Reviewing The Crucible By John Proctor British Literature Essay

In this paper I will put myself in John Proctors place. I am going to explain his situation and the moral problem that he faces. Should he put his reputation on the line to save lots of his life, or inform the truth and die a genuine man? I am going to discus what choice I personally would make given the same scenario as John Proctor. I'll also treat the criticisms that I would expect from my choice and how I would react to them.

In the beginning of the Crucible John Proctor was just the average man. John was popular and reputed for his integrity in the community. John reaches first described as a nice man, not easily controlled, strong and serene. John is referred to as non violent and a very passive person.

"He was a kind man- powerful of body, even- tempered rather than easily led"

Honest, upright, and blunt-spoken, Proctor was a good man, but one with a secret, fatal flaw. His lust for Abigail Williams led to their affair, and created Abigail's jealousy of his better half, Elizabeth, which pieces the whole witch hysteria in movement. Due to his affair he has jeopardized his honesty in the eye of his partner. This causes John to be doubted when what he need is to be trusted. As a result of this John views himself as a sinner and that he shouldn't be given any admiration. Even though John provides great magnitude to his public facade, John Proctor has an extremely low perspective of himself and his value as a individual, which affects many of his alternatives.

After the charges of witchcraft stirred up, John assumes a more important role in the community. John assumes a control move in the group to free Elizabeth Proctor, Mrs. Corey, and Rebecca Nurse from the jail. John becomes the challenging and self-determining leader many doubted he could be. Although he fails in his action to free his partner and friends from jail we see another area to John's figure.

Once the trials start off, Proctor realizes that he is able to stop Abigail's rampage through Salem but only if he confesses to his adultery. Such an admission would damage his good name, and Proctor is, above all, a happy man who places great focus on his reputation. He eventually makes an attempt, through Mary Warren's testimony, to mention Abigail as a fraud without revealing the key information. When this try out fails, he finally bursts out with a confession, getting in touch with Abigail a "whore" and proclaiming his guilt publicly. Only then will he recognize that it is too later, that counts have gone too far, and that not the reality can break the powerful frenzy that he has allowed Abigail to make. Proctor's confession succeeds only in leading to his arrest and conviction as a witch, and even though he lambastes the court and its own proceedings, he's also aware of his bad role in allowing this fervor to expand unchecked.

When the declaration stating Mary Warren got lied in court docket begins to fail John exhibits an extremely forceful and hostile approach. John, who is innerved by the lying of Abigail Williams, grabs and shakes her. This shows that John looses control of his anger and that wont be indecisive to resort to violence. That is also is seen when Ezekiel Cheever comes to arrest Elizabeth Proctor and John rips up the warrant. From these actions we can learn that whenever confronted by a problem which involves his loved ones, John is forceful, bad tempered, irritated and ambitious.

After John is imprisoned, he is given a very complicated moral choice. This shows the greatest change in his identity. John must determine whether he desires to rest and live or be truthful and pass away. Because of John's low sense of worth and damaged open public appearance he feels that the best option is to rest and live then to be truthful and pass away. This means that he would have to live with this lie for the rest of his life.

John moral principles soon change and be at what I'd call an increased standard then decides to be truthful and perish. This shows us that he needs redemption for his affair with Abigail. These serves advise us that John has accepted the evils of his sins and to be able to safeguard his own self-confidence will not commit any longer sins. This shows that John wouldn't normally lie to save lots of his own life; he'd rather pass away than are in sin. This is what he feels would be his action of redemption.

John's figure changed from an extremely nice, submissive and level tempered person to a robust and aggressive head in the court when meet head-on with a moral choice. John motivated that the lives of his partner, and friends were of higher value than his own and takes on an attitude of endeavoring to do anything that is possible to save lots of them. John Proctor sacrificed his public image, something he cherished, in order to aid his family and friends. John assumed that by doing this he could harm the trustworthiness of Abigail Williams and save those people he treasured. John also was very aggressive and got fanatical frame of mind in court to attempt to intimidate the judges so that he would have his way.

If I were presented with this moral choice, I would sacrifice my very own life to avoid surviving in a lie and to save those that I really like. I assume that I could have redemption for everyone my sinful works in life by dying for my concepts. I am aware that by revealing a lay and living to give my family members is an extremely persuasive choice, but an option Personally i think would be wrong. WHEN I read this account I found my self wanting John proctor to be honest through his complete ordeal. The truth is always I my mind the right choice. If you are truthful everything will continue to work out to discover the best in the end.

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