experience sparks a determination where he claims he "could have more of it, somehow, someway" (47). Richard's first experience with physical food cravings gave him a reason to question. Richard's first experience with intellectual cravings for food pushes him to consider that extra step forward. In such a, it is easy to summarize that even at an extremely early stage in Richard's mental and physical development he has come to his own self-imposed finish that his intellectual food cravings must be nursed first. Reading becomes Richard's first interest and allows him to make it through. It offers him the force that he needs to get away from the boundaries set on him by his family as well as those of the modern culture of the South, in order to further create his identity.

Ella eventually goes out of our home as Richard's grandmother is confident Ella is the sole reason for Richard's apparently devil-like patterns. Richard's mom also known as Ella and her two sons commence to travel towards Arkansas where Richard's Aunt Maggie and her man live. However, when Hoskins, Aunt Maggie's man is murdered, they are really forced to flee back to Granny's house. Soon after though, Ella commences to consider Granny's spiritual regimens as a nuisance and she, her boys, and Aunt Maggie re-locate once again. In the meantime, Maggie begins up to now a man known as Teacher Matthews, who they find out, is hiding from the police. After Teacher Matthews commits a criminal offense involving the death of a woman, he and Aunt Maggie go north to escape trouble. Richard's family commences once again to truly have a insufficient money due to the lack of Aunt Maggie's income. Richard eventually becomes so eager he tries to market his poodle for a dollar. A white girl offers Richard ninety-seven cents but he refuses and seven days later the poodle is struck and wiped out leaving Richard with nothing. Richard begins to nurture his own self-being, but only after he commences to question himself. Richard has questioned his surroundings in the past, generally regarding his enduring appetite for food, but he hasn't questioned himself about anything. By taking a step forward and starting to look within himself for the answers that he so truly wants, Richard can grow a solid personality and a strong willpower that leads him to a wider separation from the dark community and a nearer connection to his identity.

"Anything felt possible, likely, possible, because I wanted everything to be possibleBecause I put no capacity to make things happen outside of me in the target world, I made things happen within. Because my environment was bare and bleak, I endowed it with endless potentialities, redeemed it for the sake of my own eager and cloudy yearning" (85).

Richard understands that the oppression that is happening to him and to the dark community cannot be helped. He realizes that, although they can fight, it would be pointless. Rather than physically struggling with, he resorts to looking himself for the answers. He still continues to question ceaselessly, but instead of asking why something is going on or why he shouldn't take action he commences to question how. Worries and the cravings for food no longer maintain him back. In most cases, they now force him forwards and boost his learning process. Richard evolves a keen sense of unique personality that no one else he is aware seems to have. He senses that he is starting to drift away from his family, from the city that he so desirably wanted to participate in, and with the Jim Crow south. By acknowledging this simple fact and even agreeing to it, Richard furthermore nurtures his true personality and commences to close in on what he would like to do in his life.

Richard has just started to read and he has already read many books by a complete slew of different people. Reading was a complete pleasure to Richard. He'd stay in his rented room at night with a can of pork and coffee beans and read. He sustained to forge increasingly more notes and so his vacations to the collection became increasingly more frequent. Richard gave into the mysterious land of reading without a fight. He does not withstand it; he simply let us it seep in. One day, Richard chooses that he'd try to write once again. He had done it before; he can repeat. Yet, what are placed from him. The ability to write, the ability to sense that thrilling feeling once again, is stored from him. At this time, Richard reminisces again at his youth and regrets that he did not discover his own personality previously, his individuality that distinguished himself from the dark community as yet.

"I had developed once tried to write, got once reveled in feeling, experienced let my crude imagination roam, however the impulse to fantasy had been slowly beaten out of me by experience. Now it surged up again and I hungered for literature new ways of looking and witnessing it seemed a task impossible of achievements. I now knew what being a Negro meant. I possibly could endure the hunger. I had learned to live on with hate. But to feel that there were emotions denied me, that the breathing of life itself was beyond my reach, that more than anything else harm, wounded me. I had developed a new hunger" (294-296).

Richard compares his food cravings to create, to his physical being hungry. During Richard's child years and growing up, he discovered to deal with his food cravings no matter how bleak it looked like. He experienced days without a sufficient meal and it certainly injure his physical progress. His desire for food however, was overshadowed early in his life by his food cravings for knowledge. Richard has a more robust craving for food for knowledge because he has an immense hunger to become unique, to increase beyond expectations and you need to be himself. The cravings for food that he encounters physically will never equal his hunger for knowledge because he understands that it might not be helped during his youth. He handled it because he understood that he previously to. It just happened everywhere, many dark people were starving and Richard was no different by doing so. Yet, in other senses Richard was different. He questioned, he asked, but he never truly pursued a life goal until now. There was a spot in his life where he published but to his dissatisfaction the ability to speak through words had not been within his mind. He hungers to find them once more, because by finding them, he will get himself.

Towards the end of the first part of Richard's autobiography, he finally realizes what he needs regarding the others of his life and he finds out who he truly is inside. Through every one of the physical aches and pains that he endured, all the horrors of the oppressing white south that he endured, and everything the maltreatment and poverty, he could stand strong and slowly but surely expand into who he was destined to become. Richard discovers his place in the entire world and he discovers his identity. He has an opinion which is worthwhile something. Richard is not only simply a dark-colored man residing in a white supremacist world. He uses his tone and he uses the energy of words to struggle for everything that he is convinced in also to fight the white south and the racism that is shown almost everywhere. Exactly like H. L. Mencken Richard ideas on using words to fight. He has learned that physical fighting won't get him anywhere, but maybe just maybe, the energy of words would stun people exactly like that they had stunned him in the past. He might use his life, he might use everything that he gained, and he might use his never-ending cravings for food to change the world for the greater good. At last, Richard's life achieved a purpose. He finally has something to live on for, something that he desired more than anything else and above all something that made him feel happy and at peace with the rest of the world.

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