Reviewing The Book Bless Me personally Ultima English Literature Essay

Bless Me, Ultima is a book that observes a young son, Antonio, growing up and being torn in several directions by social conflicts. Ultima, a curandera that has come to live with the family, helps guide Antonio through these conflicts. Through the analysis of just how symbolism, allusions, repetition, and framework are being used in the novel Bless Me, Ultima, by Rudolfo Anaya, it becomes evident that whenever religions are in conflict, one faith must be chosen for an individual to find peacefulness.

When an individual is torn between religions, one can not be at peace. This is shown during one of Antonio's dreams, which is a sign for his subconscious thoughts. In one of Antonio's dreams, figures are talking to him by the River of the Carp when they say, "nevertheless, you have the power of the cathedral, you are the boy-priest! they cried. Or choose from the power of the golden carp or the magic of your Ultima. Give us relax!" (235). Antonio has to make the decision on which religion to check out. Because he can't decide, he isn't at peace. In the price, "grant us snooze" is very symbolic for Antonio's conscience. Antonio is at pain from being trapped in the middle of this cultural issue. In another one of Antonio's dreams, after three figures in the goal had told Antonio of the falseness of his religions, he exclaims, "My God, my God, why have you forsaken me!" (244). This is an allusion to Christianity, when Jesus was dying on the mix. In this brutal execution, Jesus shouted this quote because he thought his God possessed fired up him, which would be just like Antonio's cultural turmoil because Antonio once assumed in the Religious God, but feels that he may not be real after all. This conflict of religions causes Antonio much pain. Not having the ability to choose a faith causes Antonio to feel overlooked and alone. That is shown when Antonio tries to speak to God and Antonio says, "A thousand questions pushed through my head, but the Tone of voice within me didn't answer" (221). On this passage, "Voice" is capitalized just as that God is. That is symbolizing that the tone of voice within oneself is God. Antonio is waiting for an answer from the Tone of voice, but because he can't choose a religious beliefs, the words never comes. Generally, one can't be at serenity when they don't really know what they believe in.

One will be at serenity if they have found and chosen to trust in the faith best suited to them. A religion must answer questions. Whenever Antonio attempts to speak to the Religious God, he never responds. The Golden Carp is a better faith for Tony because it works with his personal needs for knowledge. He does not have any questions when he views the Golden Carp, unlike the Christian God. This is shown when Cico brings him to the waters of the golden carp. When Antonio recognizes the carp, he says that "he was beautiful; he was a classic god Discovering him made questions and worries evaporate" (237). Antonio says that the gold carp can eliminate questions. This is what a god was meant to do. Antonio reaches peace while believing that this carp is a god. A follower is meant to be able to look to their god as a caring, forgiving electricity. When Antonio is convinced in the carp, that is strictly the truth. After enjoying the gold carp with Cico and recommending that he and Cico notify Florence of the carp, Antonio says that he could almost notice Florence say, "at last, a god who does not punish, a god who may bring beauty into my life" (238). This shows how Antonio really assumed that the carp can bring beauty into one's life, as a god can. If he's willing in order to Florence relating to this, Antonio really thought in the carp being truly a god. If he didn't, he wouldn't try to inform Florence that it was. Antonio has peace when he feels in the fantastic carp, which shows that whenever one faith is chosen, a person can be at calmness. When he is torn between religions, he does not have peacefulness. Generally, when you have a faith to firmly have confidence in, they are in peace.

If no faith exists that fits ones needs and gets the same morals, one must be created. This is necessary because one must choose a religion to be at peacefulness, but there is not always a religion to pick. It would be good for create a new religion in these situations. This is shown in a different one of Antonio's dreams. After the world was destroyed in his desire, there was still the fantastic carp. The gold carp recreates the globe while "The moon smiled on him and led him, and his gold body burned with such beautiful brilliance that he became a fresh sunlight in the heavens. A fresh sun to glimmer its good light after the new earth" (176). The carp demolished all bad and created a new, good globe. The great things about creating a religious beliefs based off of the carp are shown here by stating that the earth is now "good" and there is "good light". This repetition of the term "good" when talking about new things, implies that a new religion will be a good thing. A god should be able to clear the world of sins. This is what the gold carp does indeed. While Antonio is following Narciso, it is mentioned that the "sins of the city would be washed in the waters of the gold carp" (167). Creating a fresh religion could rid Antonio of his sins, without having to be punished. This better suits Antonio than the Religious god, allowing Antonio to find peacefulness. When there is no religion assembly one's needs, one needs to be created in order for the individual to find peacefulness.

Antonio faces these religious conflicts at such a young get older, it is hard for him to totally understand and understand them completely and decide. He must make a decision to find serenity. One may dispute that one can compromise and combine religions and find peace. This is not true because in one of Antonio's dreams, the characters clearly declare that Antonio must "choose from the energy of the golden carp or the magic of your Ultima" (235). This shows that a middle surface or compromise cannot be come to, so one isn't at calmness. When there's a conflict of religions, one must choose a religion to believe directly into find serenity.

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